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PMG Chapter 182: Battle Energy

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“If I have the occasion, I will have to pay a visit to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue personally.”

When the crowd heard Lin Feng say these words while sounding calm, they were a bit surprised. If he wanted to go to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, he had to be extremely strong. He had to have at least surpassed Lo Xue and Chu Zhan Peng’s strength, otherwise, he would just end up making a fool of himself.

Nobody had doubts concerning Lin Feng’s determination. Even though they had never talked to him personally, that battle had been enough for them to understand Lin Feng’s personality. He was extremely determined, frivolous and unrestrained. Besides, he wasn’t arrogant and was unyielding when it came to his beliefs. Even in dangerous situations, he didn’t hesitate or retreat. Nobody thought that Lin Feng didn’t mean those words.

Lin Feng also had the heart of a very powerful cultivator. He was firm and persistent. Sooner or later, he would end up surpassing Chu Zhan Peng.

Each and every single person of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue was staring at Lin Feng with an ugly expression on their faces. That time, he wasn’t just making fun of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue in front of a few disciples, but in front of a great number of disciples. The Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue was being humiliated.

How cruel, incomparably cruel.

Murderous lights flashed through the eyes of the teacher from the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. A murderous aura was being released from his body. A cracking sound spread through the air as his Qi started to pour from his body. The stone chair on which he was sitting was broken into pieces. At that moment, he was standing up.

“The Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue will be happily awaiting you.” said the teacher extremely coldly and then, his silhouette flickered and he left.

The other people of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue glanced at Lin Feng and then also started leaving.

After a while, a subtle sound spread in Long Ding’s ears. The chair on which that person was sitting, which had been broken into pieces, was still crumbling. The stone was slowly turning into powder. That stone chair had surprisingly been broken using pure energy.

Very quickly, only the people from the Celestial Academy were left in the public square. Long Ding was staring at Lin Feng with a profound gaze. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would be so amazing during that battle. It was really unexpected.

But it was clear to Long Ding that Hei Mo might not come back to the Celestial Academy after this battle.

The crowd looked at Lin Feng. On that day, one of the top ten cultivators of the Celestial Academy had been a stepping stone for Lin Feng to become famous.

After that day, Lin Feng’s reputation in the Celestial Academy would continue to grow.

“Alright, let’s stop everything for today. You can all disperse.” said Long Ding while standing up. He glanced at everyone leaving and finally glanced at Lin Feng, he said: “Lin Feng, you should also go back and have a good rest. You should also take care of your injuries.”

Lin Feng slightly nodded, and started walking. Meng Qing was still following behind him.

Lin Feng took two steps forwards and then a group of people moved in front of him. It was Liu Fei, Jing Yun, Duan Feng and the others. Today was the day of Lin Feng’s battle against Hei Mo, they were not going to miss it.

“Are you alright?” asked Liu Fei while staring at Lin Feng. She looked incredibly concerned about him. That guy was really insane. He didn’t know when to stop, no matter who was in front of him… and even no matter how many people, he would never give up.
A moment before, Liu Fei and the others had been quite scared, but they were not as strong as Lin Feng. They couldn’t do anything, they could only watch as the events unfurled.

Lin Feng smiled at Liu Fei. Liu Fei was surprised, but immediately after she felt relieved, however, she was still staring fixedly at Lin Feng. What was that guy thinking? He wasn’t even concerned about his injuries.

“He hasn’t died, so why would I?” Lin Feng was scratching his head. Hei Mo’s injuries were also serious. A moment ago, Lin Feng’s sword had pierced through his chest, but just missed his heart. Lin Feng’s organs, and circulatory system hadn’t been damaged much either.

“The people of the Yu Clan are really shameless.” said Yuan Shan while looking furious.

“They are more than just shameless.” said Duan Feng while furious and then said: “If the second prince hadn’t been there, the scariest thing is that they would have attacked Lin Feng.”

Everybody slightly nodded. On that day, if the second prince hadn’t been there, it would have been very dangerous.

