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PMG Chapter 1823: Armies

PMG Chapter 1823: Armies
Emperor Ni Chen is going to come a cropper, thought the crowd. They had seen how strong Lin Feng was. Even though Wen Ao Feng was Emperor Ni Chen’s direct disciple, he couldn’t compete with Lin Feng.
The most surprising thing was that nobody warned Emperor Ni Chen. Even Ye Sheng and the strong cultivators from Qing Di Mountain who had been injured didn’t warn Emperor Ni Chen.
They are doing it on purpose because they want Emperor Ni Chen to hate Lin Feng, thought the crowd in the distance. If Lin Feng killed Wen Ao Feng, Ni Chen would be furious and kill Lin Feng.
Lin Feng looked at Wen Ao Feng calmly, his robe fluttering in the wind.
Wen Ao Feng released his strength, moving forwards and watching Lin Feng closely. He felt humiliated by what Lin Feng had said. Help him become stronger?!
“Wen Ao Feng, Ni Chen is a little dog, and you’re his direct disciple, our battle has been planned for a long time. However, I don’t want to humiliate you. If you want to give up, then just forget about it,” Lin Feng said to Wen Ao Feng calmly.
Wen Ao Feng looked at him coldly and said, “Empty words! You don’t respect my teacher, I have to teach you a good lesson.”
Emperor Ni Chen was furious, Lin Feng kept calling him a little dog. No matter what, Lin Feng had to die today!
Terrifying cosmic energies surrounded Wen Ao Feng. He jumped forwards and turned into many illusions. Many Wen Ao Feng’s illusions charged towards Lin Feng. A powerful vortex appeared. The watchers frowned, Wen Ao Feng was indeed extremely strong. His efforts were futile, however.
Lin Feng released cosmic energies, and quickly formed two layers of armor, one of demon strength and one made of earth energy.
Space distorted around him, and he vanished into the wind. Fists raced towards Lin Feng. Explosive impacts rang out, his armors broke apart, and Wen Ao Feng appeared in front of Lin Feng. His fist shot towards Lin Feng.
Lin Feng groaned, he sensed empty space and destructive cosmic energies penetrated into his body. However, he quickly blocked them, looked at Wen Ao Feng and smiled widely. Wen Ao Feng looked back at him icily.
He condensed more cosmic energies, about to use a spell. How could Lin Feng be smiling? Wen Ao Feng was furious.
“Not bad!” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently, “Unfortunately, your teacher is a little dog and because of him, you’re not enjoying your capacities to the fullest.”
Lin Feng raised his hand. Wen Ao Feng was surrounded by cosmic energies and retreated quickly. However, a hand caught up with him and slammed into him. He was flung away helplessly.
Lin Feng had just used a little bit of strength.
When Emperor Ni Chen saw that, he was stupefied.
The agreement was a joke, ridiculous. His disciple hadn’t even withstood a single attack. Lin Feng’s physical strength was monstrous!
“Ni Chen, little doggie, you should come and fight instead,” said Lin Feng sharply. Ni Chen frowned. The crowd was shaking with excitement. Was Lin Feng actually challenging Ni Chen?
“Since you want to die, I don’t mind. You disrespectful little kid, I’ll kill you!” shouted Ni Chen, releasing ice-cold wind cosmic energy.
“Since I told you you could come and fight, there’s no need to find excuses! Back then, when I was in Celestial Qi Castle, you, as a high-level emperor, blocked my way, you wanted me to cripple my own cultivation. How majestic! Back then, I was only a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer. A high-level emperor against a Zun cultivator? Pfff!” Lin Feng smiled mockingly. If Muyi hadn’t helped him, Ni Chen would have killed him!
Ni Chen said to the crowd icily, “Everyone, attack the assholes of Tiantai and kill them all. Don’t let a single one escape.”
When the crowd heard Emperor Ni Chen, they all shivered. Ni Chen was furious. He wanted to kill all the members of Tiantai without exception.
