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PMG Chapter 1803: Godly Wood Clan

PMG Chapter 1803: Godly Wood Clan
Even though the old man didn’t mind, Lin Feng did mind and asked Tantai to go back to the Holy City. Lin Feng had read about the Godly Wood Valley in the Edict Palace, it was an incredible place. The people there were incredibly strong. Lin Feng prefered to go there alone. If he couldn’t get the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood, then he’d give up. If he could get it, then that was great. Regarding Tantai, Lin Feng didn’t want him to take needless risks.
In the Edict Palace, Lin Feng had read that the Godly Wood Valley was an ancient valley in the Great Shiny Mountain, a great distance north-west of the Holy City.
After a week of travel, a boat appeared in the sky above the vast Great Shiny Mountain. Lin Feng was still flying at full speed.
The Great Shiny Mountain is just like in the legends, depopulated and scary, thought Lin Feng glancing around. There were rotten trees, orange grass, desolate mountain ranges, no sign of life.
Lin Feng glanced around and whispered, “The Great Shiny Mountain is incredibly vast. The Godly Wood Valley will be difficult to find.”
Suddenly, three Lin Feng clones appeared around him.
“One life turns into one, two lives turn into three, three lives: the ten thousand things of creation!” Lin Feng turned into three shadows, and then nine, but those shadows looked like illusions, not like clones. They had no Qi and seemed very fragile.
More and more Lin Fengs appeared in the sky and moved in every direction.
Lin Feng’s real body landed on the ground. He closed his eyes and started sleeping.
The Three Lives Scriptures allow me to have three bodies. However, when one body turns into three, the two others still belong to your other body, it’s impossible to control them independently. It’s like a body transformation technique, thought Lin Feng. When he turned into a million clones, his clones couldn’t fight, but for now it didn’t matter.
The million clones traveled around in the mountains. Lin Feng saw some people there. One of his clones was in the air above a valley, his eyes twinkling. Then the clone’s silhouette flickered and descended into the valley. Lin Feng realized there was a path there.
At that moment, his clone slowly walked forwards. A new world appeared before his eyes, a city with a bustling crowd was there. Lin Feng had just followed some people to find that place.
Far from the Great Shiny Mountain, the real Lin Feng opened his eyes and flew in that direction. When he arrived above the valley, his millions of clones came back to him and he became one person once again.
Lin Feng created another clone. He looked as real as the real Lin Feng.
Lin Feng looked at his clone and descended from the sky. After a short time, he arrived in the city. Even though there were quite a few people there, that city couldn’t be compared to cities in the outside world. It wasn’t as crowded, and there weren’t as many buildings. However, people there were abnormally strong. On both sides of the road, there were vendors’ booths. They sold Godly Wood.
“Your Excellency, how to get Godly Wood?” asked Lin Feng of one of the vendors. The wood he was selling was red and twinkling, it contained cosmic energies.
“A chapter of medium-level ancient imperial scriptures for a stick,” the owner said to Lin Feng.
“Medium-level ancient imperial scriptures!” Lin Feng looked surprised and said, “Is that Heavenly Grace Godly Wood?”
“Heavenly Grace Godly Wood?” The owner looked at Lin Feng strangely, smiled, and said, “Your Excellency, it must be your first time in the Godly Wood Valley.”
“Indeed,” Lin Feng laughed and nodded at his words.
“The Heavenly Grace Godly Wood is the internal part of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. Even if you can find Heavenly Grace Godly Wood, a stick can’t be exchanged against medium-level ancient imperial scriptures, it’s priceless. The wood we sell is from branches only. Of course, other vendors sell other parts of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree in the city, but the price will be much higher. Concerning the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood, nobody sells it in the Godly Wood Valley.”
“I see. So if someone wants the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood, there’s no hope, right?” guessed Lin Feng.
