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PMG Chapter 1799: Draw?

PMG Chapter 1799: Draw?
No matter what, a battle to death wasn’t good for Lin Feng. However, he didn’t hesitate and immediately challenged Ji Wuyou to one. Only one reason could explain why he did that: self-confidence. Lin Feng was extremely self-confident. He couldn’t lose this battle.
Thinking about it, the crowd watched Lin Feng. Lin Feng had proven that he was very strong and had quickly appeared on the ranking list. Tiantai was also rising. In less than ten years, Tiantai would be extremely powerful in Champion University, they would possibly have medium-level emperors and high-level emperors. They weren’t extremely strong yet,  only in the lower ranking list.
The two fighters’ Qi covered the battle stage. A strong wind started blowing, containing a powerful Qi.
In the distance, some other people appeared. They were wearing monochromic robes with moon patterns on them. They all looked fierce and strong. Even though they weren’t releasing any Qi, one could see that they were very strong.
Moon Group’s people! The crowd frowned, people from Ji Chang’s Club’s Moon Group were here now!
Those people landed next to the battle stage, but said nothing. Many people sensed an oppressive energy, especially the people from Tiantai. Even though they were also low-level emperors, the Moon Group’s people looked extremely strong.
Ji Chang’s Club’s Sun Group was extremely powerful, and the Moon Group’s people were also heroic. Many of them were in the middle ranking list. The weakest people of the Club were the Star Group’s members, they had low-level emperors. Back then, they had many people in the lower ranking list, but now Tiantai was rising and suppressing the Star Group.
However, Tiantai couldn’t compete with the Moon Group. Many of the cultivators of the Moon Group were already medium-level emperors.
However, the two fighters on the battle stage didn’t see the Moon Group’s members. Ji Wuyou’s Cyan Dragon Totem was dazzling, while behind Lin Feng a Demon Dragon Totem had appeared. Both of their Dragon Totems kept chanting. Ji Wuyou’s eyes were ice-cold.
“Lin Feng, I will use my full strength to fight against you!” Ji Wuyou shouted. His Dragon Totem was shining, he waved his hand and dragons emerged, lunging at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng released Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, which collided with the dragon totem. Lin Feng had been cleansed by the Deva-Mara Kalpa strength many times, his body was virtually made of pure strength!
Is that Lin Feng’s skill? His strength is so destructive!, thought the crowd. Lin Feng spat out Qi. Each time he breathed, he exhaled more Qi. His Deva-Mara Kalpa strength rained down as fast as lightning. It crashed against the first cyan dragons moving towards him, and they exploded.
Ji Wuyou’s eyes were bestial as he made hand seals. The Cyan Dragon Totem behind him became gigantic and surrounded him, looking like an ancient dragon. Four more dragons charged Lin Feng, surrounded by godly dragon flames, looking almost alive.
Lin Feng shouted proudly. His Purple Lake Battle Tank appeared as his power rose, shaking the earth and sky. His Tank moved towards the dragons at full speed and attacked the dragon lights, but was unable to move further. Ji Wuyou’s strength was incredible!
What a powerful dragon. Ji Wuyou is furious. He’s using his full strength!, thought the crowd when they saw Lin Feng’s Purple Tank was useless. Their hearts were pounding with excitement. The dragons were majestic and contained a powerful strength, their dragon lights were dazzling!
Lin Feng waved his hand, dragon chants rose, and Xuan Yuan’s axe appeared and struck out.
“Immortal!” shouted Lin Feng, joining his hands. Immortal energy started flowing throughout the Purple Tank and destroyed the dragon lights. The earth and the sky kept shaking violently.
The dragons and the Tank kept colliding, and the dragons finally stopped. However, Ji Wuyou jumped forwards, the real dragon was still protecting him. He ran towards Lin Feng at full speed, looking like an ancient deity, aggressive and mighty. He was the first student of the lower ranking list, he didn’t have an undeserved reputation. Among low-level emperors, he had few rivals!
At that moment, the crowd remembered Ji Chang, the champion. He was powerfully strong. Nobody could defeat Ji Chang within Champion University. In the Holy City, Ji Chang was second, and only one person could oppress him: Ying Cheng!
