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PMG Chapter 1804: At The Foot Of The Tree

PMG Chapter 1804: At The Foot Of The Tree
At that moment, someone came out of the palace. The crowd walked forwards, one of them smiling and asking, “Mister Lu, why is it so calm today?”
“Sorry, everyone. We have some guests, the young masters are all there attending a banquet. They didn’t have time to come, they told me they didn’t have time to take care of you, but you can all come and attend the banquet,” said Mister Lu, smiling politely. He was in charge of the business operations of the clan.
The Godly Wood Clan does have close relations with groups of the outside world. Groups like Tantai’s tribe are very rare, thought Lin Feng, as the group followed Mister Lu.
Mister Lu noticed Lin Feng and Chang Lin, he slowed down and smiled at them, “I don’t know you, it must your first time here.”
“Indeed, it’s our first time. My friend brought some precious treasures, he wants to trade with the clan,” replied Chang Lin. Mister Lu said nothing. Very quickly, they climbed up the stairs and arrived in the room where the banquet was taking place. Lin Feng glanced around; the people there were very young, chatting, laughing, and having fun.
“Brother Ji, you shine with splendor. Everybody admires you, including me. Come, cheers!” said an imposing young man to another young man who was wearing a cyan robe. They raised their glasses and laughed.
“Ji Chang!” whispered Lin Feng, frowning. The young man who was drinking was surprisingly the champion of Champion University, Ji Chang!
Ji Chang suddenly turned around and looked at Lin Feng coolly.
“Who are you?” Ji Chang asked Lin Feng. He rarely went to Champion University these days, traveling and practicing cultivation a lot. He didn’t know who Lin Feng was.
“A student of Champion University,” said Lin Feng, his facial expression not changing. He still looked calm and composed. Ji Chang nodded once. Since Lin Feng was a student from Champion University, they could be friends, he asked, “Are you hiding your cultivation level?”
“Kind of,” replied Lin Feng, releasing cosmic energies.
Ji Chang was surprised and said, “What a powerful technique. I can’t even see through it.”
Lin Feng laughed, but said nothing. He looked at the other people. They all looked extraordinary. The young man with whom Ji Chang was talking was probably from the Godly Wood Clan.
At that moment, a young man stood up and smiled at Lin Feng and the others, “Welcome to the Godly Wood Clan everyone, please join us.”
That person seemed polite. Chang Lin and Lin Feng sat down next to one another. Chang Lin pulled Lin Feng’s sleeve and said, “Dude, you’re from Champion University and you’re hiding your cultivation level, I feel stupid. I’ve heard of Ji Chang, he’s a genius from Champion University, and even he couldn’t see through it.”
“So what? He’s sitting in a good place, I am on the ground,” replied Lin Feng.
Chang Lin laughed and replied, “You’re insane.”
Lin Feng laughed back, but said nothing. He listened to Ji Chang and the others. Ji Chang had already spent a few days there. He had met some young people from the Godly Wood Clan while traveling and made friends with them. All the young men there were heroic.
“I’ve heard that the Godly Wood Clan grows the Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees for ten thousand years, is it possible to see them?” asked a young man just under Ji Chang. Many people shivered. Few people had ever seen real Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees.
“Right, I want to see a real Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree too,” said Ji Chang. The young men of the Godly Wood Clan glanced at one another.
“Brother, since Ji Chang and the others want to see the trees, we can show them,” said a beautiful woman of the Godly Wood Clan. She was the princess of the clan and talking to her older brother, Shen Mu Qi.
Shen Mu Qi nodded agreeably and said, “Since Brother Ji and Brother Yan want to see the trees, why not? I cannot refuse. Please stand up, everyone.”
“Thank you very much, Brother Shen Mu and Brother Shen Mu’s sister,” answered Yan Ping, smiling broadly. Ji Chang and the others stood up. They wanted to see the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree, and they also wanted to get their hands on some Heavenly Grace Godly Wood.
“Come with me, everyone,” said Shen Mu Qi, pointing at Shen Mu Yun who was going to lead the way. Chang Lin and many other people remained seated though. Only Lin Feng suddenly stood up and followed.
The young man turned around and smiled at Lin Feng, “Your Excellency, please stay here and have a few drinks. We’ll have the opportunity to chat when I come back.”
“Your humble servant Lin Feng would like to see the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree, too,” said Lin Feng. He perfectly understood what the young man meant, but since Ji Chang and the others had asked first, Lin Feng couldn’t miss that opportunity. At least, he wanted to see where the tree was.
“I don’t like making guests feel awkward,” said Shen Mu Yun politely. He sounded nice, but posh. Lin Feng could also see that those people considered people like Ji Chang as equals.
“The Godly Wood Clan controls a world, I came here because I admire you and your clan. I would be disappointed if I couldn’t see certain things, especially if others could, it would be unfair,” Lin Feng replied easily.
Shen Mu Yun’s eyes twinkled coldly, but Shen Mu Qi intervened calmly. “Since you really want to see it, then go.”
Shen Mu Yun looked at Lin Feng coolly, but turned around and continued walking. Ji Chang hadn’t turned around at all. He didn’t care about this matter. The others looked at Lin Feng in amusement.
What a guy, he dares follow them, thought Chang Lin. He was stunned. Lin Feng was audacious. He was not afraid of offending the Godly Wood Clan. He had insisted on going and seeing the Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees.
But he looked at Lin Feng with admiration, nonetheless. After all, Chang Lin had been in the Godly Wood Valley for a very long time, and he had never seen a Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree.

