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PMG Chapter 181: Holy Courtyard Challenge

I have finally defeated the General. Special thanks to Robert B for this chapter.
Editor: Fluphy’s alive

Enjoy xoxo

Nan Shan was still motionless. He was calmly looking at Duan Wu Ya’s silhouette as he was leaving. Immediately after, his voice filled the air once again.

“Besides, it is  impossible to hide Lin Feng’s status now. Let’s arrange things so that the news spreads quickly. They will find out, sooner or later. Besides, Lin Feng has already offended people with high status. Make sure that everybody knows his social status, tell everyone that he is one of my people.”

Nan Shan nodded while looking indifferently. His heart was filled with admiration as he sighed. In the Imperial Clan, the two princes were completely different. It wasn’t a joyful thing for their clan but a great misfortune.

The crown prince, Duan Wu Dao, was extremely aggressive and his strength was terrifying. He killed anyone who opposed him. He only said things once and never twice. He was ranked as the strongest of all the eight high-officials. There was nobody who wasn’t scared of him.

The second prince, Duan Wu Ya, was very ambitious and talented, he was smart and extremely strong. He was also definitely a genius. Even though he was a few years younger than the crown prince, he was also one of the eight high-officials.

While Duan Wu Ya and Nan Shan were talking, neither of them wondered whether Yu Qiu would kill Lin Feng or not. They were already certain that Yu Qiu wouldn’t dare kill Lin Feng, as if it was impossible for him to take action.

Actually, things were happening just like Duan Wu Ya had anticipated. Yu Qiu was evilly and coldly staring at Lin Feng, but he wasn’t attacking him. He just turned and left abruptly.

When the crowd saw Yu Qiu leave, they took a deep breath while feeling relieved. They had surprisingly felt scared for Lin Feng and the Celestial Academy.

The two young men who had been on Yu Qiu’s sides were coldly looking at Lin Feng. Immediately after, they left as well.

Not only had Lin Feng already humiliated them but on that day, but he had also announced their humiliation in front of the entire crowd. They would never forgive him.

Anyone who dared offend the Yu Clan would never have a fitting end.

Lin Feng was calmly looking at Yu Qiu and the other two as they were leaving. His eyes revealed his killing intent towards them. What had started on that day hadn’t come to an end yet. Lin Feng also understood that the Yu Clan wasn’t going to let him off. If, at that moment, Duan Wu Ya hadn’t helped Lin Feng, Yu Qiu wouldn’t have let him live. If the Yu Clan had an opportunity to kill him, they would have certainly killed him.

Besides, there was something else that Lin Feng didn’t understand, why did the second prince want to help him?

Even though Duan Wu Ya and Yu Qiu’s relations were hostile. Lin Feng didn’t understand what the real causes were, he also didn’t understand why Duan Wu Ya continued to help him. Lin Feng was absolutely aware of the fact that Duan Wu Ya was going out of his way to help Lin Feng.

After the Yu Clan left, everybody else started leaving.

But the Nie Clan and the people of the Celestial Academy hadn’t left.

Long Ding looked at the fighting stage. Hei Mo and Lin Feng were still standing on the stage. He then said: “Nie Yan, Lin Feng, the battle is over for today. It counts as a draw. You can leave now.”

“Little Yan, let’s go.” said a Nie Clan member to Hei Mo. Even though Lin Feng had been injured, he was way too terrifying. His attacks were all lethal and a single strike could kill. He didn’t want Hei Mo to keep fighting against Lin Feng. Lin Feng was too dangerous, he had nearly killed Hei Mo.

Hei Mo intensely looked at Lin Feng. He looked perplexed. Immediately after, he slightly nodded, turned around and left.

Lin Feng looked at Hei Mo’s back. That battle was over but everybody clearly understood that Lin Feng was the winner. Of course, in Lin Feng’s eyes, defeat or victory wasn’t the most important thing. He had proved to everyone that he was not someone who could be dealt with easily.

Besides, Lin Feng didn’t feel hatred for Hei Mo, after what had happened today with the Yu Clan, the conflict existing between Lin Feng and Hei Mo seemed insignificant.

The crowd was looking at Lin Feng. They all had various opinions about him but on that day, Lin Feng’s strength and natural talent had caused everyone’s harts to race.

In the middle of the crowd, Lin Qian was staring at Lin Feng. The expression in her eyes revealed uncertainty. He was way too strong. In the past, Lin Feng had been expelled from the Lin Clan and considered as trash. At that moment, Lin Qian felt incredibly inferior and felt like she would never be able to catch up with his shadow. She also had good natural talent but in front of Lin Feng, she was nothing. Lin Feng’s cultivation speed was simply monstrous and his battle power was terrifying.

Since Lin Feng had left Yangzhou City, he had already broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer and even a cultivator with the strength of the seventh Ling Qi layer like Hei Mo was unable to compete with him. A year before, Lin Feng was only at the fifth Qi layer and was considered as trash. Nobody respected him even though he was the son of the former head of the Lin Clan, Lin Hai.