“From now on, Tiantai controls the nine great celestial castles. If anyone dares touch the disciples of Tiantai, I can guarantee you that I will destroy them,” rebutted Lin Feng aggressively. The crowd was frozen with indecision. Would they dare attack?
Those who had recently joined Tiantai looked angry, they felt like chess pieces.
“Those who recently joined Tiantai can leave now and Qing Di Mountain will consider they had nothing to do with that and we won’t kill them,” said Ni Chen, glancing at Tiantai’s members. There were more than a hundred people. They had to make a decision, to become Qing Di Mountain’s enemies or not?
But Lin Feng had proven that he was really strong. It made them feel even more motivated. Lin Feng was an inspiration for them. Someday, they’d be able to fight on his side! The problem was, what would happen if they became the enemies of Qing Di Mountain?
“Tiantai doesn’t force anyone to stay. You can leave Tiantai if you wish. I don’t mind,” said Lin Feng calmly. Tiantai didn’t imprison people. However, Lin Feng wouldn’t let them come back if they left Tiantai. Lin Feng would even be merciless with them.
Some people who weren’t motivated and determined left the group. When some people saw that, they followed. After a short time, half of the would-be followers had left. After all, Qing Di Mountain controlled the region, and it had been that way for a very, very long time. They simply didn’t dare go against them.
Tiantai’s people are strong, they have Ancient scriptures, including great imperial scriptures. They also have incredible skills and techniques. If Tiantai manages to compete with Qing Di Mountain and I leave, I won’t have the opportunity to come back, thought the ones who had remained behind bravely. They were gambling with their lives, but they trusted that young man in the sky. He was heroic and strong. They were convinced Tiantai wasn’t going to be destroyed.
Finally, after half of the new members of Tiantai left, Lin Feng glanced at the ones remaining calmly. He saw that nobody else and said, “Those who left today won’t have the opportunity to come back. People who stayed will all obtain ancient high-level imperial weapons and imperial scriptures.”
The people who stayed looked delighted. Even Qing Di Mountain didn’t offer high-level imperial weapons and scriptures to their people!
The people who had just left Tiantai immediately regretted it. Had they just missed an incredible opportunity?
Lin Feng had lots of imperial weapons and ancient scriptures. He had spent lots of time in Vast Celestial Ancient City and the Holy City. He had killed many people, and each time, he took their treasures. Concerning Ancient scriptures, some people didn’t need them, some people also just needed parts of them.
“Are you deaf, people of the nine great celestial castles?” shouted Ni Chen, icily glancing over the crowd. The last time Yao Ye Island’s cultivators had come, they had humiliated him. Now, Lin Feng had built Tiantai in their territory and surprisingly, they weren’t there.
“Celestial Wen Castle will help Emperor Ni Chen!” said someone in the distance. A group of strong cultivators from Celestial Wen Castle arrived.
Lin Feng watched them arrive icily.
Celestial Wen Castle used to control the Wen Clan in the central part of Ba Huang. Celestial Wen Castle and the Wen Clan always tried to be friends with everyone. However, Wen Ao Xue was a member of the assassin union, and Celestial Wen Castle now controlled the small world. Besides, Lin Feng had lived in Celestial Qi Castle and someone had tried to kill him there. Lin Feng had always had doubts and thought that it might be someone from Celestial Wen Castle. Lin Feng didn’t understand them.
Now, they were coming to help Qing Di Mountain. They were the first ones to help, they definitely gave Emperor Ni Chen face.
The leader of Celestial Wen Castle had a reason to come out. A short time before, Wen Ao Feng had told him something important. The former Great Emperor of Qing Di Mountain had come back and was in Qing Di Mountain. According to Wen Ao Feng, he had already become a Celestial Emperor. Even if Yao Ye Island helped Lin Feng, he was still in danger.
Two great emperors, of two generations, a Great Emperor and a Celestial Emperor, those two cultivators could make things change as they wished!

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