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PMG Chapter 1824: Fighting Against Ni Chen

PMG Chapter 1824: Fighting Against Ni Chen
“Brother Wen, you’re really nice. I am touched by your kindness, Qing Di Mountain will remember it. Who else from the nine great celestial castles is willing to help?” asked Emperor Ni Chen icily. The other leaders didn’t know if Yao Ye Island was there or not. After all, they couldn’t really fight against Yao Ye Island. They still had to make a decision, however.
Now, what could they do? Who would control this place in the future?
The people of the nine great celestial castles noticed something, Emperor Ni Chen could perfectly deal with Lin Feng, but he hadn’t yet. He was waiting, waiting for them to make a decision.
In the distance, someone appeared. The members of Celestial Qi Castle looked at that person respectfully. Their leader was here!
“Celestial Qi Castle will help Qing Di Mountain, of course! Let’s destroy Tiantai,” said the leader of Celestial Qi Castle icily. Celestial Qi Castle hated Lin Feng, they had to destroy him and his friends. On top of that, if they didn’t kill Lin Feng, maybe he would wipe them out someday. Besides, by helping Qing Di Mountain, they would earn a better position in the region and more influence. Back then, Lin Feng had caused trouble in Celestial Qi Castle and they had also lost control over the small world. Now, it was time for them to rise again.
“The cultivators of Tiantai will die here today.” said the sect leader of the Palace of the Medicinal Kings. The crowd was shaking. Three leaders and Ni Chen were joining hands to deal with Tiantai, four high-level emperors. Tiantai was in danger. They were probably going to be annihilated!
Those who had chosen to stay in Tiantai started shaking. How dangerous!…
“Very good,” Ni Chen smiled. He then said, “Since the six other leaders don’t want to help, I’m not going to force them, either.”
When the three leaders heard Ni Chen, they smiled coldly. After that battle, Qing Di Mountain was going to favor them.
“Celestial Wen Castle, Celestial Qi Castle, and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings are going to be wiped off the map of the nine great celestial castles,” retorted Lin Feng icily.
“You are really impatient, but don’t worry, you’re going to die very soon,” rebutted Emperor Ni Chen loftily. He waved his hand and cosmic energies condensed around Lin Feng. A gigantic hand appeared, blotting out the sky.
“Oppress!” shouted Ni Chen icily. It was as if the sky were collapsing, the gigantic hand descended on Lin Feng. Lin Feng sensed the oppressive energies, high-level emperors could easily condense cosmic energies to carry out attacks. The difference between high-level emperors and low-level emperors was gigantic.
Dazzling lights appeared, and scorching hot sun started shining. A sun disc appeared in Lin Feng’s hand and suns started rotating around him.
He waved his hand and a gigantic sun moved towards the gigantic hand which was descending from the sky. Thunderous explosions erupted above them as the gigantic hand exploded. Lin Feng rose up into the air holding his sun disc, looking like a sun god.
“Great Imperial Weapon?” Ni Chen frowned, staring at Lin Feng’s weapon. Was that Lin Feng’s trump card? A Great Imperial Weapon?
The three leaders of the castles were staring at Lin Feng, too. Great Imperial Weapons were extremely rare. They rarely had the opportunity to see such weapons, and surprisingly, Lin Feng had one.
“Indeed, a Great Imperial Weapon. You want it?” Lin Feng smiled coldly. Dazzling lights lit up, and a gigantic chessboard appeared: Celestial Evolution Chessboard! As it floated in the air, Lin Feng jumped on it and it lit up dazzlingly as the pieces on it started moving around.
Is that a Great Imperial Weapon as well?, Ni Chen wondered, staring at the chessboard. The Qi of Celestial Evolution Chessboard wasn’t so dominating, so he couldn’t see what level it was.
“That Great Imperial Weapon is mine!” said Ni Chen icily. Lin Feng had Great Imperial Weapons, so what? Ni Chen had a high cultivation level, he could steal them from Lin Feng!
“Die!” Ni Chen gestured, a gigantic mountain appeared in the sky above Lin Feng. It started falling from the sky. Lin Feng condensed fire cosmic energies in his sun disc, nine dazzling suns appeared.