But at that moment, when she realized how powerful Lin Feng was, Lin Qian couldn’t believe it. If the Lin Clan learnt about how strong Lin Feng had become, they would probably regret that they sacrificed him for Lin Qian.

When she thought about how the Lin Clan would react, Lin Qian was feeling anxious. The Lin Clan couldn’t learn about him, otherwise they wouldn’t pay attention to her anymore and no one would admire her. Everybody would only think about the trash that had been expelled from the clan and not her.

“Don’t worry, when we have the opportunity, I will help you kill him.” Said Chu Zhan Peng, who was next to Lin Qian.

He had noticed that Lin Qian’s facial expression had changed. Even though Lin Feng was extremely strong, in front of him, he was just trash. It was very easy for him to kill Lin Feng.

The status of high-official was a symbol of natural talent and extreme strength. It wasn’t just a rumor, otherwise, there wouldn’t have been so many people eager to join the ranks.

Because of the status of high-official, many geniuses had died attempting to gain entry.

Lin Qian raised her head and looked at Chu Zhan Peng. Immediately after, she smiled and nodded. Indeed, even though Lin Feng was extremely powerful, what could he do against Chu Zhan Peng the high-official?

Chu Zhan Peng looked at Lin Qian who was smiling, slowly turned around, looked at the fighting stage and then loudly said: “I have heard that there are many geniuses in the Celestial Academy and that Lin Feng was one of them. I, as untalented as I am, would like to know if there is a student of the academy that would accept a battle against me, so we can both benefit.”

When Chu Zhan Peng finished talking, the students of the Celestial Academy were surprised. Chu Zhan Peng, one of the eight high-officials suddenly wanted to challenge the students of the Celestial Academy.

The other students of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue were excited, if Chu Zhan Peng challenged them, who would accept?

Chu Zhan Peng was a high official and there were only eight of them in the entire Xue Yue Country, but the Celestial Academy didn’t have a single high official.

“I’ve already said it before, the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue is extremely powerful. It stole all the geniuses of the biggest sects and brought them to a single institution. Since the Celestial Academy was created, we have only relied on our own strength to slowly grow stronger. How could we compete with the Holy Courtyard?” said Long Ding indifferently but his words were poignant. The students of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue hadn’t been trained by the Holy Courtyard itself, they were just gathered for their strength after being trained elsewhere.

Of course, Chu Zhan Peng understood what Long Ding meant. He just smiled, looked at Lin Feng and said: “It seems that there are some people who don’t agree with Long Ding’s opinion. At the Prisoner Arena, Lin Feng humiliated the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue and said it was shameless and only fought rigged battles. I want to show him that he was wrong.”

Lin Feng raised his head, looked at Chu Zhan Peng and Lin Qian. Inside, he was smiling coldly.

“The high official of the Hao Yue Sect rushed over to the Holy Courtyard to become a dog and still is in a hurry to show off his strength.” said Lin Feng mockingly and continued: “Chu Zhan Peng, are all of the people of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue like you? Are they all so shameless?”

A teacher from the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue was smiling and staring at Lin Feng. They said: “You don’t dare to fight, why are you talking nonsense now?”

“It was really shameless to give such a name to the Holy Courtyard… Let’s try again though, since the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue is so powerful, why don’t you battle against Vice-Principal Long?” said Lin Feng while smiling.

That teacher was surprised. Immediately after, they said: “Vice-Principal Long is much older than me, what would be the point of fighting against him?”

“If you don’t dare fight, why are you talking nonsense?” said Lin Feng using the teachers own arguments against him. He then said coldly: “The students of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue are really shameless and its teachers are the same. You refuse to fight against Vice-Principal Long saying that he is older than you, well, I want to ask you, isn’t Chu Zhan Peng older than me as well? When proposing that battle, hadn’t you thought about that?”

When the people of the Celestial Academy heard Lin Feng, they all smiled. The people of the Holy Courtyard were really shameless. Chu Zhan Peng was, indeed a genius and one of the eight high-officials but after all, he was already more than twenty years old. If Lin Feng was already twenty, wouldn’t he have reached a similar strength level already? Making him fight against Chu Zhan Peng now was just unfair.

The teacher for the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue was a bit surprised, they then said: “The Celestial Academy can choose any student, as you wish, one who is of the same age as Chu Zhan Peng.”

“The Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue also has the choice to choose three of your disciples. Choose three disciples, who are the same age as me, all three of them can fight against me at the same time.”

The teacher for the Holy Courtyard had just finished talking when Lin Feng hastily replied. Everyone was stupefied and speechless.

“If you don’t dare fight, get lost. We don’t want such shameless and arrogant people here who think that they are extremely powerful, but actually, just constantly lose face with their performances.” said Lin Feng very impolitely and coldly. He then continued: “If I have the occasion, I will have to pay a visit to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue personally.”

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