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PMG Chapter 1821: Important Decisions

PMG Chapter 1821: Important Decisions
At Celestial Wen Castle, the leader came out personally to greet the guests. He came out of his palace and saw Emperor Ni Chen and Wen Ao Feng standing there. He greeted them politely, “Brother Ni Chen, it’s an honor to see you here.”
“Brother Wen, no need to be so polite. I came regarding the mysterious group Tiantai. Since they suddenly appeared here, I took Ao Feng out, and we’re having a look,” said Ni Chen. He liked to pamper Wen Ao Feng, who was his favorite disciple.
Wen Ao Feng had broken through to the Huang Qi layer before Ye Sheng, Qi Yu Chen, and Zhou Tian Ruo, so he was really talented. Now, he was going to become a medium-level emperor soon, and even in Qing Di Mountain, there weren’t many people like him. Wen Ao Feng would be as strong as him before his hundredth birthday.
He also liked Ye Sheng, but there was still a big difference between Wen Ao Feng and Ye Sheng.
“Indeed, Tiantai is really mysterious. They went to the Palace of the Medicinal Kings today. Some blood will be shed,” the leader of Celestial Wen Castle smiled. Many of their people had gone there to watch.
“I know. I came here because Ye Sheng came back. He took a group of people from Qing Di Mountain there. Tiantai won’t cause too much trouble,” said Ni Chen confidently. He didn’t mind too much either.
“Since Qing Di Mountain went there, Tiantai won’t dare cause trouble, I would guess,” said the leader of Celestial Wen Castle to Emperor Ni Chen with a smile.
However, at that moment, someone appeared in the distance. When that person saw Emperor Ni Chen, they were surprised and bowed to him, “Emperor Ni Chen!”
“No need to be polite,” said Emperor Ni Chen affably.
That person raised their head and looked to the sect leader, who said, “There is no harm in saying what one thinks.”
“Leader, we now know who Tiantai’s people are. They are old friends,” said that person.
The sect leader looked surprised. “Old friends?” he repeated.
“Leader, an obstinate and unruly young man appeared during the competition for the small worlds, and then Emperor Shen Yu came and took him away. Three years later, he came back and pretended to be a deployment spell caster, remember?”
“Lin Feng!” said Wen Ao Feng first. The sect leader of Celestial Wen Castle didn’t remember Lin Feng, but Wen Ao Feng did. Emperor Ni Chen remembered Lin Feng as well. He had lost face because of Lin Feng. Emperor Shen Yu had provoked and humiliated him back then. They had also agreed to make their disciples battle at some point. The last time he had seen Lin Feng, people from Yao Ye Island had come and protected him. They had also humiliated him! Of course he remembered that!
“So, how is it going?” asked the leader of Celestial Wen Castle.
“Tiantai’s cultivators don’t have high cultivation levels. They are all young low-level emperors. Lin Feng said that they didn’t have any stronger cultivators, but I don’t know if it’s true or not. I came back to inform you of these things,” responded that person. He was only a messenger, influential groups all had them.
“Ao Feng, we have to go,” said Emperor Ni Chen, smiling at Wen Ao Feng. Lin Feng was acting recklessly, he had dared come back!
“Yes, Teacher!” nodded Wen Ao Feng. Emperor Ni Chen gazed into the distance coldly. He hadn’t seen Lin Feng for a few years, so Lin Feng had probably become a lot stronger. If he dared use a deployment spell against Wen Ao Feng, he would regret it!…
At the Palace of the Medicinal Kings, Ye Sheng had just arrived. He was known as one of Emperor Ni Chen’s disciples!
Ye Sheng and those people are much stronger than the white-bearded emperor and his friends, thought the crowd quietly, studying the fighters. These people could pose a threat to Tiantai!
Ye Sheng and the others landed on the ground and looked around at all the corpses. Lin Feng had his foot on the white-bearded emperor’s face. They looked at him icily. What a humiliation!
“Lin Feng!” shouted Ye Sheng. This was the young man Lin Feng had defeated back then. “Pull your dirty foot away!” Ye Sheng demanded icily.
