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PMG Chapter 1816: Chatting

PMG Chapter 1816: Chatting
Tiantai was mysterious and powerful, and their territory was now surrounded by fog. Even though they had risen in a short time, nobody knew anything about them, so nobody acted recklessly.
However, today the people of the nine great celestial castles had finally arrived at a decision. This time, the nine great celestial castles joined hands. Some medium-level emperors, dozens of low-level emperors, and a bunch of cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer gathered and surrounded Tiantai. People’s hearts were pounding. They understood that the nine great celestial castles were finally going to do something.
How could they let Tiantai settle there? This was their territory. They were like kings here. The buffer zone was their market, and now, a powerful new group had invaded their buffer zone and settled there. Now, there challengers were rising, so they had to do something. They were finally about to do something about it. The masses had thought they’d react much earlier though, but Tiantai was extremely powerful. They had to be cautious.

At this moment, the entrance of Tiantai looked like an illusion, there was only fog.
What a powerful deployment spell, thought Zhou Tian Xiao staring at the mists.
“Luckily, it’s just an illusion deployment spell. If it were a destructive deployment spell, it would pose a threat to a medium-level emperor.” said a strong cultivator of the Celestial Summer Castle. There were all sorts of deployment spell casters. Some people knew illusion deployment spells, some others knew empty space deployment spells, and some extremely strong deployment spell casters also controlled several sorts of deployment spells.
“Back then, Lin Feng understood deployment spells, and here is Tiantai,” mused the strong cultivator of Celestial Wen Castle, smiling indifferently. The members of the Celestial Qi Castle frowned, did that really have something to do with Lin Feng? Lin Feng had left for a few years only, and at that time, he hadn’t even broken through to the Huang Qi layer yet. Could he be that strong?
Could Lin Feng have incredible great imperial scriptures? Could he buy extremely expensive, almost priceless, materials? Impossible…
“Let’s go inside and we’ll see,” Zhou Tian Xiao answered patiently. Then, he shouted, “The nine great celestial castles have come here to great the leader of Tiantai!”
His voice spread through all the buildings of Tiantai. For an answer, a group of people came out and glanced at the members of the nine great celestial castles. They said nothing, though. They just watched them calmly.
“Everybody, may we enter?” asked a strong cultivator of the Celestial Qi Castle when he saw that those people weren’t speaking. He was unhappy, those people were just cultivators of the Zun Qi layer. Usually, such people respected him, but these people didn’t.
“If you have an invitation!” replied one of them, glancing at the crowd dismissively. The strong cultivator of the Celestial Qi Castle was infuriated.
“Damn it! The nine great celestial castles are here and you dare act so arrogantly!” shouted the strong cultivator of the Celestial Qi Castle, angry now. He was so loud that everybody could hear him in the palaces of Tiantai.
“Tiantai hasn’t invited you. If you’re not happy, then you can leave,” one of those people retorted impolitely.
The strong cultivator of the Celestial Qi Castle was getting angrier. He was about to explode. “Who do you think you are talking to?”
“You’re bullying our disciples. If the people of the Celestial Qi Castle take one step into Tiantai, they’ll die, no exception,” said another person at that moment. Everybody heard the voice, the onlookers were petrified. How aggressive and arrogant! The members of the Celestial Qi Castle couldn’t go to Tiantai anymore.
Someone was threatening the Celestial Qi Castle in the buffer zone of their own region, what a humiliation! The faces of the Celestial Qi Castle members changed drastically. They all looked incredibly angry.
“People from the Celestial Summer Castle, from the Ancient Celestial Castle and from the Celestial Transformation Palace, please come in,” spoke out yet another voice. People’s eyes glittered. Tiantai had invited the Celestial transformation Palace, the Celestial Summer Castle and the Ancient Celestial Castle to come in, but not the members of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine and the Celestial Wen Castle. Concerning the Celestial Qi Castle, there wasn’t much to say.
“You’re invited,” said the visible members of Tiantai watching the members of the three groups. They were happy to go and see what was inside.
