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PMG Chapter 1826: No Choice

PMG Chapter 1826: No Choice
The white-bearded old man looked extremely weak as he said, “I’m going to die now, I guess. Please, before I die, could you please tell me where you are from? I really want to know.”
The old man had seen Lin Feng defeat Ni Chen. These young people had Great Imperial Weapons. He knew that Lin Feng and those people had to belong to some incredible and powerful group. Yao Ye Island’s Great Emperor was enigmatic and unfathomable, but he was only a Great Emperor. From what he knew, there was no Celestial Emperor in Yao Ye Island, so they couldn’t have Great Imperial Weapons. Even if they did, they wouldn’t have given them to these young people.
“Do you know anything about the central part of the Dark Night Region?” asked Lin Feng, lowering his eyes to look at the weak old man on the ground.
“I’ve heard of the Dark Night Region. I know that there are eighteen main cities there and that among those, three of them are major cities. There are incredible strong cultivators there. Emperors there are common, and there are even many great emperors, Celestial Emperors… I also know that there are universities in those cities which accept only incredible geniuses. I also know that some people who amazed the whole world live there. Initially, I wanted to stay here for another ten years and go on a trip. I wanted to do some sightseeing, explore the world, and become stronger. Unfortunately, I’m doomed now…”
The old man looked miserable and extremely sad. He had lived for a thousand years, spending most of his life in region of the nine great celestial castles. He had traveled a bit, but he had always come back quickly because he was notorious in the nine great celestial castles, but in the outside world, people didn’t even know of him. He had been a medium-level emperor for a very long time, so initially, he wanted to go and travel, maybe that he would have had the opportunity to become a high-level emperor in the outside world.
“We come from those central places in the Dark Night Region. You can die content,” said Lin Feng in a low voice.
The white-bearded old man’s eyes glittered. He looked at Lin Feng deeply, and then he at Wu and the others. Then, he smiled indifferently, “I see. Indeed, I can die content.”
“Go back to Tiantai,” said Lin Feng suddenly. In a flash, everybody left. The crowd watched Tiantai’s people go, their expressions were strange. They weren’t going to forget this day for a very long time. They had seen a low-level emperor defeat a high-level emperor, they had seen Great Imperial Weapons… And it wasn’t over. If Qing Di Mountain didn’t manage to destroy Tiantai, Tiantai would rise and they would take control of the region.
The white-bearded old man closed his eyes. Without wasting time, he killed himself. The Palace of the Medicinal Kings had abandoned him, he had become useless, a piece of trash, living had already become pointless for him.
However, someone didn’t leave: Tantai! He stayed in the air, glaring at those who had abandoned Tiantai icily, and declared, “Lin Feng said he forgave you. However, I am not as nice. You came to Tiantai to obtain precious treasures, and when we were in danger, you betrayed Tiantai? Do you think such things are possible?”
Those people suddenly looked petrified. Crackling and shattering sounds spread in the air as if all his bones were about to explode.
A lion roared and the sky appeared to start breaking. The atmosphere became eerily silent.
Qi rolled in waves, and endless lions emerged. Thunder shook, and people started exploding one after another.
“Hmph! Those who didn’t die are lucky,” said Tantai icily, before his mountainous figure blurred and was gone. The survivor’s hearts were pounding. Even though he was young, he was very aggressive and very strong!
Lin Feng and the others headed back to Tiantai. However, the atmosphere was lively in the nine great celestial castles, especially in the buffer zone. People were all talking about the same thing: Tiantai!
Tiantai remained discreet on the next day. Emperor Ni Chen had already informed the great emperors of Qing Di Mountain about Tiantai. He had told them everything, including the Great Imperial Weapons. The two emperors didn’t really care about what happened in that region, but Great Imperial Weapons were interesting to them. Besides, Qing Di Mountain had also been humiliated!
Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings joined hands. Many strong cultivators from the two groups began gathering. People kept traveling and back and forth between the two groups. Lin Feng could attack anytime, so they were waiting for the great emperors of Qing Di Mountain to go and destroy Tiantai.
In Tiantai, a new group of people appeared. This time, their target wasn’t Celestial Wen Castle, Celestial Qi Castle, or the Palace of the Medicinal Kings, but the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness.
