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PMG Chapter 1813: Offering Great Imperial Scriptures

PMG Chapter 1813: Offering Great Imperial Scriptures
“Yesterday evening, I heard loud sounds and my apartment kept shaking. When I came here, I saw those palaces,” spoke up someone in the crowd. He had been shocked during the night.
“I can confirm that, I live over there. Someone came up to me and paid me to find a new place. I accepted. I walked away and when I turned around, I saw that!” said someone else. They were all curious. Who had done that? However, at that moment, many people were afraid too. After all, the one who had build those buildings had to be an incredibly strong cultivator. They were afraid to offend him!
At that moment, a group of people came out of the palace. Those people looked ordinary, they were all ordinary Zun cultivators. They weren’t strong cultivators at all, but at that moment, they were carrying a gigantic stone shield. On that gigantic plaque, some words were carved.
Those who go will be held responsible for their own actions.
The cultivators put the shield above the entrance and then went back inside. The words contained terrifying sword and immortal meaning!
An emperor carved those words!, thought the crowd. Then, they looked at those who had put the shield in place and asked, “Who’s the owner of that vast palace?”
“We have been hired for this job, we don’t know who the owner is. But you should be careful, don’t violate the rules,” answered one of them,  before continuing into the depths of the palace. The crowd was stupefied, what a mysterious thing! They were all curious. Who had built this building?
“Jin Chen Jun!” shouted someone at that moment. The crowd moved aside for the strong cultivator from the Celestial Qi Castle, Jin Chen Jun.
“The Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine is here too.” At that moment, a middle-aged man arrived as well, an emperor from the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine. The two of them looked at the palace.
“Jin Chen Jun, who do you think the owner of that celestial palace is?” asked the strong cultivator from the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine to Jin Chen Jun.
“We should go in and see!” smiled Jin Chen Jun.
The strong cultivator of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine smiled back and said, “I know you are very strong, you control gold cosmic energy and you have been protecting the Celestial Qi Castle for such a long time. Therefore, you should go in first.”
Even emperors are afraid to go in, thought the crowd, shivering despite themselves. Jin Chen Jun and the strong cultivator of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine were both emperors, but they didn’t dare go in.
“What is going on?” A new group of people arrived and landed there. The crowd moved away from them cautiously.
Jin Chen Jun looked happy, the Young Master was there!
“Master Yu Chen,” said Jin Chen Jun, bowing. That person was Jin Chen Jun, a direct descendent of the Celestial Qi Castle.
Qi Yu Chen was a genius of the Celestial Qi Castle. Even though he had lost in battle many times, he had also broken through to the Huang Qi layer.
Besides, he had another social status, he was also one of Qing Di Mountain’s cultivators.
Qing Di Mountain’s cultivators had a particular position in the hierarchy of the region, a symbolic social status. They were noble and strong. Qing Di Mountain’s cultivators had the potential to become medium-level emperors, or even high-level emperors!
“Young Master, this palace…” said Jin Chen Jun.
Qi Yu Chen shook his head and said, “This palace was built in one night using purple meteorites. I know.”
Jin Chen Jun nodded and didn’t add anything. Qi Yu Chen walked up to the palace.
“I am Qi Yu Chen from Qing Di Mountain, I came to greet the owner of the palace! I hope I can see him.”
Qi Yu Chen didn’t say he was from the Celestial Qi Castle, he said he was from Qing Di Mountain. In this region, nobody dared offend Qing Di Mountain, they were the rulers here.
However, nobody replied to Qi Yu Chen. He was initially very self-confident,  but his self-confidence was crushed.
The atmosphere was completely silent. Qi Yu Chen frowned and shouted furiously, “I am Qi Yu Chen from Qing Di Mountain and I came to see the owner! Come out, or I’ll come in!”
The owner must be terrifyingly strong, he dares ignore Qing Di Mountain!, thought the astonished crowd. Their hearts were pounding.
“Hmph!” Qi Yu Chen looked furious and he walked into the corridor and said, “Since nobody is coming out, I’ll go in.”
“How noisy!” shouted a mighty voice at that moment. Someone rose up into the air, their silhouette gigantic. Their strength kept exploding in the air around them.
“An emperor!” Jin Chen Jun frowned. Finally, an emperor had come out, but it was only a low-level emperor.
“Are you blind?” said Tantai, releasing more of his Qi. Qi Yu Chen also released his Qi straight towards Tantai. A golden scroll appeared and surrounded Tantai.
“Let’s see what you can do!” said Qi Yu Chen, releasing more and more empty space cosmic energies. He was from the Celestial Qi Castle and Qing Di Mountain, who dared cause trouble there?”
A lion roared, loud enough that the earth and the sky started shaking violently, and millions of lions charged towards Qi Yu Chen. He had the sensation his head was going to explode.
Tantai jumped away, he punched out as the lions rained down on him. The gigantic army of lions made the ground shake violently, the earthquake intense. The crowd shivered as they sensed the Qi, it was terrifyingly strong!
Qi Yu Chen’s face changed drastically. His golden scroll surrounded him and he retreated even further. However, there were lions everywhere. A terrifying strength reached out for him, he raised his hands to protect himself, but the lions kept striking him. Blood splashed and he was sent flying helplessly.
“Master!” Jin Chen Jun’s face turned deathly pale as he caught Qi Yu Chen. Qi Yu Chen looked extremely weak, he had the sensation that his viscera were destroyed and his chest was burning. His face had turned grey.
Qi Yu Chen had never suffered such a crushing defeat, even back then when Lin Feng had defeated him. He had also never looked this desperate. He had a great reputation, especially since he had become a cultivator in Qing Di Mountain. People admired him, he was considered a genius. And now, facing another low-level emperor, he hadn’t withstood a single attack.
The crowd was astonished. The lions were still roaring. How terrifying! How could a low-level emperor be so strong?
Is that the leader? What is his social status?, wondered the crowd as they looked at Tantai.
Jin Chen Jun looked at Tantai and asked, “Your Excellency, who are you? Are you the owner of the palace?”
“Who the fuck do you think you are to even talk to me? Fuck off! If anyone dares come here again, I’ll crush them!” shouted Tantai extremely aggressively. His voice exploded in the air and pierced through people’s ears. Then, he grunted coldly, turned around, and disappeared in the palace.
Jin Chen Jun was petrified. He didn’t have the right to talk to him?
Jin Chen Jun understood that he couldn’t do much, so he turned around and brought Qi Yu Chen away. The strong cultivator of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine frowned and left at the same time. How many people were there inside the palace?…
People in the crowd kept talking about this. That person was so strong and terrifying. Those lions had created an earthquake and had an explosive strength. He could even pressure medium-level emperors, and had defeated Qi Yu Chen in the blink of an eye! Would the Celestial Qi Castle react?
The news spread quickly through the nine great celestial castles. Everybody knew that a mysterious palace had suddenly appeared, and that there were terrifying emperors inside. A cultivator from there had totally crushed Qi Yu Chen from Qing Di Mountain!

