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PMG Chapter 1809: Memories

PMG Chapter 1809: Memories
Lin Feng called some members of Tiantai over very quickly. Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, Jun Mo Xi, and he were sure to go back. Huang Fu Long wasn’t interested in going back to the small world, he preferred staying in the great world and practicing cultivation with the other members of Tiantai.
Qing Feng and Wu wanted to travel with Lin Feng and the others. Suan wanted to stay there. Tantai and Qin Wu also wanted to follow Lin Feng.
Yun Qing Yan wanted to follow Lin Feng, but he refused because she had to stay there to manage Tiantai. Besides, she was a medium-level emperor and had a particular social status, so she could solve many problems. Xi Men Xiao, Qiu Ming, and Yi Ji could help her. Jing Shou could take people away to practice cultivation. At the same time, he could choose suitable people and teach them things. After all, Champion University’s students weren’t ordinary, and not all of them wanted to become assassins, they were all free to choose their own path.
So eight people – Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, Jun Mo Xi, Qing Feng, Wu, Tantai and Qin Wu – got ready to travel.
Lin Feng and the others left quickly, not wanting to waste time. After all, three years from now they had to fight against the Moon Group. That wasn’t something insignificant. They had to become really, really strong, and they also had to remain good fighters.
The Moon Group didn’t cause any trouble, and gave them time. The members of the Moon Group wouldn’t waste their time on silly things, either.
After leaving Champion University, the group of people sat in Lin Feng’s boat. However, there were nine silhouette in the boat, as Lin Feng had released a clone too.
Lin Feng’s clone was driving the boat and Lin Feng’s real body was sleeping. He was in his spirit world, not wasting time. The others didn’t waste time either, their eyes closed in meditation. Sometimes, they opened their eyes when they were tired, so they could enjoy the landscapes.
For the people of Gold Fire City, the Holy City was another world, with different people and different things. They were proud of their Gold Fire Tower.
The Gold Fire City was a town for weapon crafters. There were weapon-making clans everywhere, and people admired them, especially people who were from the northern part of the city. The Mu Clan had already surpassed the Yan Clan and had become the strongest weapon manufacturing clan. There were many talented young people there, including Mu Lin Xue.

