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PMG Chapter 1819: Responsibility

PMG Chapter 1819: Responsibility
Several sorts of cosmic energies. She used four sorts of cosmic energies, thought the observers, looking at Qing Feng. She was so beautiful and so strong. She wasn’t any weaker than the massive Tantai!
The crowd then looked at Lin Feng’s friends. Were they all that strong? If that was the case, then the situation looked bad.
But of course, the members of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine were the ones who were the most surprised. If all their low-level emperors continued fighting, they’d all suffer crushing defeats. They already understood that at the same level, they couldn’t do much against Lin Feng’s friends.
At that moment, Tian Chi walked forwards and put his palms together, releasing golden energies. He looked like a Buddha.
However, this time, the strong cultivators of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine looked at Tian Chi and remained silent. Nobody dared face Tian Chi. The white-bearded emperor looked at Tian Chi coldly.
“Lin Feng told me that our teacher begged for help, but you humiliated him back then. You even stole his treasures. You were very arrogant… and now you don’t dare come and fight?” asked Tian Chi. Even though he was a Buddhist cultivator, he could also be very aggressive. Those watching shivered, their hearts pounding in their chests. The strong cultivators of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine now had to face them because of that one moment of arrogance.
The Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine was being humiliated by that teacher’s disciples. They had come to avenge their teacher!
“How ridiculous. You should leave now. Otherwise, the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine will stop being polite to you,” said the white-bearded old man coldly. What the old man meant was that they were going to send medium-level emperors if Lin Feng and his friends didn’t leave.
Tian Chi understood that, too. He smiled coldly and said, “Today, whether we do one-on-ones or a group battle, we won’t stop battling. Don’t try and find excuses!”
“You’re shameless and ignorant! You came to the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine to provoke us. Since it’s that way, Yao Chen, go and crush him! Teach him respect!” ordered the white-bearded emperor coldly. A medium-level emperor jumped up. The crowd was surprised, the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine was now sending medium-level emperors for real!
However, Tian Chi just stood there fearlessly. He was long since prepared.
“Kids dare act that arrogantly and insolently nowadays!” spat Yao Chen. Wood cosmic strength surrounded Tian Chi, turning into vines which sought to bind Tian Chi. However, Tian Chi looked totally serene. He was surrounded by golden lights that were becoming more and more dazzling. He also chanted mantras in a clear and melodious, pure and deep, far-reaching Brahma voice. The image of an ancient Buddha appeared behind him.
Yao Chen jumped forwards, his hands turning into sharp wooden sticks. The wood energies about them were extremely sharp, like blades.
“Indestructible Body!” Buddha lights invaded the atmosphere and stopped the wood energies.
Gold strength was extremely hard. However, Yao Chen groaned coldly and turned into a bestial tree. Tian Chi was surrounded by sharp wood energies which pierced through his golden lights.
Tian Chi continued chanting in that imposing Brahma voice. He gradually turned into a second Buddha, then a third, and a fourth… and then, they all merged into one gigantic ancient and indestructible Buddha!
Tian Chi’s chants never stopped. The gigantic Buddha descended from the sky and pressed down on Yao Chen.
“How could a pitiful low-level emperor defy my cosmic energies! I’m a medium-level emperor!” snarled Yao Chen coldly turning into countless vines. His sharpened wood energies moved towards the Buddha energies. However, they all broke apart.
More vines rose up in the air, the ground was shaking, but Tian Chi’s voice only grew louder and louder. His Buddha surrounded the trees, shocking Yao Chen. Tian Chi was too strong!
The crowd around them was stupefied. Even though Yao Chen wasn’t a very strong medium-level emperor, he was still a medium-level emperor, his cultivation level much higher than Tian Chi’s. But it didn’t seem to matter in this battle!
Tian Chi’s fighting abilities were incredible. Those watching were astonished, they had rarely seen such strong cultivators!

“I understand why those people didn’t want to leave Tiantai after joining,” whispered Xia Tian Fan to himself. His eyes were twinkling. His skills were already very powerful, the Celestial Summer Castle had some great ones. However, Tian Chi’s fighting abilities were beyond terrifying, far beyond the skills he had learned.
“Tiantai’s disciples come from the small world. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, they are afraid of nobody. They are very determined and only think of cultivation. Nothing can influence them. The geniuses of the nine great celestial castles, even if they are talented, aren’t determined enough. They have no ambition, they all hope they’ll join Qing Di Mountain and that’s all. After becoming strong enough in Qing Di Mountain, they sometimes try to travel and become stronger but it takes them many, many years.”
In the nine great celestial castles, everybody wanted to become Qing Di Mountain’s disciples, it was one of their main goals. But once they were in Qing Di Mountain, what then? While they were comfortably practicing cultivation in Qing Di Mountain, Lin Feng and his friends had traveled over thousands of kilometers. They had their own paths.
I want to become stronger. I have to leave. I can’t stay here anymore. I have to forget everything. I have to choose my own path and start all over, thought Xia Tian Fan with a sigh. He suddenly felt much more relaxed. How many people had the same thoughts as him? Many people were happy to stay here, they were basically living in a prison they made for themselves…

At that moment, the battle ended. Tian Chi’s Sentient Beings Buddhist Enlightenment attack had oppressed the medium-level emperor and crushed him to death.
Tian Chi had killed a medium-level emperor!
“You want to die!” said the white-bearded emperor coldly. Some strong cultivators around him suddenly started running forwards and releasing cosmic energies. The strong cultivators of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine lunged towards Tian Chi.
Tantai wanted to attack, but Lin Feng prevented him from going and said, “It’s about Tiantai’s direct disciples today. The other brothers don’t need to get involved.”
As Lin Feng talked, Hou Qing Lin had already started running forward and releasing Asura Reincarnation strength. Two cultivators died instantly. People’s hearts pounded. One sword lacerated two emperors! Hou Qing Lin hadn’t shown how strong he was before, but the crowd could see it now!
Ban Ruo, Xing Zhan, and Li Hen also attacked. They were also the emperors’ direct disciples. They had to help!
“Five low-level emperors are killing the emperors of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine, are they insane?”
Lin Feng prevented some other people from fighting.
Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi continued running forwards. Hou Qing Lin released Reincarnation Sword energies which blotted out the sky, threatening to devour it. Tian Chi’s Buddha lights illuminated heaven and earth. Ban Ruo stayed behind them, as he was weaker.
At that moment, Lin Feng also stepped forwards and looked at the white-bearded old man coldly. “I won’t kill you but back then, you humiliated my teacher. You have to pay back, but a hundred times more.”
The white-bearded old man looked back at Lin Feng emotionlessly. He was shaking inside. A Zun cultivator was talking to him like that, and was scaring him!
“Die!” shouted a strong cultivator at that moment, charging towards Lin Feng. At the moment when the crowd thought Lin Feng was going to attack, someone else attacked him by surprise. However, Lin Feng didn’t move. The strong cultivator’s attack immediately struck Lin Feng. The crowd was speechless and dumbstruck, Lin Feng didn’t even move?
However, very quickly, they realized they were wrong. Lin Feng raised his hand and grabbed that cultivator’s head. He raised the man’s head, who only saw two ice-cold pupils glaring back at him.
An explosion rang out, and cosmic energies dispersed. The cultivator’s skull had exploded, and his headless corpse fell from the sky. People’s hearts were racing madly Lin Feng could kill emperors so easily? It seemed so simple for him!

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