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PMG Chapter 1825: Death Better Than Life

PMG Chapter 1825: Death Better Than Life
“How could that happen? Are the clones with the Great Imperial Weapons not real? Is the third one real?” Ni Chen’s face turned deathly pale as the fist landed. Destructive  Deva-Mara Kalpa strength blew throughout his body.
Ni Chen didn’t have the strength to strike back. His body turned grey.
“Die!” Ni Chen had the sensation that his body was going to explode. He shouted furiously and released all his strength towards Lin Feng.
However, at that moment, bolts of lightning assaulted him. Cosmic strength started condensing as if were about to tear him apart.
“I can easily kill you,” Lin Feng stated icily. He condensed physical strength and punched Ni Chen again. Ni Chen coughed up blood.
“Die, die, die!” Ni Chen was going crazy. He condensed soul strength, trying to attack Lin Feng’s godly awareness.
“You want to die!” Lin Feng punched Ni Chen’s head, and Ni Chen’s soul shook violently. He had the feeling he was really going mad. Lin Feng only stared at him icily.
Ni Chen wanted to leave his physical body. “If you dare leave your body, I’ll crush it and you won’t have one anymore,” Lin Feng said instantly, and Ni Chen immediately returned his body. His physical body was badly injured, he was very weak, and if he left his body, Lin Feng could crush it. His soul would be without a body and he would become weaker and weaker and would then disperse. He might be able to use the Body Capture technique, but that was easier said than done.
“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, I’ll just cripple your cultivation. If I wanted to kill you, I wouldn’t have made such efforts!” said Lin Feng emotionlessly. He kept punching Ni Chen, whose veins exploded one after another. Indeed, Lin Feng also wanted to practice and battle. Otherwise, he could have brought Ni Chen into his soul world. There Ni Chen wouldn’t have been able to use cosmic energies properly, and Lin Feng would have easily killed him.
At that moment, outside of the illusion, the crowd was staring at Celestial Evolution Chessboard. They were wondering how the battle was going. Why hadn’t the fighters coming back yet?
At that moment, the illusion gradually dispersed. Finally, the two silhouettes appeared in the people’s field of vision. Their hearts started pounding violently.
At that moment, Ni Chen was softly lying on the ground, as if he had had no bones. He looked furious and desperate. Nobody dared say anything.
“Emperor Ni Chen lost. What a tragedy for him!” The crowd was astonished and staring at Lin Feng. A Zun cultivator who had the strength of a low-level emperor had defeated Ni Chen, a high-level emperor of Qing Di Mountain?
Tiantai’s people clenched their fists. They had made the right decision! They had decided to stay in Tiantai, and Lin Feng had defeated a high-level emperor! He had won! It was an incredible achievement!
The members of the nine great celestial castles looked furious. Lin Feng’s words weren’t empty words. He could really pose a threat to them!
Lin Feng had defeated Ni Chen, which meant that he could also fight against the leaders of the nine great celestial castles.
“He dared make his disciple fight against Lin Feng? That moronic old dude is ridiculous!” Tantai said heartily at that moment. Lin Feng had defeated a high-level emperor, that was an unbelievable feat, even if high-level emperors here weren’t as strong as the high-level emperors in the Holy City. There was a huge difference between Lin Feng and him, such achievements were rare.
Yuan Fei, Ban Ruo, and the others were astonished, their mouths gaping. They had never thought that Lin Feng could be so scary.
“Let Emperor Ni Chen off!” shouted the leader of Celestial Wen Castle icily. The three sect leaders walked forwards and released their energies, staring at Lin Feng. They had to kill him!
They had chosen the other side, they were Lin Feng’s enemies!
A strong wind started blowing. Jun Mo Xi, Qing Feng, and Wu moved quickly and landed next to Lin Feng. They wanted to get involved? They wanted to fight against high-level emperors? The crowd was stunned at the implications.
A piercing whistle rose. A supernatural bird appeared in the crowd’s field of vision.
“Three-legged Golden Crow, a supernatural bird!” The crowd was stupefied. The bird next to Lin Feng was dazzling and gigantic, and wearing a sun helm. Sunlight surrounded his body, and his strength was oppressive. Wu looked at the three leaders icily, making them pause.
“A Great Imperial Weapon again! It’s much more powerful than Lin Feng’s sun disc. Such weapons are perfect for sun supernatural birds!”
Jun Mo Xi started releasing Hell energies too. His Qi rose to the skies, and a spear appeared in his hand, a Hell spear containing the strength of the King of Hell.
Qing Feng also released energies, she was surrounded by black lights and bestial Qi dashed to the skies. She was wearing a terrifying black Taoist robe made of feathers. Even though she didn’t condense energies in it, the crowd guessed that it was a weapon.
All those young people had terrifying Great Imperial Weapons. Who could compete with them?
“Who are you? Lin Feng, which group did you join?” cried out Ni Chen. They all had Great Imperial Weapons. A group couldn’t have so many Great Imperial Weapons without a Celestial Emperor backing them. And all those people had special bodies too, their Qi was terrifying. The Three-legged Golden Crow was a supernatural bird, Qing Feng controlled several sorts of cosmic energies, Jun Mo Xi had a monarchic Hell Qi, such people couldn’t belong to the same group.
“You are not qualified to speak with me,” spat Wu sharply. It was the second time that he talked down to Ni Chen, and the second time that he humiliated him. The first time, the crowd wondered, but now nobody dared underestimate Wu. Even the leaders of Celestial Wen Castle, Celestial Qi Castle, and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings didn’t dare say anything.
The Golden Crows were known to be unruly and obstinate. Was he from Yao Ye Island?
“Now, piss off and go back. Wait for me, I’ll come to destroy your groups,” Lin Feng said to the three leaders icily.
Destroy their groups?
They were three high-level emperors, but Lin Feng had already destroyed Emperor Ni Chen. His strength was unfathomable and enigmatic. He could probably compete with those three people. Wu and the two others were also very strong. Those three emperors had to be careful. Even if they managed to defeat Lin Feng, killing him wouldn’t be easy.
Qing Di Mountain has two great emperors. This battle is not worth it. Qing Di Mountain can take care of themselves, thought the leader of Celestial Wen Castle, before saying to Lin Feng icily, “Let Emperor Ni Chen go.”
“I don’t need that piece of trash. You can take him back. From now on, Tiantai determines the laws and rules of the region. Qing Di Mountain has nothing to say anymore,” Lin Feng snarled back, before throwing Emperor Ni Chen away. The leader of Celestial Wen Castle jumped up and caught him.
Emperor Ni Chen was very weak and seriously injured. He had wanted to kill Lin Feng, but he had failed. Now, the great emperors would deal with Lin Feng. Even if he had Great Imperial Weapons, they were useless against such powerful folk. Besides, the great emperors of Qing Di Mountain would love those weapons!
“Aren’t you leaving? Are you waiting for death?” Lin Feng asked the three leaders icily.
The three leaders departed quickly, but he crowd was still there. They all watched those incredible young people.
“Why didn’t we kill them?” Wu asked Lin Feng. He had been ready to fight. Surprisingly, Lin Feng hadn’t killed them.
“We’re not in a rush. We’ll have opportunities to fight against them. They can wait for us,” replied Lin Feng. Then, his silhouette flickered before he landed in front of the white-bearded old man of the Palace of the Medicinal Kings. He said, “Look, the people of the Palace of the Medicinal Kings abandoned you. You’re pathetic.”
The white-bearded old man looked extremely miserable. Lin Feng had defeated Ni Chen, he understood that he was a piece of trash in comparison with Lin Feng and his friends. Death was better than such a life!

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