Those who hadn’t been invited frowned and pulled long faces.
The people invited by Tiantai disappeared inside the palaces.
“We came to greet you and you humiliate us!” shouted the strong cultivator of the Celestial Qi Castle furiously.
“Keep calm. When they come out, they’ll tell us everything,” said the strong cultivator of the Celestial Wen Castle calmly. He wasn’t angry.
The members of the three groups who had been invited walked in the corridors and arrived at a courtyard, where a banquet had been prepared. They looked to the young man who had the best seat. His Qi was extremely sharp. On his left and right, there were more young people, and they looked incredibly strong too. One of them was incredibly tall and sturdy,  built like a tower.
Even though they are only low-level emperors, they look really strong. They must be from very famous clans, thought the group. Who controlled Tiantai? Why did all those young people look so extraordinary?
“Everybody, please have a seat,” said Qin Wu, standing up. The guests sat down without fuss.
“You all came to Tiantai for a reason, I guess? Please, feel free to talk to us about anything,” said Qin Wu before he sat down again.
“Sorry for being rude, but why did you come here, and why did you build Tiantai in the buffer zone of our territory?” asked someone from the Celestial Summer Castle straightforwardly. He didn’t need to dance around what they wanted, either.
“Let me explain,” interjected Wu. He glanced at the crowd, his eyes filled with burning suns, and continued, “I am not interested in knowing why you came here. However, we invited you and there are a few things you need to understand clearly. First, Tiantai is here and will stay here, and we will also expand. Secondly, Tiantai will also fight against some of the nine great celestial castles, but it can be avoided. Thirdly, Tiantai has determined some rules not only concerning this place, but also concerning the different small worlds.”
As Wu talked, people’s hearts started pounding. Weren’t they going too far?
“Don’t talk too hastily.” Wu raised his hand, then he continued, “I will not repeat those three things. Now, you can make a decision, you can be friends with us, or you can be our enemies. You are free to make your own decisions. You don’t need to tell me anything, either. Just remember what I said.”
How arrogant, thought the guests. They had never met someone this arrogant!
“Alright, let’s enjoy the banquet. You can leave whenever you want. Keep in mind that people who were not invited aren’t able to enjoy this banquet!” Wu stood up and left. The crowd was stupefied at his behavior.
“Everybody, he has a very bad temper. Sorry about that, but he’s right! People who weren’t invited won’t even have the opportunity to drink with us,” Tantai said cheerfully, laughing happily, “Everybody, come, let’s drink!”
The crowd had many thoughts, but they couldn’t refuse drinking with Tantai. Wu had told them they could make their own decisions, they could leave if they wanted to.
“Oh by the way, who’s Tiantai’s leader?” asked someone else, putting their glass back on the table.
Tantai and Qin Wu smiled and Tantai said, “Tiantai’s leaders are its members. We are all like brothers. Besides, I can tell you one thing, nobody has a high cultivation level in Tiantai, but we managed to build Tiantai here.”
“I can also tell you something, the one who initiated the construction project isn’t a stranger. You know him. He doesn’t consider you as his enemies, you can decide whether you want to be his friend or his enemy,” Qin Wu smiled. Then, they both stood up and said, “Help yourselves!”
Then, Tantai and Qin Wu left. However, people’s hearts were pounding. They knew the one who had initiated the project?
“It’s Lin Feng, he’s back.” Xia Tian Fan had also come into the palace. He was the first one to break the silence. The crowd shivered. Lin Feng had caused much trouble in Celestial Qi Castle back then. He was back, and he had created a new group here!
When the members of the three groups left Tiantai, the others groups surrounded them with questions, but those people just smiled and glanced at them. They said absolutely nothing and left quickly. The people left outside was astonished.
As they people left, those outside heard a voice which from inside Tiantai, “Tiantai has a message for Celestial Wen Castle, Celestial Si Kong Castle, the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, and the Celestial Palace of the Punishing Thunders. Iff you want to go to Tiantai, send your leaders. Regarding the Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine, they said you could piss off.”

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