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PMG Chapter 1822: Helping Your Disciple

PMG Chapter 1822: Helping Your Disciple
This was Qing Di Mountain’s territory. In case of danger, Qing Di Mountain was in charge of protecting the area. Tiantai hadn’t only humiliated the Palace of the Medicinal Kings, they had also humiliated Qing Di Mountain! Qing Di Mountain couldn’t accept such humiliation.
Many people were watching them. Qing Di Mountain had already given the order to kill all the cultivators from Tiantai. However, apart from the people who were already fighting, nobody else attacked. The other members of the nine great celestial castles just watched. Tiantai’s cultivators were crazy, why would they want to face them?
“An order from Qing Di Mountain?” When Lin Feng heard that, he said coldly, “From now on, this territory is beyond the control of Qing Di Mountain.”
Then, he put his foot on the white-bearded emperor’s face again and stomped on him, crushing his bones. The old man fell back to the ground. He was lying on the ground and staring up at Lin Feng, his eyes filled with painful memories.
He remembered back then, when Emperor Yu was carrying Lin Feng on his back and begging him. He had humiliated Emperor Yu and made him kneel down. He had even stolen his treasures without giving him anything in return, telling them to leave. He hadn’t even looked at the young man Emperor Yu was carrying on his back. However, that young man was now in front of him, stomping on his face. He had never thought such a thing would ever happen, especially this quickly.
“Back then, you humiliated my teacher, you have to pay for that,” said Lin Feng, putting his foot on the other man’s face again. The white-bearded old man was wailing mournfully, and tears appeared in his eyes. He had practiced cultivation for such a long time, and now he was being humiliated, he was scared and sad.
He looked miserable. Emperor Yu had knelt down in front of him as if Emperor Yu had been a dog, and now this had happened.
Many medium-level emperors who were watching the scene felt sad for him. What a nightmare, it was better to be dead than having to go through that! The people from Celestial Qi Castle; Emperor Dong, Emperor Qi and so on, were dumbstruck, they couldn’t believe it. Only a few years had passed, and the young man they used to chase everywhere had become so strong!…
Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi were also incredible cultivators. Tiantai’s direct disciples were extremely strong. They hadn’t only amazed the small world, they were amazing in the great world too!
Hou Qing Lin released reincarnation energies, Tian Chi released dazzling Buddha lights, Qing Feng released several sorts of cosmic energies, Wu was a strong beast releasing burning sun cosmic energies, Tantai and Qin Wu looked crazy, lions kept roaring, an ancient cauldron oppressed heaven and earth, Jun Mo Xi used Hell skills! These cultivators were amazing!
“Where are they from?” wondered many people. These people were incredible fighters!
Lin Feng raised his hand, a purple tank appeared and started vibrating. It contained seemingly endless immortal strength. However, it didn’t fall down, Lin Feng continued waving his hand, and holy dazzling lights winked on. The energies became even more oppressive!
“Brothers!” shouted Lin Feng. Everybody looked at him, they understood what he meant. Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi turned into a million illusions, they were everywhere in the sky. Tantai and Jun Mo Xi protected the area, lions and gloomy strength warding them. Qing Feng and Wu were there too, who would dare attack?
“Go!” shouted a strong cultivator from Qing Di Mountain. When the others heard him shout, they took action too.
Lin Feng’s purple tank turned into a millions tanks, their aura pressing down on everyone. Immortal energy floated in the air as he released his wind power, further powering up his tanks.
At the same time, Tiantai’s people also released powerful energies. The scene was incredible. A river of reincarnation energies flowed through the air, millions of hands streaked across the sky, a bunch of lions ran in the sky.
It’s apocalyptic! The crowd was astonished, their hearts pounding at the sight. The immortal tanks looked terrifying, all sorts of strength was condensing in the air. A strong wind was brushing against those strong cultivators’ bodies and corroding them.
Cosmic strength dispersed, a soul shouted furiously. Surprisingly, many souls started leaving their bodies, but Tiantai’s people wouldn’t let them off. Hou Qing Lin’s sword energies invaded the atmosphere and the souls fell down into reincarnation vortexes.