Back then, Lin Feng had landed in the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness and had caused trouble. Therefore, the crowd there was worried. Nobody could stop Lin Feng and his friends, that was plain after he defeated Ni Chen. Apart from the leader of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, nobody could compete with Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng wants to see the sect leader of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness!” shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly. Everybody there heard him. Very quickly, a group of people came out of a palace and rose up into the air. Lin Feng was standing in the air a thousand meters away from them.
The leader of the group was wearing a golden robe. He smiled in careful greeting at Lin Feng, “Brother Lin Feng, you’re a hero. Why have you come to the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness?”
“I said it for everyone to hear. I’m going to destroy Celestial Wen Castle, Celestial Qi Castle, and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings. From now on, Tiantai determines the laws and rules of the region. Qing Di Mountain has nothing to say anymore. Does the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness accept that?” Lin Feng asked clearly. He sounded calm and serene, but at the same time, deadly aggressive. The members of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness pulled a long face.
Lin Feng had defeated Ni Chen. His friends and he had also killed many people from the Palace of the Medicinal Kings. Now he was at the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness and straightforwardly told them that they were now the rulers of the region. How arrogant!
“We don’t want to get involved,” said the sect leader with a bland smile. He didn’t agree, but he didn’t refuse either. Qing Di Mountain and Lin Feng were now competing for the leadership of the region. Expressing an opinion wasn’t wise in such times.
“You don’t want to get involved?” repeated Lin Feng, smiling coldly. Was that possible?
“Back then, when I left, you wanted to kill me. Today, I’m here and I didn’t come for revenge, I’m giving you an opportunity. And now you’re telling me you don’t want to get involved? Ridiculous,” said Lin Feng coldly. “I’m asking you one more time, do you accept these words or not?”
When Lin Feng finished talking, he took out his Celestial Evolution Chessboard, the pieces started moving, and fell lights glittered. The members of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness shivered. They had to make a decision, otherwise Lin Feng would attack them!
The leader of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness grimaced. Lin Feng posed a threat to them. If they went against Tiantai, then Tiantai would destroy them!
“If you use strength to take over the region, then of course we agree. We have no choice,” replied the leader of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness. Tiantai was dangerous!
“Ok, great. You don’t need to worry about anything then. Now, let’s get ready, gather the strong cultivators of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, we’re going to Celestial Qi Castle. You have ten minutes!” said Lin Feng. The members of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness were astonished. As expected, Lin Feng wanted them to fight against Celestial Qi Castle on their side. They had no choice in the matter.
“Sect Leader, did you hear me? You have ten minutes,” Lin Feng said impatiently.
“Alright, we’re coming,” sighed the leader of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness. Then he waved his hand, and strong cultivators from his sect gathered around him. Lin Feng noticed Zhou Tian Xiao in the crowd.
Lin Feng looked at him on purpose. Zhou Tian Xiao noticed that Lin Feng was looking at him, but didn’t dare look him in the eyes. He remembered what had happened in the small world, he had told Lin Feng he didn’t deserve being called a cultivator, and now he was terrified when Lin Feng looked at him.
Lin Feng smiled mockingly and turned his head. Zhou Tian Xiao clenched his fists, but he couldn’t do anything. Lin Feng and Zhou Tian Xiao weren’t part of the same world anymore. In front of Lin Feng, it was Zhou Tian Xiao who didn’t deserve being called a cultivator anymore. Lin Feng despised him.
“Let’s go then!” Lin Feng ordered the strong cultivators of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, and led them away.
At that moment, the members of Celestial Qi Castle were under great pressure. Lin Feng had shocked everyone with his strength, they were worried. Maybe he would come after them? What would they do in that case?
In a palace of Celestial Qi Castle, the leader asked someone, “Did Emperor Wen say when the great emperors were going to come?”
“He told me that Emperor Ni Chen had already informed them and that they were on the way. Don’t worry, we can stay with our allies, and nobody will harm us. When the great emperors come, no problem,” replied that person. The three groups were going to gather to deal with the Tiantai and destroy them!

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