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PMG Chapter 1802: Heavenly Grace Godly Wood

PMG Chapter 1802: Heavenly Grace Godly Wood
“I’m surprised because the Imperial Assassin Union tried to kill Wen Ao Xue, was he pretending back then? I don’t need to think too much about him, however,” Lin Feng said after remaining silent for a few seconds.
Jing Shou smiled, “Who said the second assassin was extremely strong? Maybe back then he could have really died.”
Lin Feng raised his head, looking thoughtful, but then he smiled indifferently. He didn’t care about the seven assassins anymore. His enemies were the members of the Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine.
“You are the first assassin and now you want to join Tiantai, why would I accept?” asked Lin Feng, smiling at Jing Shou.
“Maybe that the second assassin wasn’t very strong, but I was the strongest, I understand how to kill people the best. Since you want Tiantai to be powerful, don’t you think I’d be a good fit? I’m strong. If I obtain the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, I’ll be like your friends. And when Tiantai becomes very, very strong, I’ll be a powerful assassin in the institution,” said Jing Shou, his hands still in his sleeves, smiling easily.
Lin Feng’s heart accelerated but he smiled back, “How can I know that you don’t harbor evil intentions?”
“People who join Tiantai are all brothers. If I betray Tiantai, you’ll all join hands and kill me. That’s your motto, unless you think that your friends and you can’t kill me even if you join hands,” said Jing Shou calmly. He was convinced that since Lin Feng and his friends had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, he’d accept.
As expected, Lin Feng smiled, “Release your godly awareness.”
“Alright,” Jing Shou nodded and released his godly awareness, Lin Feng transmitted the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to him. After that, Jing Shou opened his eyes and Lin Feng said calmly, “You are now a brother, if you betray Tiantai, Tiantai’s members will kill you.”
“We are now brothers,” agreed Jing Shou, standing up and smiling, and then the two cultivators walked out together.

