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PMG Chapter 1805: Heavenly Grace

PMG Chapter 1805: Heavenly Grace
Even though his clones didn’t have strength, they could still practice cultivation and meditate. In that forest, there were Lin Feng clones everywhere.
Lin Feng’s real body walked in the air and glanced around. The Godly Wood Clan was very powerful. Their ancestors had created a real world here and sealed it off, It was their personal property. Many extremely strong cultivators appeared all the time in their clan. Few outsiders dared offend them.
“Eh?” At that moment, Lin Feng stopped in the air and gazed into the distance. Ji Chang was in front of a gigantic Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. His hands were at his back and he seemed to be talking to the tree. The Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree seemed to be swallowing some strange lights. Cosmic strength kept rising to the skies.
The Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree were famous because they contained the cosmic energies of the ten thousand things of creation, the energy of creation.
“That Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree must be so old. I wonder whether it’s mature or not,” muttered Lin Feng. Even though he was in the air, Ji Chang didn’t look at him. He just looked calm and composed. He was talking to the tree.
At that moment, some sounds spread out in the air, but they weren’t distinct. They sounded like Ji Chang’s voice, however.
“I’ve heard that many Champions usually come here before becoming Celestial Emperors and after achieving enlightenment, they usually come back. Which tree can help me become a Champion here?” whispered Ji Chang, as if nobody were next to him. Lin Feng was surprised, Champions came to the Godly Wood Valley?
Besides, according to Ji Chang, Champions came to study the cosmic energies of the trees to become Celestial Emperors?
Suddenly, Ji Chang rose up into the air, his eyes bestial and sharp. He glanced at Lin Feng, and Lin Feng suddenly had the sensation he couldn’t move anymore. His heart started pounding. Ji Chang was the strongest young man of Champion University among people who weren’t Celestial Emperors. Dazzling lights surrounded him. He was really terrifying.
At that moment, Ji Chang’s eyes were glowing blue, he was looking at some red lights. He jumped and landed on the ground, making it shake violently. Rumbling sounds spread through the air. Dragons appeared, blotting out the sky as they roared.
Suddenly, red wood appeared and rose into the skies as fast as lightning.
“Where are you going?” asked Ji Chang, waving his hands. Dragons appeared and surrounded the red lights.
Subtle sounds spread in the air, the cyan dragons he brought out almost broke apart. The entire tree suddenly rose up in the air. Ji Chang was startled, and jumped up, chasing after the red wood.
“Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree?” Lin Feng frowned. Was that red wood a Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree? Why was it so small?
Lin Feng took out his boat and chased after the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. Ji Chang wanted to steal the red wood, were the rumors in the outside world not true? Ji Chang wanted to steal a tree, that place was protected by strong cultivators, nobody prevented Ji Chang from stealing a tree. Did it mean that the strong cultivators accepted letting him steal a tree, or did it mean that they had confidence in the strength of those trees?
Lin Feng chased the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree and realized that it was too fast. It had turned into a distant beam of red light already.
However, at that moment,more dazzling red lights appeared as thunder rumbled, and many people looked over there.
“Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree!” Lin Feng frowned and saw the red wood turn into a strange ancient tree. It was gigantic, and looked extremely old. It crashed onto the ground, its roots burrowing down to hold it in place. Vast cosmic energies rose to the skies.

At that moment, at the top of a hill, an old man suddenly opened his eyes and gazed into the distance, looking at the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree.
“Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree, another powerful one,” murmured the old man. Outsiders thought that they were there to protect the trees, but actually, they were just guards. Even for the Godly Wood Clan, it wasn’t easy to obtain real Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees.
Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree referred to two things: the actual body of the tree, which was a child of the earth and sky, and the Heavenly Grace which could bless people. In that way, the cultivator could become the owner of a tree. Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees had souls, they were alive, they didn’t like being controlled, even by the members of the Godly Wood Valley. Only blessed people could obtain Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees.

At that moment, Lin Feng landed in front of a Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. It was gigantic, so big that it made him shiver. Even if Lin Feng were a high-level emperor and released ten sorts of cosmic energies, they wouldn’t have been as powerful as the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree’s cosmic energies. That tree was mature, a true king of trees.
At that moment, a terrifying pressure suddenly descended from the sky. A gigantic silhouette appeared and said, “My clan, the Godly Wood Clan, protects the Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees. Same old rules, people who manage to take away a Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree King can keep them for a hundred years. A century from now, please bring them back for future generations to benefit from them.”
Everybody heard that voice and shook inside.
“The Godly Wood Clan are the protectors of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree in the Dark Night Region?” Lin Feng was also intrigued, they were so mysterious. Even in the Edict Palace, he hadn’t heard that. People from the outside world didn’t understand the Godly Wood Clan that well. Maybe that the old man of Tantai’s tribe knew that, which was why he had said Tantai could go with him. Lin Feng had thought too much, he had made Tantai leave.
People who managed to take a tree could keep it for a hundred years, and then they had to bring it back. People who could take a tree were already incredible strong, and the trees were astonishingly strong. However, a hundred years was a long time…
In the Dark Night Region, nobody comes to the Godly Wood Valley to steal trees, there’s something mysterious about that, Lin Feng thought. The Godly Wood Clan didn’t own the trees, they were just there to protect them. If someone was talented enough to take a tree away, then they could take them away and keep them for a hundred years, allowing every generation to benefit from them.
The silhouette in the sky disappeared. Ji Chang and the others looked at that Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. He shook his hands and dragons roared furiously. They surrounded the sturdy tree and the atmosphere shook as thunder rumbled. The earth kept shaking. However, the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree didn’t move.
The dragons are extremely powerful, but nothing is happening, thought the crowd. They were amazed and their hearts were racing. Ji Chang had made the tree appear, but the tree refused to accept him as its owner.
“As the ancestor said, you can’t force a tree to come with you,” whispered Ji Chang. He then jumped forwards and sat down cross-legged at the foot of the tree. He looked at the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree and released several types of cosmic energies.
“Several sorts of cosmic energies,” Lin Feng mused, watching Ji Chang. The other was displaying his prowess, he wanted the tree to submit.
At Ji Chang’s back, a dazzling cyan dragon appeared, and several Cyan Dragon Totems appeared as well, while nine cyan dragons appeared and chanted. They were much more powerful than Ji Wuyou’s cyan dragons.
Suddenly, another illusion appeared behind Ji Chang… it was a dragon king! Ji Chang really wanted to become a Champion and he needed help, so he wanted the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree to acknowledge him.

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