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PMG Chapter 1812: Apparition Of A Palace

PMG Chapter 1812: Apparition Of A Palace
The little girlfriend Hu Yue was talking about was Mu Yun. Mu Yun was very happy to see Lin Feng, and smiled at him gently. She was so happy to see him that she didn’t know what to say, she just forgot to talk.
“You’re so beautiful!” said Lin Feng. He didn’t know what to say, so he just said that and smiled. Mu Yun shivered and blushed deeply.
“How’s your journey going?” asked Mu Yun, changing the topic quickly. She still looked every bit as beautiful and gentle as before.
“It’s going alright. And you, aren’t you bored here?” Lin Feng asked her.
Mu Yun shook her head and said calmly, “I’m not bored. I study a lot, I learned how to make many new sorts of herbal potions and drugs. Sometimes when I have time, Sister Hu Yue helps me practice cultivation. I’m very happy here. I don’t miss the tribe at all.”
“I’m going back there. If you want to go to the tribe, you can come with me.” Lin Feng knew that Mu Yun was a simple person, and didn’t want to become an extremely strong cultivator, as she didn’t like competition. She used to be a Priestess, and just like before, she just wanted to help people.
“Go back?” Mu Yun looked stupefied, “Can we go back?”
“Yes, nobody will dare oppress the tribes in the desert anymore. We’re going to crush the nine great celestial castles!” promised Lin Feng, smiling and nodding at her.
Mu Yun looked at her thatched hut as an old man came out and told her, “Yun, if you want to go back, you can. You can come back and stay with me sometimes.”
“Teacher!” said Mu Yun.
Hu Yue flitted over next to her, smiled and said, “Sister Yun, don’t worry, you can go back. You must be bored being all alone in Yao Ye Island. Go with Lin Feng, he’ll take care of you.”
Mu Yun glanced at Lin Feng and shook her head, “I’m going back to the tribe. If I stay with Lin Feng, I’ll just bring him trouble.”
“Alright, say goodbye to your teacher then!” Hu Yue told her. Mu Yun walked over to the thatched hut, and spoke for a time with the old man. Although she was sad to do so, she was going to leave.
After leaving, Hu Yue moved even faster than Lin Feng, as if she were in a hurry. Lin Feng was speechless.
“Lin Feng, after you left, a great emperor of the Everlasting Palace came here. Surprisingly, he spent two years in Yao Ye Island, he was very patient. But in the end, since he didn’t find you, he left,” Hu Yue smiled icily as they flew along.
Lin Feng doubted that the Everlasting Palace would forget about him. They had also chased him on the path from Gold Fire City to Vast Celestial Ancient City. Surprisingly, they had also sent people to Yao Ye Island…
The three of them went back to the others. The group was even stronger now with Ban Ruo, Xing Zhan, Li Hen, Yuan Fei, and Hu Yue added to their numbers.
“Are you leaving?” Shen Yu asked Lin Feng and the others.
“Yes, Uncle Shen Yu. I’m truly happy to see that you’re all still fine,” Lin Feng bowed to the elder. Cultivators were straightforward here, everyone was fine, that was the most important thing.
“Alright, Hu Yue will stay with you, the situation could be dangerous. If Emperor Ni Chen causes trouble, remind him of the agreement. I don’t mind teaching him a lesson and showing him how weak his disciple was,” Emperor Shen Yu said evenly. Lin Feng nodded agreement.
Back then, when Emperor Shen Yu had taken Lin Feng away, Emperor Ni Chen and Emperor Shen Yu had agreed to have a contest at some point to see whose disciple was the strongest. If Emperor Shen Yu hadn’t reminded Lin Feng of that, Lin Feng wouldn’t have remembered. He had really forgotten about it. After all, Qi Yu Chen and Zhou Tian Ruo couldn’t compete with him anymore.
Ni Chen’s favorite disciple was Wen Ao Feng. Even if he was a real genius, and even if he had already become a low-level emperor a long time ago, he couldn’t possibly have broken through to the medium Huang Qi layer. Not everyone could be like Chu Chun Qiu!
“Uncle Shen Yu, uncles, see you!” Lin Feng waved at everyone. Ban Ruo and everyone else waved too as their group left.
They were finally going to Qing Di Mountain!
There were a dozen people in the boat already, with four beautiful women among them: Qing Feng, Mu Yun, Mu Lin Xue, and Hu Yue. They were all beautiful in their own way. Hu Yue kept provoking Lin Feng and asking him about his relationship with Qing Feng, she also asked him if Mu Lin Xue liked him or not. She found it amusing.
She knew about everybody, and she also knew about the things Lin Feng had done in the Holy City. Even though she enjoyed annoying Lin Feng, everybody in the boat liked her and found her funny. It was a pleasant journey, especially as the people got to know another. After all, they all knew each other thanks to Lin Feng.
So many years had passed, and Qing Di Mountain was a gigantic territory, nothing major had happened there. People had their own lives in their own castles. Cultivators could choose their own path.
The members of the nine great celestial castles were no different. Even though there were still tensions between various cultivators, they still lived peacefully together. However, all in all, everybody understood that there were important tensions between Celestial Qi Castle and Celestial Wen Castle. After all, the Celestial Wen Castle had taken control over the small world, and were going to manage it for ten thousand years.
At the same time, because of Lin Feng, tensions had appeared between the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine and the Celestial Qi Castle. After he left, the situation had become better, but the battles between their members were still intense, especially between their younger people. Even those who eventually joined Qing Di Mountain were like that.