Yun Qing Ya saw Lin Feng and Jing Shou come out, she was surprised. What had Jing Shou told Lin Feng? Their expressions had changed.
“Qing Yan, from now on, Jing Shou is a core disciple of Tiantai. He’ll help you make Tiantai become stronger and bigger,” said Lin Feng to Yun Qing Yan, smiling warmly. Yun Qing Yan was very surprised, but she smiled happily at Jing Shou.
Jing Shou was the first assassin. He was an incredible killer. He was also the third student in the ranking list, so he was very strong. If he studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, he would become even stronger. He also had incredible senses and acute perceptions, like most assassins. He could become a real asset to the group. Having an assassin was a great asset for killing enemies.
Lin Feng left and looked for Hou Qing Lin, Tantai, and the others. Lin Feng said to Hou Qing Lin, “Brother, we’re slowly rising in Champion University. Ji Chang’s Club are our enemies but they won’t dare cause trouble for now. I’m going to leave for a while. Take our members away to practice if you have time, help them become stronger. Also, I accepted Jing Shou in Tiantai. I told him to stay with Qing Yan, they’re going to recruit more people. With you guys, I’m confident nothing will happen to Tiantai.”
When Hou Qing Lin heard that Jing Shou had joined Tiantai, he nodded, “Jing Shou is mysterious. But he has a good position in the rankings, it’s a good thing that he joined Tiantai.”
“I think so, too. I think Jing Shou also comes from our small world, he was the first assassin back then,” said Lin Feng. Hou Qing Lin was startled.
“Lin Feng, where are you going?” Tantai asked when he heard that Lin Feng was going to leave.
“I’m going to your tribe, actually. I need to ask some things of the elder of your tribe,” Lin Feng said to Tantai.
“My tribe?” Tantai was surprised and looked at Lin Feng strangely.
“Let’s go. I know someone who has been injured, I don’t know how to cure him, so I’ll ask the elders of your tribe,” Lin Feng told him.
After leaving the university, Lin Feng and Tantai jumped into Lin Feng’s boat and left the Holy City. Lin Feng was so grateful that Duan Mu the Celestial Emperor had given a boat to him. Without that boat, he would have wasted so much time traveling.
They flew to a desolate area. Tantai’s tribe still looked simple, as if nothing had changed since the old days, and the young people’s cultivation levels were still so low. It was difficult to imagine that such a place was just outside of the Holy City, unless you understood the philosophy of that tribe. Otherwise, many people actually despised them, thinking they were primitive weaklings.
“Grandpa!” shouted Tantai.
The old man turned around and shouted back at Tantai, “You little boy, why did you come back! Did you have an accident while traveling?”
“Hehe, I didn’t have any problem this time. Look at my cultivation level,” beamed Tantai. Crackling sounds were heard and a terrifying Qi rose to the skies as his lions roared.
The old man was staring at Tantai. He smiled and said, “Little boy, what happened? You’re quickly growing up.”
“Bullshit, you think I’m a weakling?” retorted Tantai loudly, then he laughed and said, “Of course, I also came because of Lin Feng, he has something to ask you. No matter what he wants, you can’t refuse, otherwise, I’ll get angry.”
“You’re becoming insolent, little boy,” said the old man to Tantai. Then, he looked at Lin Feng, “Little boy, tell me what you want.”
“Master, I have a friend, a sword cultivator. He was injured by cosmic energies, and his injuries are severe. I wonder if you could heal him,” said Lin Feng, bowing politely before the old man. Tantai didn’t know if his tribe could heal sword cultivators.
“I can heal almost anyone, I think. I just need time. And I need to see the patient,” said the old man, “If I don’t see the person, I can’t do much.”
Lin Feng frowned. Was Emperor Wu Tian Jian in Jiange? Even if he was there, would he follow Lin Feng to the periphery of the Holy City to see a doctor?
“Master, is there any other way?” asked Lin Feng.
The old man remained silent, he looked pensive. Then, he nodded, “If you could obtain the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood from the Godly Wood Valley, then you cold heal any cosmic energy injury.”
“Grandpa, are you joking? Lin Feng would die if he went there, there are guards,” Tantai blurted out furiously, staring at the old man.
“I didn’t tell him to go,” replied the old man evenly.
“Master, what is the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious. He knew where the Godly Wood Valley was, he had read about it in the Edict Palace. He had heard that there was a tribe there which was isolated from the world, maybe it was a world in itself. The members of the tribe protected their godly wood, but Lin Feng didn’t know what it was.
“The Heavenly Grace Godly Wood is really well protected. It comes from the cosmic energies of the earth and sky. Some people say that the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood can help when fighting against great emperors. Your friend is injured, but with the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood, he could definitely be cured,” explained the old man, “However, the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood is in the Godly Wood Valley, they don’t allow outsiders there precisely because of the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood. There are many great emperors there who are terrifyingly strong. Nobody dares offend them. Therefore, you need to think carefully before trying to obtain it.”
An ancient tribe, thought Lin Feng before he said, “If I go there as a guest, will I have problems?”
“No problem, the Godly Wood Valley and the World Clan are the same, they can’t stop people from coming. Actually, they also send disciples to the universities of the region, but those students never say they’re from there, that’s all,” said the old man patiently.
“Grandpa, are there only two possibilities? Isn’t there a third one?” asked Tantai to the old man. He didn’t want Lin Feng to try and take the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood. In the Holy City, many people wanted the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood. Those who had tried had failed and ended up in difficult situations.
“No, nothing else. The patient can come himself or you can use the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood, that’s all. Of course, we can forget about the Godly Medicine of the Immortals,” said the old man indifferently. Very few people had ever seen the Godly Medicine of the Immortals, getting it was almost impossible.
“Lin Feng, you should bring him here. My tribe can take care of him.”
“I understand,” nodded Lin Feng. He had already thought of a plan. He looked at Tantai and said, “Tantai, you stay here, I’m leaving.”
Tantai knew what Lin Feng wanted to do.
“I’m coming with you,” Tantai stated to Lin Feng.
Lin Feng frowned and was about to say something before the old man interrupted, “Go, just be careful.”

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