Lin Feng slowly turned his head and looked at Ye Sheng. Ye Sheng was quite strong, and there were many medium-level emperors with him. He probably had a high position in Qing Di Mountain.
“Who are you talking to?” said Lin Feng, calmly yet disdainfully.
“Pull your dirty foot away!” Ye Sheng ordered again. He was getting furious. The white-bearded old man was his grandfather and Lin Feng had his foot on his face, he couldn’t bear the humiliation.
“Wu, slap him,” Lin Feng said to Wu. Wu’s eyes glittered with cold lights. He was angry at Lin Feng inside. This bastard kept giving him orders! But he had no choice for now. Someday, the situation would change!…
Wu looked at Ye Sheng, his eyes sharp.
A strong wind started blowing, and a golden crow illusion appeared behind Wu. It streaked across the sky like a shooting star, its speed terrifying to behold!
Ye Sheng looked at Wu’s eyes, the icy energies which burned in Wu’s eyes pierced through Ye Sheng’s pupils painfully. He jumped forwards releasing Qi. As he raised his hand, however, a strong wind brushed against him, cutting into his skin.
“Be careful!” shouted some people behind him. Wu turned into a beam of light and returned to where he was initially with a single flap of his wings. Somewhere in the middle of his motion, a gigantic hand had crashed onto Ye Sheng’s face painfully, and his face went numb.
That’s the Golden Crow Illusion, thought the crowd, staring at Wu. He was a terrifyingly fast animal cultivator!
Sun supernatural bird, a Three-legged Golden Crow!. The crowd shivered.
Ye Sheng was a cultivator from Qing Di Mountain, and had just been slapped! His cheeks burned with the humiliation of being seen.
Lin Feng looked at him disdainfully and said nothing. He turned back to the white-bearded old man, his foot still on the elder’s face. He drew his foot back and said, “Kneel down before all the cultivators of Tiantai and prostrate yourself three hundred times. Only then will we not kill you.”
“You are now the enemies of the Palace of the Medicinal Kings and Qing Di Mountain! You must have a death wish!” said the strong cultivator from the Palace of the Medicinal Kings, icily releasing a terrifying QI.
However, Lin Feng didn’t pay them any heed, he just grabbed the desperate white-bearded emperor. Lin Feng smiled coldly and said, “Don’t beg other people for help. Today, nobody can save you.”
“Let him off, it’s an order!” demanded the strong cultivators from Qing Di Mountain. Lin Feng looked proud and arrogant, making them even more furious. They had even slapped Ye Sheng, which was a humiliation for Qing Di Mountain!
“Stop barking, little dog!” Tantai spat aggressively.
“We are Qing Di Mountain’s people!” said a medium-level emperor icily. “You dare offend Qing Di Mountain?”
“Lin Feng, is Qing Di Mountain a powerful group?” asked Tantai doubtfully.
Lin Feng turned his head, looking at Tantai and the others, and smiled, “They think they’re strong.”
That guy is crazy, he dares humiliate Qing Di Mountain!, thought the crowd, caught between fear and delight. The strong cultivators from the Palace of the Medicinal Kings and Qing Di Mountain were all around the Tiantai members, and started releasing oppressive energies.
The white-bearded emperor had hope, but Lin Feng only held him more firmly, and the old man shrieked.
“Try if you dare!” said a strong cultivator from the Palace of the Medicinal Kings, releasing a powerful Qi, which quickly surrounded Lin Feng. Wu, Jun Mo Xi, Qing Feng, Tantai, Qin Wu and the others finally moved and surrounded Lin Feng. A bunch of low-level emperors were now facing medium-level emperors.
“If anyone dares come any closer, we’ll kill you,” said Lin Feng easily, as terrifying lights appeared. The strong cultivators from the Palace of the Medicinal Kings and Qing Di Mountain would die if they continued getting closer.
“Kill all the people from Tiantai, that’s an order from Qing Di Mountain!” shouted the strong cultivators of Qing Di Mountain, furiously releasing formidable Qi as they charged ahead. A hurricane formed as all the energies clashed violently.

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