On the second day, more news spread, that palace had created a sect and they were recruiting disciples. The name of the sect was Tiantai!
Tiantai recruited disciples, their cultivation level didn’t matter much. People who weren’t emperors yet received low level imperial scriptures, low-level emperors received medium-level imperial scriptures, medium-level emperors received high-level imperial scriptures.
The most astonishing thing was that people who became core members of Tiantai also received great imperial scriptures!
The news spread quickly and amazed everyone in the nine great celestial castles. Qing Di Mountain quickly heard about it, and everyone was astonished.
Great imperial scriptures were wondrous and rare. In this region, only Qing Di Mountain dared transmit great imperial scriptures, but now if people became core members of Tiantai, they could receive great imperial scriptures!

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    Thank you again!

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    translation has been very sloppy lately. The name is incorrect in many places. One example:
    ” “Master Yu Chen,” said Jin Chen Jun, bowing. That person was Jin Chen Jun, a direct descendent of the Celestial Qi Castle.” It should be Qi Yun Chen in the second sentence.
    This has been happening quite a bit lately and it really takes you out of the immersion when you are scratching your head wondering what happened.
    Really enjoy the story and your hard work, and it can still use a bit closer editing.

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    Can you imagine this in our world? You move into your new home, busy unpacking you hear people yelling at you to come out from outside. Obviously you ignore them since they’re rude then they get arsey and threaten to burst their way into your home! So you then go outside to yell at them but they immediately attack you on sight! WTH?!

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