In the buffer zone of the nine great celestial castles, there were many people gathered at a certain vendor’s booth.
Xia Tian Fan was walking down the street, he had just bought some ore and emerged from a pavilion. He frowned.
“What’s going on here? Surprisingly, there are so many purple meteorites. They are very useful for holy marks. They can also be used to fabricate weapons and to carve deployment spell marks. But why would someone need so many? Besides, they’re quite expensive, buying them in bulk requires lots of money.”
Xia Tian Fan frowned. He didn’t understand. Who was buying so many meteorites?
“Purple meteorites have limits, but they’re very hard, even emperors can’t easily destroy them. Only two people have stock in the nine great celestial castles, the Celestial Wen Castle and the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness. They probably want to know who those people are more than we do,” spoke up someone next to Xia Tian Fan. They didn’t understand. How much did so many purple meteorites cost? And who was behind such a transaction?
“I want to know why he needs so many purple meteorites,” whispered Xia Tian Fan. He raised his head and looked at the people in front of him: Zhou Tian Ruo and Wen Tian Ge.
“Brother Xia, I trust you have been doing well since we last met,” Zhou Tian Ruo greeted him cordially Xia Tian Fan.
Xia Tian Fan ignored him indifferently, and looked to Wen Tian Ge, angering Zhou Tian Ruo. Xia Tian Fan was such a bastard, giving him no face whatsoever.
“Do those people want other things?” Xia Tian Fan asked Wen Tian Ge.
“They do. They also want red fire stones, melted golden sand, and they want to buy in bulk,” admitted Wen Tian Ge. Xia Tian Fan shivered. Those materials were extremely hard. People used such materials to build secret rooms. What did they want to do?
“Can the Celestial Wen Castle say who the buyer is?” asked Xia Tian Fan.
Wen Tian Ge shook his head, “I just know that they’re from a terrifyingly powerful clan. They paid a good price, so we couldn’t refuse the transaction. We’ll quickly know what they want to do,” Wen Tian Ge said, nodding to Xia Tian Fan before leaving.
Wen Tian Ge was right. Ten days later, they learned what those people wanted to do.
In the buffer zone in the space of one night, palaces appeared in a picturesque disorder, the corridors all intertwining. It looked like a new small town. Someone had destroyed the other buildings which were there initially. Nobody complained, which meant they had been paid well.
When the crowd saw this, they were as astonished as if they had seen a mysterious thing. Cultivators had incredible powers, but building such a city in one night was incredible, especially using such materials.
That wasn’t a small world created by an emperor, people had built those buildings with the materials purchased recently!

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