The distance between the palace where the banquet was taking place and the field with the trees was important. They arrived at a thick and dense forest, controlled by the Godly Wood Clan for the incredible Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees there.
When Lin Feng arrived at the forest, he sensed the Qi surrounding his body and shook. This forest was protected by some incredibly strong guardians. It was impossible to steal trees here!
“There are Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees here but I don’t know where the usable trees are,” said Shen Mu Qi with a smile.
Ji Chang’s eyes sparked like lightning. “I’ve heard that the Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees are alive and can even switch locations. It seems that even extremely strong cultivators can’t necessarily kidnap them. This place is so vast, finding a mature tree mustn’t be easy.”
Then, Ji Chang’s figure blurred into the wind, and disappeared.
The place was extremely vast, but the Godly Wood Clan had fenced-in the territory. There was only one exit. The young men of the Godly Wood Clan trusted Ji Chang and the others. Besides, even if they found usable Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees, they couldn’t necessarily use them.
The others started walking. Lin Feng didn’t move. Shen Mu Yun looked at him and said, “Why don’t you go and look for a tree?”
“I’m going now,” said Lin Feng. Suddenly, a clone appeared and moved in a different direction.
Shen Mu Yun frowned, this guy could duplicate himself?
While moving, Lin Feng’s clones continued multiplying and moving in every direction, looking for a mature tree.

Very soon, Lin Feng found a gigantic tree containing terrifying cosmic energies. Lin Feng stood at the bottom of the tree and took a deep breath. He could sense the cosmic energies of the earth and sky.
“Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree, the child of the earth and sky. It’s not mature yet, but it has such an incredible Qi. This is the grace of Heaven. If it were mature, its cosmic energies would be incredibly strong,” murmured Lin Feng. Even in that incredibly dense forest, there weren’t many Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees. They were extremely rare. Lin Feng had only located a few of them.
“According to legends, the first Buddha achieved enlightenment at the foot of a Bodhi tree. That’s where he became a Buddha. I wonder if I can make my energies turn into cosmic energies at the foot of this tree,” whispered Lin Feng, then walked closer to the tree and sat down cross-legged. He started meditating.
Lin Feng’s millions of clones also started meditating at the foot of other trees. It didn’t matter whether they were mature or not. He had never sensed such powerful cosmic energies!

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