Lin Feng watched Ji Wuyou, who looked like a charging king, calmly. His eyes became pitch-black, and hiss body was surrounded by immortal energy. At the same time, he released death energy, which rose to the skies. Death strangled the air, immortal and death energy churned around him.
Lin Feng’s Demon Dragon Totem disappeared. A demon appeared instead, wearing demonic armor. Dark lights glowed about it like an ancient demon, surrounded by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength. It was as if he could make anything decay. The Deva-Mara Kalpa strength moved towards his hands.
“Nine Skies Dazzling Cyan Dragon!” shouted Ji Wuyou furiously. The sky and the earth were suddenly filled with cyan lights and dragon chants. Even more dragons appeared. Ji Wuyou punched out, his lights blotted out the sky. Nine gigantic dragons charged at him Ji Wuyou looked like a warlord.
“Ten Thousand Kalpa Destructions!”
Death and destructive strength rose to the skies, as well as immortal energy. The Deva-Mara Kalpa condensed in Lin Feng’s fist. It was as if nothing could stop him.
The cyan lights and the demon lights collided, the conflict of them blinding. The crowd couldn’t open their eyes anymore. Many people even moved away from the battle stage. The battle was terrifying… those attacks could even kill medium-level emperors!
Some powerful sounds spread in the air, destructive energies surrounded the whole battle stage. When the energies dispersed and the atmosphere calmed down again. The crowd saw Lin Feng, who had moved back of a few proud steps.
Ji Wuyou had surprisingly been driven away from the battle stage. His sleeves were ripped apart, and he was soaked with blood. Deva-Mara Kalpa strength still surrounded him!
“He lost!”
“Ji Wuyou lost!”
The crowd was astonished. Ji Wuyou had used his full strength, they had never seen him use his full strength before, even when all the members of Tiantai fought against him successively. Ji Wuyou had tried to hide his real strength earlier because he didn’t want Lin Feng to see it. However, he had lost anyway.
The first student had been defeated. As Lin Feng had said, the first position had to change on this day.
The members of the Star Group all pulled long faces. Ji Wuyou had lost, it meant that the Star Group had really started declining. That young man in white clothes had joined Champion University for only a year, and he was already the first student.
At that moment, Ji Wuyou lowered his head and looked at his hands and arms, then he raised his head again and stared at Lin Feng coldly.
He jumped forwards. Surprisingly, he didn’t move back, he jumped up onto the battle stage again.
“You want to die!” said Ji Wuyou icily. His blood started boiling. He closed his eyes and powerful energies surrounded him. The crowd frowned, Ji Wuyou still had trump cards?
“That’s enough!” shouted someone furiously. The strong cultivators of the Moon Group jumped onto the battle stage and landed in front of Ji Wuyou. They put their arms on his shoulders. Ji Wuyou closed his eyes and said, “Piss off!”
“Stop fighting!” shouted one of the cultivators furiously. Ji Wuyou came back to his senses, but his Qi was still powerful.
Another member of the Moon Group looked at the crowd and said, “The battles were amazing today. However, we can stop here. It’s a draw!”
“Draw?” the crowd was stupefied. That was a battle to death, and Ji Wuyou hadn’t even given up. Lin Feng also wanted to fight, was that a draw?

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  1. Belkar July 22, 2018 at 11:26 am - Reply

    Thank you very much!

  2. Wan Shi Tong July 22, 2018 at 3:25 pm - Reply

    And there it is. The Moon Group intervened, as someone was talking about before. “We’re here to save Ji Wuyou because it’d be a humiliation if he died here. We wouldn’t care if you were going to die.” This happens in basically EVERY organized battle to the death Lin Feng has ever been in. It’s a little tiresome.

    • MarkofWisdom July 22, 2018 at 6:50 pm - Reply

      I was expecting the old man teacher to save him, not the moon group. I wasn’t sure what the moon and sun groups standing were.

      • Ezura December 8, 2018 at 10:15 pm - Reply

        I actually reckon that old guy would be indifferent if he’d died. All he cares about is strength and to him LF is just an oddity but not strong therefore if Ji Wuyou lost to him it’d mean that he was trash anyway.

      • Immortal Venerable December 27, 2022 at 5:56 pm - Reply

        This venerable was thinking the exact same as you fellow cultivator.

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