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PMG Chapter 1810: Can I Come With You?

PMG Chapter 1810: Can I Come With You?
“Master Duan Mu!” Lin Feng smiled, “Master Duan Mu, you came back to the Gold Fire Tower!”
“At my cultivation level, you want to go back to simplicity. You want to enjoy life, you want to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. If the conditions are not appropriate to become a Saint Emperor, then it’s too hard. It doesn’t matter anymore, anyway,” Duan Mu smiled calmly.
Lin Feng was surprised, but then thought it over. Indeed, people like Duan Mu had seen enough in life. He was a Celestial Emperor, he was extremely strong. He wanted to enjoy the simple things in life.
The crowd was dumbstruck. Among them, only a few people knew that Lin Feng and Duan Mu knew each other. Even Mu Lin Xue didn’t know this. Someone had just gone to find them to tell them that Lin Feng was back, so the teachers had gone to find her. However, her heart was pounding. She had millions of thoughts suddenly.
Even though she was quite talented, someone like Si Ma Nan wasn’t weaker than her, so the fact that Duan Mu had recruited her as a disciple was incredible, she was extremely lucky. She didn’t understand before, but now she understood why.
It had to be because of Lin Feng, because he knew Duan Mu. Only Lin Feng could have asked him to take care of her. Without Lin Feng, he would have never recruited her.
Mu Lin Xue looked at Lin Feng with love in her eyes and said, “Lin Feng, a long time has passed. You didn’t even send me a message.”
“I didn’t want to disturb you while you were practicing cultivation,” Lin Feng smiled back. Years had passed, Mu Lin Xue had long broken through to the Huang Qi layer. She looked more mature and even more beautiful.
“Hehe,” Tantai laughed. Lin Feng looked at him angrily. Was he stupid or what? How could he laugh?
“Jun Mo Xi the Prince of Hell, Princess Qing Feng from the Animal World, Wu the sun supernatural bird, how incredible. Lin Feng, you don’t even introduce me to your friends?” said Duan Mu as he glanced at Lin Feng’s friends. When the members of the Gold Fire Tower heard Duan Mu, they were astonished. These people with Lin Feng… they were astonishingly strong. The Prince of Hell, the Princess of the Animal World, the sun supernatural bird, those people were terrifying!
Lin Feng had become much stronger if he was with such incredible cultivators!
“Master Duan Mu, you’re too kind,” said Jun Mo Xi, bowing before Duan Mu. After all, he was an incredible cultivator, they had to respect him!
“Master Duan Mu, Jun Mo Xi, Qing Feng, and Wu know one anthers. That’s Hou Qing Lin and that’s Tian Chi, and there, Tantai and Qin Wu. They are all my friends and students at Champion University,” said Lin Feng.
Duan Mu’s eyes twinkled. “You really joined Champion University?”
“Yes, after leaving the Vast Celestial Ancient City, I went to the Holy City and I joined Champion University. It’s been a while,” Lin Feng sighed.
Duan Mu nodded, “Alright, you didn’t disappoint me. You’re a real genius. I hope you can become a Champion.”
“When I become a Champion, I hope you’ll come to the ceremony!” smiled Lin Feng.
Duan Mu’s eyes glittered sharply. He nodded and said, “Alright, no matter where I am, in the future, I’ll try to keep current with the news of the Holy City. If you become a Champion, I’ll come!”
The crowd was astonished by the conversation. Even though they didn’t understand everything Duan Mu and Lin Feng were talking about, they could see that it concerned serious matters  that they couldn’t imagine. Duan Mu obviously thought highly of Lin Feng. Maybe Lin Feng would become a terrifying cultivator some day?
It seems that the champion of the competition back then became a strong cultivator, thought many people. Mu Qing Ying’s eyes were twinkling as she watched Lin Feng. He only had the strength of the Zun Qi layer, but Duan Mu was talking to him that way. He was probably hiding his real cultivation level!
“Everybody, let’s go to the Gold Fire Tower!” Duan Mu declared, smiling at Lin Feng and the others. Everybody walked into the tower at his words.
Many people were agitated. Those terrifying geniuses were here, Duan Mu was welcoming them himself, and there were students from Champion University. What was going on?

