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PMG Chapter 1815: Tiantai’s Growth

PMG Chapter 1815: Tiantai’s Growth
The crowd didn’t leave, calmly looking at the palace, but that calm gave people a sensation of suffocation.
Apart from corpses, the others had disappeared. Nobody came out.
What are the people in Tiantai doing?, thought the crowd. Tiantai was so mysterious. They were afraid of what was going on.
At that moment, in the palaces of Tiantai, there was a secret room. In the secret room, there were many talismans. Those talismans contained lots of skills and techniques. When people saw those talismans and saw that people had been killed, they didn’t feel like leaving anymore. Before that, they had thought they could come, take some Ancient scriptures and leave. But now, it was different.
Those skills and techniques were too powerful, their existence too explosive. Even though they weren’t Qing Di Mountain’s cultivators and they had never been there, they knew that the disciples of Qing Di Mountain didn’t have such powerful techniques.
And that was only the beginning. Those young people were unbelievably strong. At the same level, they could easily destroy their opponents. They even had great imperial scriptures! Very excited now, the newcomers continued waiting.
However, the newcomers could only become external disciples, no matter what their cultivation level was. They had to go through security checks to become internal disciples. If they became internal disciples, they could still obtain great imperial scriptures!
Apart from external and internal disciples, Tiantai also had core disciples, they were the equivalent of elders in some sects. They had access to incredible skills and techniques.
In a palace inside the complex, Lin Feng and the others were seated. Lin Feng asked Jun Mo Xi, “Mo Xi, your Hell technique is so strange, they have nowhere to escape.”
“It attacks people’s determination, but those whose determination is stronger than mine are not affected,” said Jun Mo Xi with a quiet smile. “Lin Feng, you think promising things to them will be sufficient for them to be loyal?”
“In the world of cultivation, people do what is best for them. If we have nothing to offer, why would they join Tiantai? They will leave if we give nothing to them. If they obtain things, they’ll want more, and they’ll contribute to Tiantai’s history,” Lin Feng said calmly.
“Lin Feng is right. Besides, they can’t possibly be like us, we’re like brothers. What we want is social order, not loyalty,” nodded Hou Qing Lin.
“So what do we do next?” asked Yuan Fei, his eyes gleaming with cold lights. He really wanted to go to the Celestial Qi Castle and kill them. They had enslaved him!
“No rush. We’ll deal with the Celestial Qi Castle when the right time comes,” said Lin Feng grimly. Even though all nine great celestial castles wanted to control small worlds, there were some groups they wanted to destroy above all, especially the Celestial Qi Castle.
Apart from the Celestial Qi Castle, they also wanted to kill the white-bearded old man of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine, a medium-level emperor. Lin Feng remembered that old man perfectly, and really wanted to kill him. He had made his teacher kneel down! Lin Feng had to destroy the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine!
In the following days, nothing major happened in Tiantai. It was very calm. However, in different rooms, there were more and more people. Those were the newcomers.  More and more people wanted to join.
Some people wanted to join because they were curious, or because they wanted to obtain Ancient scriptures. However, after joining Tiantai, people didn’t come out again. The atmosphere was very calm.
The crowd also noticed that two medium-level emperors had joined Tiantai. They had stayed in there and hadn’t come out.
The people were astounded, Tiantai was still expanding. New buildings appeared each morning and they were bigger and bigger. A fog also started appearing around Tiantai. People had the impression they were looking at an illusion when they looked at Tiantai’s buildings.
The crowd understood that there was a powerful deployment spell caster in Tiantai. They remembered the purple meteorites that had been purchased, those were very useful for deployment spells. They had thought of everything when building Tiantai. Now the buildings were protected by incredibly powerful deployment spells. This mysterious group called Tiantai was quickly rising. Even the nine great celestial castles weren’t protected by deployment spells!…
And now that the people were starting to pay attention to Tiantai, even the leaders of the nine great celestial castles couldn’t continue ignoring them…
Today, many people gathered in the buffer zone. This time, people had come from everywhere, including many medium-level emperors.
“Celestial Qi Castle asked us to come here, why?” asked a strong cultivator from the Celestial Wen Castle, looking at a middle-aged man from the Celestial Qi Castle. These days, the one in charge of foreign affairs in the Celestial Qi Castle was Qi Yun Lin. Back then, Qi Yun Sheng had been killed by cultivators from Yao Ye Island, and then Qi Yun Lei’s cultivation had been crippled, so Qi Yun Lin had started rising. He was very strong and had oppressed Qi Yun Xiao.
“As if you didn’t know, Brother Wen, Tiantai is rising. You don’t mind?” said Qi Yun Lin indifferently.
“Qi Yu Chen is one of the Qing Di Mountain’s cultivators and he was attacked, you’re very patient, you let them rise,” retorted the strong cultivator of Celestial Wen Castle, smiling calmly.
Qi Yun Lin’s eyes flashed angrily. The strong cultivator of the Celestial Wen Castle was making fun of him! However, he quickly controlled himself and replied indifferently, “Tiantai is rising. It’s a problem for all of us. Besides, they’re mysterious, don’t you all feel nervous with them around?”
“Brother Qi, what do you think we should do, then?” asked the white-bearded man from the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine. He was the strong cultivator who had made Emperor Yu kneel down. He had a high social status within the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine.
“I also want to know what you intend to do, Brother Qi,” spoke up Zhou Tian Xiao, Zhou Tian Ruo’s older brother. He was very talented and quite strong. He had broken through to the Huang Qi layer a long time ago. His cosmic energies were already level eight, and he was getting closer and closer to becoming a medium-level emperor. Many people said that he’d become a medium-level emperor within ten years. The Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness attached much important to Zhou Tian Xiao.
“Since Tiantai established their group in the buffer zone of the nine great celestial castles, we can’t just sit by and watch. We have to do something, we have to go there and understand the details. After that we can decide what we want to do, what do you think?” proposed Qi Yun Lin.
The strong cultivator of the Celestial Wen Castle smiled and said, “I’ve always known you were a careful person, Qi Yun Lin. I had thought you’d go there directly and kill people since they humiliated you.”
Qi Yun Lin didn’t care about what the strong cultivator from the Celestial Wen Castle said. Tiantai was a mysterious group, and nobody knew anything about them. They couldn’t possibly go there alone.
“I think Brother Qi is right. Tiantai is mysterious and I think everybody still remembers Lin Feng?” spoke up a strong cultivator from the Celestial Si Kong Castle at that moment. Everybody remained silent. They all remembered Lin Feng. Back then, the Celestial Qi Castle had failed to kill him. Emperor Ni Chen had personally come, and still Lin Feng had managed to escape with the help of Yao Ye Island’s cultivators.
“In Lin Feng’s small world, Tiantai existed and he was a member of that group,” said the strong cultivator from Celestial Si Kong Castle. People’s eyes lit up.
“What you mean is that Lin Feng is back?” asked someone else.
“Maybe. We need to understand what’s going on to ensure our safety,” replied the strong cultivator from Celestial Si Kong Castle. Everybody understood what he meant. This place was their territory, and now Tiantai was rising here. It was dangerous, especially if they kept growing. In around ten days, they had already become quite large.
“I agree,” stated the strong cultivator from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness. Everybody nodded.
“Since everybody agrees, let’s send some people to Tiantai!” said Qi Yun Lin. Everybody agreed. The nine great celestial castles wanted to join hands. Even if Tiantai was mysterious, they had to give the nine castles face!

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