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PMG Chapter 1814: Protected

PMG Chapter 1814: Protected
In the Celestial Qi Castle, a group of people were at the top of a certain castle. Qi Yu Chen’s injuries were already healed, but he wouldn’t be able to use his full strength for a while. His face was long, unable to forget the humiliation.
A descendant of the Celestial Qi Castle, a Qing Di Mountain cultivator, he was considered a great cultivator here, but surprisingly, this new palace had appeared, a strong cultivator had come out and injured him. He had suffered a crushing defeat!
“Emperor Dong, Tiantai used to be a powerful group in the small world, isn’t there a problem?” a middle-aged man asked Emperor Dong coldly. Emperor Dong had only one arm left. Back then, Lin Feng had thrown a talisman at him and he had lost an arm, which he still couldn’t recover. He knew that Celestial Qi Castle wouldn’t waste resources to help him.
Emperor Dong was furious. He hated Lin Feng, but unfortunately, back then, Lin Feng had managed to escape and he had gone to Yao Ye Island. Qi Yun Sheng and Qi Yun Lei had been killed by members of Yao Ye Island. He still remembered those events perfectly.
On that day, the leaders of the nine great celestial castles had not shown up. Emperor Ni Chen had been forced to leave. Lin Feng had taken Yuan Fei and the others away from them.
And now a new palace had appeared, and they had created a new group, Tiantai, in the nine great celestial castles’ buffer zone. Emperor Dong was surprised at their daring.
“In the small world, there was a Tiantai, and Lin Feng was a member of Tiantai, but they only had Zun cultivators back then. Even their two emperors weren’t that strong; one of them was a medium-level emperor, and the other was a low-level emperor. Even after a few years, they couldn’t possibly have become much stronger. They even give great imperial scriptures to core members, I don’t think it can be the same. They are definitely different,” guessed Emperor Dong.
The middle-aged man’s eyes were glittering. He looked at Qi Yu Chen and asked, “Yu Chen, how strong was the cultivator you fought, and what skills did he use?”
“He’s very strong. when he shouts, heaven and earth shake violently. He also punched out and lions appeared. His cultivation, skills, and techniques are incredible. Even in Qing Di Mountain, there aren’t many people who could deal with such cultivators, and even those who could are probably core disciples. I don’t think it’s the same Tiantai you mentioned. They just happen to have the same name,” agreed Qi Yu Chen.
“But Tiantai built their palace in the buffer zone, so we have to be careful,” said the middle-aged man. This Tiantai was truly mysterious. They had appeared in a single night, they didn’t even know who was inside. This was a dangerous time.
“Should we inform the leader of the castle?” Emperor Dong asked in a low voice.
The middle-aged man looked at Emperor Dong coldly without saying anything. Emperor Dong lowered his head and shivered to himself.
“If we tell the leader about this, he’ll think we’re pieces of trash!” the man eventually answered icily. Emperor Dong pulled a long face. He was being scolded like a teenager!
“Find some emperors, and send them to Tiantai to see what’s inside!” said the middle-aged man. The others nodded. This was an emergency!
The Celestial Qi Castle wasn’t the only group who thought of doing that. Tiantai had appeared so suddenly, so the nine great celestial castles had to find out who they were. Since Tiantai was recruiting people, why not seize that opportunity to go in and explore Tiantai?
In the following days, more and more people headed to the buffer zone, the stream of them was endless. Tiantai refused nobody. All the newcomers were sent to the same courtyard.
The recruiters were Qin Wu, Wu, and Tantai. They were naturally all strangers to the nine great celestial castles.
“Since Tiantai is recruiting people, why do we have to wait here?” someone asked Qin Wu. That person was getting impatient. He was also an emperor, he had come to get ancient scriptures. He wasn’t interested in Tiantai, unless Tiantai was powerful enough to make him rise as a cultivator.
“Please be patient. We’re organizing everything. You are the one decided to join us,” replied Qin Wu calmly.
“We’ve already been waiting for half a day. How long do we still have to wait? Can you tell us precisely?” asked someone else. Qin Wu frowned and smiled coldly. He already knew that some people would be annoying.