Winning meant nothing anymore, this was a war. The white-bearded old man was even more desperate. The strong cultivators of Qing Di Mountain and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings were getting crushed. Tiantai’s people wanted to change everything in the nine great celestial castles.
“Call all the leaders!”, the white-bearded old man tried to shout, but his voice wasn’t loud at all. He hoped people would come and help. They couldn’t do anything against Tiantai anymore.
Tiantai’s people are really strong. If the leaders of the nine great celestial castles don’t show up, they’ll destroy the nine great celestial castles, thought the watchers. However, they were still wondering why Tiantai’s people dared act like this. Even though they were really strong, they couldn’t possibly take over the territory. After all, they couldn’t fight against high-level emperors. And now they had even offended Qing Di Mountain!
By the time Emperor Ni Chen and Wen Ao Feng finally arrived, the battle was already over. The strong cultivators of Qing Di Mountain and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings were either dead or badly injured. Tiantai could kill them all if they wanted.
At that moment, the people from Tiantai were on the ground. The white-bearded old man of the Palace of the Medicinal Kings was on his knees again. That humiliation was horrible, being dead would have been better. He now understood what he had made Emperor Yu go through.
“Asshole.” When Ni Chen landed, the strong cultivators of Qing Di Mountain who were still alive gathered next to him.
Ye Sheng said, “Teacher, we have to kill them! They killed almost all of our friends!”
Ni Chen was furious. He hadn’t thought that the situation would be so tragic. Qing Di Mountain had lost many people!
Of the nine great celestial castles, Qing Di Mountain was the leader. For them, a bunch of young low-level emperors was important to their future.
“Where are the cultivators of Yao Ye Island?” asked Emperor Ni Chen icily.
“Yao Ye Island? You want to be like last time, when you looked as scared as a stray cur?” mocked Lin Feng.
Ni Chen released his godly awareness. Indeed, there was nobody from Yao Ye Island present. He was surprised.
“You’re self-confident because of your deployment spells, it seems. I’ll give you a chance though, fight against Ao Feng. If you win, I’ll let you live. If you lose, everyone who contributed to killing the members of Qing Di Mountain will die.”
Ni Chen was in the sky, looking quite dignified. Of course, he thought Lin Feng had relied on deployment spells. Otherwise, how could a low-level emperor have killed so many strong cultivators? He was very strong, but his strength was limited.
The opportunity Ni Chen gave to Lin Feng referred to his agreement with Emperor Shen Yu. He knew perfectly well how strong Wen Ao Feng was, he could easily defeat medium-level emperors.
“We will all die?” Wu looked at him icily. A trivial high-level emperor dared talk to him like that? “That old dude is acting recklessly.” Wu was furious.
Ni Chen looked at him icily, “You’re from Yao Ye Island?”
“Yao Ye Island?” Flames of fury burned in his eyes. He said icily, “Who do you think you are to talk to me, piss off!”
Ni Chen was astonished. He was a high-level emperor of Qing Di Mountain, and a low-level emperor dared talk to him like this? He had never met a low-level emperor like this before!
Lin Feng was just smiling and watching him. Ni Chen didn’t know where Wu was from. A trivial high-level emperor dared talk to him like that? Even in Vast Celestial Ancient City, great emperors didn’t necessarily talk to Wu that way.
Lin Feng walked forwards and slowly rose up in the air, he said to Ni Chen, “You little dog, you want me to fight against your disciple, you’re really funny.”
The crowd didn’t understand why Lin Feng acted that crazy. And Wu? How come he dared tell Ni Chen to piss off? Lin Feng even dared call Ni Chen a little dog, these young people were truly strange…
“When I came here, Uncle Shen Yu reminded me of the agreement, I don’t mind helping your disciple become stronger!” said Lin Feng with a dark smile. Ni Chen and Wen Ao Feng were furious. Wen Ao Feng had the same level as Lin Feng, and Lin Feng dared say he was going to “help” him!?

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