“The stocks of Heavenly Grace Godly Wood are controlled by the main clan of the Godly Wood Valley. Only their members can use it. If you want to gain some Heavenly Grace Godly Wood, you have to be a member of the Godly Wood Clan. But to be honest, with your cultivation level, it’s impossible,” said the merchant. He was even surprised that Lin Feng had found this place.
“I understand,” said Lin Feng politely. “I can go to the Godly Wood Valley, right?”
“You can. No problem. One day every month, the valley is open to foreigners. Some people go there to trade, it’s a win-win deal. The Godly Wood Valley can’t prevent its people from having contacts with the outside world. You came precisely on time, today is the open day, you’re lucky. You can go to the Godly Wood Valley.”
Lin Feng nodded, he smiled and said, “Can we go together? It would be great if you could show me around.”
“You seem nice, so why not,” said the vendor agreeably. “You must come from a powerful family, it’s an honor for me to know you. Please call me Chang Lin.”
“Alright, Brother Chang Lin. My name is Lin Feng!” Lin Feng talked to and got to know that vendor. After a short time, the news spread that the open day was starting. Lin Feng and Chang Lin walked to the edge of the small town and entered a new world: the Godly Wood Valley!
In the Godly Wood Valley, there were trees everywhere. There were many different colors in the forest, and courtyards and gardeners everywhere.
“Lin Feng, look, those people are grafting the trees in the Godly Wood Valley. Those trees contain cosmic energies. They are not very natural though, they are not made of the cosmic energies of the earth and sky. Only the Godly Wood Clan have real Sky Blue Godly Wood,” said Chang Lin. Many people were in the valley and looking for things they needed.
“Brother Chang Lin, some people must also go to the Godly Wood Clan, right?” asked Lin Feng.
Chang Lin nodded and pointed at a group of dozens of people, they looked extraordinary.
“They are going to the Godly Wood Clan. They are all extremely strong, weaklings can’t go there. The clan has priceless items, and in order to deal with them, you need to be extremely rich.”
“Let’s go there too,” said Lin Feng and he started that way. Chang Lin frowned and stretched his hand out, but Lin Feng was already out of reach, so he smiled wryly, “What a funny guy!. Alright, I’ve never been there, so why not?”
The group of people kept moving forwards. After a long time, Lin Feng arrived at an ancient city. Cosmic strength floated in the air and covered the whole city. Lin Feng was astonished and gasped with amazement.
“That’s the Godly Wood Clan, who control the Godly Wood Valley. It’s also a holy world. You can find real Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees here,” said Chang Lin, sensing the Qi. He looked at the cosmic energies in admiration.
“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng and they continued on. However, at that moment, two young men with Godly Wood armors stopped them. “You can’t go into the Godly Wood Clan’s territory.”
“But these people just did?” said Lin Feng, pointing at the group of people.
Chang Lin pulled Lin Feng’s sleeve as the guard said, “They were invited by the Godly Wood Clan. They are allowed in.”
“Lin Feng, those people must be business partners of the Godly Wood Clan, that’s why they were invited,” said Chang Lin to Lin Feng using telepathy, “Let’s leave.”
“We’ve brought many great things. We can also be considered as guests, I guess,” said Lin Feng, taking out weapons which floated in the air in front of the two guards, radiating oppressive energies.
The guards glanced at each other and one said, “Since you came to trade, come with me. The first time, someone must lead the way.”
“Thank you!,” said Lin Feng, putting his treasures away. Then, he rose up into the air with the two guards. Chang Lin looked at Lin Feng strangely and followed along. Lin Feng had come prepared!
Lin Feng sensed the cosmic energies all around him and sighed. The Godly Wood Clan was incredible, their territory was covered by cosmic energies created by the earth and sky.
The guard took Lin Feng and Chang Lin to a palace. There were other people there, who looked at Lin Feng strangely. They didn’t know these two new people, but they didn’t care, the Godly Wood Clan could deal with them if necessary.

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