“Let’s go. I already seized the eight rooms on the fourth floor in the cultivation tower. If you need to practice, you can use them.” said Lin Feng to his friends which surprised everybody. They then all smiled wryly. With Lin Feng’s strength, it was indeed not difficult to seize the entire fourth floor of the cultivation tower.

On the fourth floor of the cultivation tower, all of them entered into cultivation rooms. Lin Feng brought Meng Qing towards a room as well, inserted some purity stones and said: “Meng Qing, you should cultivate for a while too. I’ll be in the room opposite yours.”

“Alright.” said Meng Qing while slightly nodding. Her gorgeous silhouette was walking towards the inside of the room, but she quickly turned around and she said, while looking at Lin Feng: “Actually, even if the second prince hadn’t been there today, you still would not have died. You don’t owe him much.”

While talking, the door of her cultivation room slowly closed itself, leaving Lin Feng outside, alone and stunned.

Lin Feng was astonished. He then shook his head and frowned. He was wondering how strong Meng Qing was. He had no idea. The only thing he knew was that last time, the Bai Clan member, the man in blue clothes, who was of the Xuan Qi layer, had been scared away by Meng Qing and had left.

Lin Feng didn’t know if she had already fought against other cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer.

“The second prince, Duan Wu Ya.”

Lin Feng was lowly talking to himself. That friendly and mysterious prince was unfathomable. At that moment, he was sure that Duan Wu Ya, the second prince, was at the creator of the Celestial Academy. It meant that Long Ding, the vice-principal, had to listen to him. Did Lin Feng becoming a student of the Celestial Academy have anything to do with Duan Wu Ya?

If that was indeed due to Duan Wu Ya, why would he have done that? Why was he so interested in Lin Feng?

Talent, potential?

When he had just arrived in the Imperial City and had just arrived outside in front of the Celestial Academy, nobody knew who he was. Who knew that he had potential and high natural talent? Even if they knew that he was a genius, why would one of the eight high-officials, like Duan Wu Ya, be interested in him?

Being a matter of gaining influence was even less possible. Lin Feng didn’t come from an influential family. He descended from the Lin Clan of Yangzhou City and had even been expelled. His sect had even been destroyed by Duan Tian Lang.

Lin Feng frowned. He didn’t understand anything about it so it was useless to keep thinking too much about it. He then inserted some purity stones into one of the cultivation rooms and entered.

The door closed itself, Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. He then immediately released his Celestial Spirit.

In the blink of an eye, the world became a world of darkness. As if Lin Feng had been completely cut off from the outside world; he entered into his own world created from darkness.

At that moment, Lin Feng didn’t just release the first layer of his Celestial Spirit, he also completely released the second layer. In Lin Feng’s mind, a magnificent and resplendent light appeared. Colourful spirals spanned into various shapes inside his mind, then his Celestial Book appeared.

At that moment, his celestial book had already opened to the second page as if it had been that way since ancient times.

Lin Feng was looking at that book or more precisely, he looked above it.

There was now a sword calmly floating in the air above the book.

That sword was black, it was the deadly sword of a warlord, born from battle.

At that moment, Lin Feng could clearly sense the energy released by that sword, it was sharp and deadly. It seemed like it could destroy an entire planet without flinching.

That sword, using its own energy and its own life, was able to fuse with Lin Feng.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed. Lin Feng’s eyes were still closed and he was still motionless. His conscience was focused on the sword that was floating above the book.

In the small and narrow cultivation room, a sharp sword Qi emerged and mixed with deadly Qi. Then, there was a thick and dense battle energy.

That sword Qi had not been released by Lin Feng’s Celestial Book. It had obviously been released by Lin Feng’s body. His sword Qi was much stronger than in the past. Inside his sword Qi which was mixed with deadly Qi, was also battle energy. Nobody could look down on that battle energy.

Grabbing the black sword which was longing to rise into the heavens, to dominate both heaven and earth.

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