Lin Feng and the others followed Duan Mu into the tower and they all headed to a courtyard.
“Lin Feng, do you need to do anything here?” Duan Mu asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng wouldn’t have needed to come with so many people if he had just come to visit.
“I do,” said Lin Feng nodding, “I need to solve some issues in the nine great celestial castles. We’re going back this time.”
“Lin Feng, I need to warn you of something,” said the teacher in golden purple clothes. He was the Level Nine Professor who had judged their competition before.
“Master, is there something wrong?” asked Lin Feng.
“Last time we went to Vast Celestial Ancient City, a cultivator from the Everlasting Palace chased us and then came to the tower. He didn’t attack us directly, but after that, I investigated a little and I found out that Sword Mountain had informed the Everlasting Palace of your whereabouts. They told them where you were,” said the professor, “Because you have a friend in Sword Mountain, I was extremely worried, I hoped you wouldn’t go there. Don’t go there!”
Sword Mountain! Lin Feng’s eyes shone. Sword Mountain wanted to kill him?
Sword Mountain weren’t his enemies, the only two people who connected him to Sword Mountain were Ruo Xie and Emperor Wu Tian Jian.
Ruo Xie was a disciple of Sword Mountain, so he couldn’t have tried to hurt him, so what about Emperor Wu Tian Jian?
Emperor Tie Jian had fought against Emperor Wu Tian Jian many years before. Lin Feng didn’t know why, did Emperor Tie Jian hate Emperor Wu Tian Jian that much? Lin Feng couldn’t believe it. But that was the only possibility. After all, when he went to Sword Mountain, nothing wrong had happened.
“And what about my good friend Ruo Xie?” Lin Feng asked of the professor.
“I haven’t heard of him. When you left, I heard that he had gone traveling to choose his own path,” replied the professor earnestly.
“Alright, good,” said Lin Feng frowning.
Duan Mu looked at him, “Lin Feng, do you want to go to Sword Mountain? I can take you there.”
“Lin Feng, Sword Mountain has many cultivators in Gold Fire City. They’ll soon know you’re here. Let him go with you,” said Mu Lin Xue, she was very worried. After all, Sword Mountain had great emperors! Lin Feng couldn’t do anything against them.
“No need. We’re not enemies,” said Lin Feng shaking his head, “Even if Emperor Tie Jian shows up, I’ll tell him my social status. If a great emperor dares fight against me, Sword Mountain will be wiped off the map,” said Lin Feng. Indeed, they weren’t enemies. And Emperor Wu Tian Jian and he weren’t that close, either. They just got along quite well. Qing Feng and Wu had memories with their clan. If Emperor Tie Jian dared attack, the Animal Clan would destroy Sword Mountain.
“Alright, not bad. I’ll transmit some memories to you. If you are in danger, let me know,” Duan Mu said, opening his third eye, which emitted dazzling lights. He put the lights in a talisman and gave the talisman to Lin Feng. “If you have a problem, break the talisman and I’ll come.”
“Thank you very much, Master,” bowed Lin Feng. Duan Mu was extremely generous. If Qing Di Mountain attacked him, he could ask a celestial emperor for help!

The group of them spent more time with the elders, and then it was time to leave. “Duan Mu, thank you again for today. I’ll come back to the Gold Fire Tower to see you again. I’m off!”
“Are you leaving?” Duan Mu asked. “Why are you in such a hurry?”
“Master Duan Mu, I can’t waste time. In Champion University, the competition is extremely high,” said Lin Feng.
Duan Mu nodded, “Champion University’s geniuses are determined. No problem, be off with you!”
“Teacher!” said Mu Lin Xue, standing up right then.
“What? You want to abandon your teacher and leave?” said Duan Mu smiling, “I transmitted some techniques to you, and you need to choose your own path now. If you need anything, come and find me.”
“Thank you very much, Teacher!” said Mu Lin Xue. She sounded like a little girl and was smiling like one. Then, Mu Qing Ying looked at Mu Lin Xue and said, “Sister Lin Xue, are you…”
“I’m going to trave!,” smiled Mu Lin Xue. She looked at Lin Feng and said, “I want to go and travel with you. You can’t refuse, right?”
When Lin Feng heard Mu Lin Xue, he smiled wryly, but Duan Mu had nodded his assent. Lin Feng didn’t know how to refuse!
“Alright, you can temporarily stay with us. We’ll come back to Gold Fire City on the way back anyway,” Lin Feng agreed. He also wanted to bring Mu Lin Xue back to her clan for a visit…

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