Mu Lin Xue had already broken through to the Huang Qi layer and become a core disciple at the Gold Fire Tower. Everybody admired her. Back then, the teachers had recruited disciples, and the old man who had recruited her as a disciple was a Celestial Emperor. Even the leader of the Gold Fire Tower addressed him respectfully. It seemed that the old man came from Vast Celestial Ancient City.
Such cultivators were considered extremely strong in the Gold Fire City. When people heard that such a cultivator had recruited her as a disciple, they were astounded. Even her clan benefitted from such things. Mu Lin Xue and Muyi had particular positions in their clan now. Things had changed a lot for them!
Mu Qing Ying was living a happy life. She had gotten married to a young man from the Si Ma Clan, a clan from the eastern part of the city. Si Ma Nan initially wanted to marry Mu Lin Xue, but she had refused. Then Mu Qing Ying had expressed her interest, so now they were married, and they made weapons together.
At that moment, Si Ma Nan and Mu Qing Ying were outside of the Gold Fire Tower, where they were in charge of the competition. The competition was different from when Lin Feng was there. Yan Feng and others had competed to manage the competition, but the teachers had chosen Si Ma Nan.
“Qing Ying, the competition is fun. Look, two people have already made an imperial weapon. They’re already Level One Professors, that’s rare,” said Si Ma Nan, pointing out a group and smiling.
“Indeed, not bad. But they’re much weaker than you back then,” said Mu Qing Ying with a smile. She could remember the competition back then, she could remember how arrogant she used to be. When she thought of that, she had the impression she had been ridiculous. She also remembered that bastard, the perverted guy with whom she had collaborated. What a humiliation!
But now she had changed, and she also understood that back then Lin Feng didn’t have time to explain anything to her. He had never needed to prove anything to her.
Si Ma Nan remembered that competition too. He took a deep breath and said, “Back then, Yan Feng was also talented. His imperial weapons were great. He also broke through to the Huang Qi layer shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, he had to face Lin Feng, otherwise, Yan Feng would have been the champion. Lin Feng could kill emperors with the strength of the Zun Qi layer. And now, I, Hen Chang Tian and Ge Qing Feng all became much stronger. I wonder how strong Lin Feng has become.”
“Let’s hope he didn’t become stronger than you,” said Mu Qing Ying, laughing. That guy was cruel, but in Gold Fire City, even four-five year old children knew about Lin Feng’s story.
Mu Qing Ying didn’t know that Lin Feng was in the crowd. He could see Qing Ying and Si Ma Nan. Surprisingly, they had gotten married. Lin Feng was surprised, but happy for them. Even though Mu Qing Ying had changed, she still had a bad temper.
“That weapon crafter is strange. Apart from controlling a weapon manufacturing technique, he can also understand deployment spells. How complex,” Tantai said to Lin Feng, “By the way, Lin Feng, your deployment spells are incredible, can you make weapons, too?”
“Back then, I participated in this very competition. I ranked first, I was the champion,” replied Lin Feng with a laugh.
Tantai’s eyes twinkled, he said cheerfully, “Awesome, you’ll help me learn about weapons then!”
“With your physical strength, you don’t need imperial weapons, and concerning great imperial weapons, if you want some, you need to go and steal them from rich kids,” shot back Lin Feng jokingly.
“Lin Feng, you said you wanted to go and see your friend, is she in Gold Fire Tower?” Qin Wu asked Lin Feng.
Lin Feng nodded, “Indeed, she’s here. It’s good that we had to cross Gold Fire City, so I can keep my promise.”
“Qing Ying, the competition is over,” Si Ma Nan said, standing up.
At the same time, Mu Qing Ying heard the name “Lin Feng”.
She glanced around, looking at the crowd, and started shaking.
It was him!
“Lin Feng!”
Si Ma Nan chose three people, they had the possibility to enter the Gold Fire Tower. The crowd burst into applause. However, it was as if Mu Qing Ying hadn’t heard anything at all.
She was staring as she shouted, “Lin Feng!”
“Lin Feng?” Si Ma Nan frowned and slowly turned around, immediately seeing Lin Feng.
The crowd was surprised when they saw Mu Qing Ying and Si Ma Nan’s reactions. But they had also heard of Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng, they’re shouting ‘Lin Feng’?” Some people remembered Lin Feng’s name and frowned. Si Ma Nan and Mu Qing Ying watched Lin Feng as eight young people walked up to them.
Those eight people looked incredible, so strong! If they had seen only one person who was that strong, that would have been different, but eight of them, and all together, that was incredible!
“Long time no see,” Lin Feng greeted them with a smile. The crowd frowned. Was that Lin Feng? The one who had amazed all of Gold Fire City?
“Long time no see,” replied Si Ma Nan, also smiling.
Mu Qing Ying was still rather astonished. She said, “Lin Feng, you’re still alive!…”
“Eh..,” Lin Feng smiled wryly.
Outside of the tower, many people heard Lin Feng’s name and immediately came over to investigate.
“Since you’re still alive, you should have come back before! Lin Xue misses you so much, she keeps saying she wants to leave to find you,” said Mu Qing Ying. People shivered. This was the real Lin Feng, the legendary Lin Feng!
“Haha, Lin Feng, no wonder that you wanted to come to the Gold Fire Tower,” said Tantai, as if he suddenly understood something, and then burst into laughter as Lin Feng blushed. Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi looked at Lin Feng and rolled their eyes… he was such a player!
“Is that so?” Mu Qing Feng seemed to understand that Lin Feng was a player and had many women. Mu Qing Feng looked at Qing Feng, she looked extraordinarily strong and was far more beautiful than herself. Mu Qing Ying felt a bit jealous. Qing Feng was even better looking and stronger than Lin Xue!
After a short while, another group of people came out of the Tower. Some people’s hearts started pounding; the teacher in golden purple clothes, teachers in golden red clothes, and teachers in purple clothes, that was stupefying! And a beautiful woman was there, too!
Mu Lin Xue was there! And among them, there was also Duan Mu, the Celestial Emperor!
“Lin Feng, my boy, you finally came back to see us!” exclaimed Duan Mu, smiling at Lin Feng. The crowd was astonished, a Celestial Emperor was calling Lin Feng “my boy”?! It meant that they knew each other, a Celestial Emperor had come out personally to greet Lin Feng!!

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