“We are recruiting people, we’re not recruiting grandpas. If you don’t want to wait, you can leave,” replied Qin Wu coldly. Many people groaned in aggravation.
“We are already here, how could we leave? You must tell us why we’re waiting, or at least, give us the ancient scriptures you promised,” someone else demanded.
“Indeed. You think you can make us leave when you wish? You’re insane!” someone else spoke up. The crowd was getting really impatient.
“I’ve never seen such conceited disciples!” Tantai swore loudly. Wu stared at those people, his eyes filled with burning suns. He didn’t want to deal with these things, but since he had lost against Lin Feng back then, he had to obey his orders.
However, Lin Feng didn’t care about these people.
“I just have one thing to tell you, if you don’t want to be part of Tiantai, then leave. Nobody is forcing you to stay here. If anyone talks shit again, I’ll kill them!” Wu promised emotionlessly. The crowd frowned. The Zun cultivators remained silent, of course. Among the people who really wanted ancient scriptures, there were also people who didn’t mind waiting, especially if Tiantai was that strong. In the future, they’d be able to compete with the nine great celestial castles. Cultivators didn’t mind waiting for a few days for such things.
“How arrogant!” an emperor responded coldly.
Wu threw himself at that cultivator like a meteorite. That cultivator’s face changed drastically as he retreated, but he couldn’t compete with Wu in terms of speed. Wu immediately grabbed him with his claws and shrieked into his face as it started raining fireballs. The crowd saw that person’s body being torn apart, and then the cosmic energies dispersed.
The people there were astonished. He had killed an emperor in the blink of an eye!
These people are terrifyingly strong. they seem much stronger than others of the same level, thought some emperors. Tiantai was a powerful group if their low-level emperors were this strong. Low-level emperors from the region couldn’t withstand a single attack against them, even Qing Di Mountain cultivators like Qi Yu Chen!
The most terrifying part was that these people were also very cruel. They didn’t care, they just killed emperors if they wanted, and they disrespected people like Qi Yu Chen.
Up in the air, Wu was surrounded by flames. He glanced at the crowd icily, and asked, “Is anyone else unhappy? I’ll kill them!”
The rest remained silent, not daring to provoke him. He had just butchered an emperor like a child…!
In the region of the nine great celestial castles, emperors were very strong cultivators but in the Animal World, emperors were ordinary people!
“I would like to warn everyone, if you want to join Tiantai because you harbor evil intentions, then piss off! Otherwise, when the time comes, you won’t have time to escape!” Qin Wu promised grimly. The undercover agents who had been sent by the nine great celestial castles were very nervous, as expected if Qin Wu knew that there were such people among the applicants. But they couldn’t leave, as they had to obey orders and find out who the leader of Tiantai was.

A silhouette finally glided in. It was a beautiful woman: Qing Feng!
“Wu, bring them. Tantai and Qin Wu, stay here and have the next ones wait here,” ordered Qing Feng. Qing Feng turned to the crowd and said, “Come with me.”
The crowd followed Qing Feng quickly, wondering what kind of exam would they have to take.
In Tiantai’s long corridors, the applicants glanced around. Many people were waiting. How could they become core disciples, and would they really receive great imperial scriptures?
After having waited for such a long time, it had became dark outside, but the crowd didn’t leave. On the day after, the sun rose again, and they were still waiting.
“Someone is coming!” The crowd saw many people running quickly, they were carrying a corpse, what was going on?
Is that person dead? They had no Qi, thought the crowd, frowning at the sight. Very quickly, those people went outside and threw the corpse on the ground.
“Our brother told us to tell you: Tell the nine great celestial castles to stop sending undercover agents, otherwise we’ll kill them all.” Those people said that to the crowd, and then left again. The crowd was astonished. Those who were undercover agents in the crowd shook inside. Those corpses were from their groups!
Tiantai dared kill their people!

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