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PMG Chapter 1807: Nobody Knows What Awaits Them, But who can’t Recognize a Monarch?

PMG Chapter 1807: Nobody Knows What Awaits Them, But who can’t Recognize a Monarch?

Lin Feng used his boat to chase the tree, light following lightning. At the same time, he kept releasing the strength of his spirit world. He wanted to imprison the tree inside. If he managed to catch up with the tree, he’d be able to capture it. Lin Feng didn’t have time to be acknowledged by the tree, he wanted to kidnap it!
However, Lin Feng hadn’t anticipated that the tree would be so sensitive and would escape.
The boat was amazingly fast. However, it couldn’t catch up with the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. The tree was behaving strangely, moving in an enigmatic manner. Lin Feng was startled.
As Lin Feng was chasing the tree, he realized that the trees on the ground had gone still. There was no cosmic energy anywhere anymore.
“Eh?” At that moment, the old man sensed something strange, what was going on in the forest?
“The Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree can’t acknowledge him,” muttered the old man, and then closed his eyes again. Lin Feng was a low-level emperor, he couldn’t be acknowledged by a Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. Such a thing had never happened in the Godly Wood Valley.
Lin Feng was annoyed and stared after the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. It didn’t want to acknowledge him. Was there anything he could do to kidnap the tree? It seemed there was no hope. There were guards. Only incredible geniuses could be acknowledged by the Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees and the guards probably paid attention to that, otherwise, why would there have been guards?
As Lin Feng was thinking, a mighty Qi rose up in the air, and the ground shook violently. Lin Feng frowned.
“It’s there!” Lin Feng stopped and turned around. He looked at the place he had passed by. Another tree was breaking through the soil!
Lin Feng’s boat suddenly turned around and moved in that direction. The whole forest started shaking violently.
At that moment, more terrifying cosmic energies rose up in the air. Lin Feng felt them, and sensed some demonic cosmic energy. Of course he recognized that energy!
The gigantic tree broke through the soil and appeared in front of Lin Feng. It was much more ancient and majestic than the tree Ji Chang had obtained, truly a Tree King. Its Qi was unruly, obstinate, and powerful. All the ten thousand things of creation submitted to such a creature.
“That’s…” Lin Feng was astonished. Suddenly, he jumped off his boat and walked up to the tree. The tree didn’t act in a hostile way. Quite to the contrary, it looked friendly, as if it wanted to make friends with Lin Feng!
At the top of the mountain, the old man suddenly opened his eyes again. Rumbling sounds spread in the air and above Lin Feng, the old man appeared once again and stared at the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree.
“How is that possible?” wondered the old man. Why had this Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree shown up? He could remember the last time it had acknowledged someone. Since that person had brought the tree back after a hundred years, it hadn’t acknowledged anyone else, apparently abandoning all cultivators and refusing to acknowledge people. Many people had tried, but they had all failed in the last thousand years.
That Tree King had abandoned kings and Champions. But now, it had reappeared. It had voluntarily shown up in front of Lin Feng!
“Where does that young man come from? Surprisingly, the tree wants to get to know him. Does the tree really want to acknowledge him?” The old man was staring at Lin Feng. Ji Chang had obtained a tree, that was no surprise. However, at that moment, he was stunned. If Lin Feng had taken a tree, that would have been quite surprising already, but if he managed to take THIS tree, that would be absolutely astonishing, because he had seen so many people fail with this tree.
Lin Feng looked at the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree calmly. He didn’t release a powerful Qi like Ji Chang, he just looked at the tree as if he were looking at an old friend.
“You want to come with me?” Lin Feng asked the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree calmly. The Tree turned into an illusion, and a silhouette appeared under it, his hands behind his back, looking arrogant and proud.
“It’s him!”Lin Feng frowned, he had already seen that silhouette in the Netherworld Demon Emperor’s small world, and of course, he had also heard many rumors about him. Now, he was right here in front of him. It was as if there was a connection between Lin Feng and this person.
This person was the Demon Emperor. In the small world, before he had broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he could kill emperors. A thousand years had passed since he used to be the strongest, the Demon Emperor!
Lin Feng admired the Demon Emperor. As a Zun cultivator, he could also kill emperors, just as incredible an achievement.
At that moment, the Demon Emperor suddenly stretched his hand out to the tree and the tree became even darker. An imprint appeared, as if it had existed on the tree forever.
Nobody knows what awaits them, but who can’t recognize a monarch?
The instant that sentence appeared on the tree, Lin Feng’s heart started pounding. What was going on?
The world was big, the Continent of the Nine Clouds was gigantic. There were also trillions and trillions of people, but such things were rare!
Even the old man’s heart was pounding. He had seen many, many geniuses in his life, and he had been a guardian for two thousand years. He had seen too many geniuses, and so many of the so-called Champions, but he had never seen such a thing.
Lin Feng slowly walked up to the tree, and the tree didn’t escape. Lin Feng stretched out his hand and caressed the tree. He touched the words, they looked eternal.
“Nobody knows what awaits them, but who can’t recognize a monarch?” He caressed the words as he repeated them, then moved back and looked at the tree again, smiling calmly. “Come with me, I won’t disappoint you. In a hundred years, I’ll be the king in the region.”
“In a hundred years, I’ll be the king in the region…” The old man shivered and stared at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng and Ji Chang were different. Ji Chang had released a grandiose display. He was already walking on the path of a Champion. Lin Feng’s Qi was different, he was smiling and looked friendly and gentle, but he was saying that he’d become a Champion within a hundred years.
The only common point they had was their self-confidence. They were sure they would become peerless cultivators someday.
The Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree kept shaking. Terrifying rumbling sounds spread in the air, the gigantic tree started shining as it turned into a black stick, a rare wooden stick.
Nobody managed to control that tree in a thousand years, and now it’s really going to acknowledge that young man?, thought the old man. His heart was pounding. The tree was above Lin Feng’s head. A black drop fell from the tree onto Lin Feng and penetrated into his body, it looked like blood, before the tree flew into Lin Feng’s body.
“It acknowledged him,” the old man frowned. He was astonished. The tree hadn’t acknowledged anyone for a thousand years, and now it acknowledged this young man.
Lin Feng smiled calmly. He had succeeded, and obtained a Heavenly Grace Godly Wood. Now, he would be able to cure Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s injury and on top of that, the tree would be very beneficial to him.
“Young man,” said a voice at that moment.
Lin Feng raised his head and smiled at the old man, “Master, thank you very much.”
“You only relied on yourself, I didn’t do anything,” smiled the old man calmly, “Tell me your name and where you come from.”
“My name is Lin Feng and I’m a student at Champion University in the Holy City,” said Lin Feng politely.
“Your clan?” asked the old man again.
“I come from a small world. I didn’t know about the great world before. And regarding my clan…” Lin Feng just smiled. He didn’t need to say much, the old man already understood. He didn’t come from a strong clan.
“A small world, you didn’t even know about the great world,” whispered the old man. Then, he smiled and said, “Go and remember to come back in a hundred years.”
“Thank you, Master,” said Lin Feng, bowing to the old man before departing.
The old man stared at Lin Feng and smiled, “Champion University, Lin Feng, I’ll remember your promise. In a hundred years, you’ll be a king!”

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