“Piss off!” Lin Feng gestured, thunder rolled, and the gigantic mountain broke apart. Ni Chen started forwards as the energy in the air grew thicker
Dong! Ni Chen raced towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the impression he had a mountain riding on his back, high-level emperors could easily pressure him. They were much, much stronger than medium-level emperors.
Ni Chen jumped again, Lin Feng sensed his blood had started boiling everywhere in his body, as if he were going to explode.
“This is good for my physical body!” Lin Feng relaxed, and let the strength press down on him.
Finally, Ni Chen jumped forward again, the energy he was exuding was terrifying. His hand struck at Lin Feng. Lin Feng might explode if the hand reached him!
“Illusion!” Lin Feng jumped away, Celestial Evolution Chessboard became even more dazzling as space bent. An illusion deployment spell appeared, surrounding Ni Chen within. Inside the illusion, Ni Chen was surrounded by millions of Lin Feng’s.
This chessboard can help him cast deployment spells?, thought Ni Chen. He released his strength again and attacked the illusion. However, nothing happened and on top of that, he saw a gigantic sun moving towards him, preceded by rolling thunder. At the same time, under Ni Chen’s feet, marks appeared and a mighty strength rose up and surrounded him. Ni Chen immediately started moving away, but an earth cage appeared under his feet.
Endless purple lights appeared in the sky: lightning! Millions of bolts had appeared in the sky and Lin Feng’s face appeared among them.
Ni Chen looked at the sky, releasing earth energy to block the lightning. Thunder kept exploding around him. Suddenly, Ni Chen saw another Lin Feng appear, nine suns charging him, so dazzling that he could barely see.
“Why are there two Lin Feng’s?” wondered Ni Chen, calmly releasing his strength again. As Ni Chen stared at the new Lin Feng, a third one appeared. Ni Chen pulled a long face. A third Lin Feng had appeared?!
Ni Chen was annoyed. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a powerful imperial weapon. He had a few level six and seven imperial weapons, but against Lin Feng’s weapons, they were useless.
The three Lin Feng’s surrounded him inside the illusion. Ni Chen couldn’t really attack while inside the illusion, and started crazily attacking in all directions.
“Die!” Suddenly, a gigantic ancient stone emerged from Ni Chen’s third eye and moved towards Lin Feng’s silhouettes. Lin Feng’s soul shook violently. He knew that Ni Chen could destroy his godly awareness, he was a high-level emperor. His godly awareness was far more powerful than Lin Feng’s.
“Hide!” Lin Feng’s three clones hid in the illusion. Ni Chen grimaced. Fighting inside a deployment spell wasn’t easy.
“Ni Chen, back then, you wanted me to cripple my own cultivation. Today, I will cripple your cultivation!” proclaimed Lin Feng. Ni Chen frowned. Then, he saw many of Lin Feng’s clones reappear.
“There.” Ni Chen picked out two clones, they had Great Imperial Weapons in their hands, he had to attack those two.
As expected, the two clones attacked and charged at Ni Chen. At the same time, a third Lin Feng was carving more deployment marks.
“Hmph!” Ni Chen smiled coldly. An armor made of earth energy appeared around him, and he raced ahead. He had to kill Lin Feng, who was carving deployment marks, but he couldn’t forget about the two others, either.
“Imprison!” shouted Ni Chen icily. The Lin Feng who was carving marks appeared in a cage, earth strength surrounded him and constricted him. That clone pulled a long face.
“Die!” shouted Ni Chen furiously. A gigantic hand thrust at Lin Feng.
“Argh!” Energies rose to the skies. A purple tank appeared and streaked across the sky. However, at that moment, Ni Chen was determined to kill Lin Feng. The problem was that Lin Feng’s clones were all around him.
“Die!” Ni Chen was fearless. A Lin Feng in the air released cosmic energies and attacked. It had to be his real body.
“Die!” However, at that moment, another Lin Feng appeared on Ni Chen’s left, and Ni Chen’s expression shifted. How could this happen?
“Piss off!” shouted Ni Chen furiously. At the same time, another Lin Feng appeared on Ni Chen’s right. Suddenly, Ni Chen had a bad premonition.
“Oh no!” Ni Chen suddenly turned around and saw Kalpa lights move towards him at full speed. His armor broke apart, he was shocked. And a fist of pure physical strength attacked him directly. His heart started pounding violently.

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