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PMG Chapter 1828: Strong Cultivators Landing

PMG Chapter 1828: Strong Cultivators Landing

The crowd was astounded. This time, the situation of the nine great celestial castles was truly going to change drastically.
Many people fought. Five of the nine great celestial castles were here, and so was Tiantai. There were many strong cultivators. The members of Celestial Wen Castle were getting crushed, injured or killed one after another. This battle was shocking.
Tiantai’s people finally started fighting. Lin Feng was holding a Great Imperial Weapon, and was continually killing people. Each time he moved, he killed someone, and another strong cultivator fell from the sky.
Jun Mo Xi and the others were merciless. Jun Mo Xi’s Hell spear turned into a million gloomy spears.  Each time someone tried to pass him, he killed them.
The Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness and Celestial Si Kong Castle couldn’t do much; they had to fight, they had to kill. Tiantai’s people were just killing easy targets, the people who tried to escape. They were there to kill. Lin Feng and the others had Great Imperial Weapons, nobody could compete with them. The leaders of the opposite side were fighting against the leaders of Celestial Si Kong Castle and the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness. They were also trying to buy time, hoping the great emperors of Qin Di Mountain would arrive.

Ni Chen was standing at the top of a castle in Celestial Wen Castle, watching the great war. He was astonished. Tiantai was truly cruel the way there were taking over the nine great celestial castles.
The great emperors of Qing Di Mountain are going to arrive soon, you will die when they arrive!, thought Ni Chen. His cultivation had been crippled, but he still looked furious, hoping Lin Feng and his friends would be killed quickly.
Emperors kept falling from the sky one after another. Emperor Ni Chen’s heart was pounding. So many strong cultivators were dying, what a tragedy, they were dying so quickly…

At that moment, a strong wind started whistling. A terrifying and oppressive energy invaded the atmosphere. All the fighters started trembling.
“Stop!” shouted a very loud voice. Someone new appeared and descended from the sky. That person looked calm and serene, majestic and dignified. People who were fighting like madmen stopped and raised their heads to watch. The cultivators of Celestial Wen Castle were ecstatic. Finally, the great emperor of Qing Di Mountain, it had to be!
“Great Emperor Qing!” Ni Chen looked crazy with joy. Finally, Great Emperor Qing had arrived! Emperor Ni Chen started crying, his heart was pounding, and his cheeks were flushed. Great Emperor Qing was going to avenge him, he was going to kill Lin Feng and destroy Tiantai!
The silhouette in the sky became more and more distinct. The crowd had thought they’d see an old man, but instead, a young man appeared. He was remarkably young, but his expression was sharp and fearsome. Great Emperor Qing was old, but his cultivation level was so high that he had rejuvenated.
It’s a soul, thought Lin Feng, watching the silhouette in the sky. The Great Emperor glanced at Lin Feng and the other, and at their Great Imperial Weapons. He said coldly, “Tiantai, come and talk!”
Lin Feng rose up into the air. He was on his Celestial Evolution Chessboard and he holding his sun disc. He looked remarkably calm. Suddenly, a terrifying and oppressive energy surrounded him. His soul was shaking, as if the great emperor could kill him anytime.
Lin Feng just frowned and glanced at him coldly.
“You insolent little boy, be polite and respectful when you see a great emperor!” said Great Emperor Qing coldly, and the pressure on Lin Feng’s body became more intense.
“You’re just a soul,” retorted Lin Feng coldly. Great Emperor Qing grunted icily and released even more strength.
“You insolent little bastard!” said Great Emperor Qing. Lin Feng groaned icily, the oppressive strength was painful. His sun disc became even more dazzling as it released more energies. Lin Feng rose higher up in the air and stared at Great Emperor Qing. They were at the same level in the air, which was a sign of disrespect. Lin Feng should have been lower than him.
“Since you’re here, I wanted to tell you something. From now on, Tiantai rules over the region. Qing Di Mountain has nothing to say here anymore. We determine the rules here now!” Lin Feng stated clearly and distinctly.
People’s hearts were pounding. Was Lin Feng insane? He dared talk to Great Emperor Qing that way?
“You want to die!” Ni Chen blurted out eagerly, staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was going to bring about his own destruction.
Great Emperor Qing hadn’t expected that Lin Feng would dare talk to him like that. He frowned and said, “Do you know who I am?”
“If you come with your real body, we’ll talk!” shouted Lin Feng icily. Then, he slashed away, his Celestial Evolution Chessboard streaked across the sky. At the same time, his sun disc moved towards Great Emperor Qing. Great Emperor Qing’s soul was suddenly surrounded by lights, it was as if a sun had fallen on him, completely warping the space.
“Lin Feng is acting recklessly!”
Thunder rang out, and Great Emperor Qing’s soul was destroyed. People’s hearts were pounding violently. Lin Feng dared humiliate Great Emperor Qing?
In the distance, a strong wind started blowing and clouds appeared as a mighty wind swept across everyone. People’s faces changed. Great Emperor Qing was arriving physically!
As expected, everybody remained silent as Great Emperor Qing appeared. He flashed and landed in front of Lin Feng, releasing a monstrous Qi.
At that moment, Wu and the others rushed over and came up next to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was strong, but he couldn’t compete with a great emperor.
“I am here. What do you want to talk about?” demanded Great Emperor Qing icily. He gestured and a mountain appeared to loom over Lin Feng. He could make cosmic energies appear in the blink of an eye, already in perfect symbiosis with the earth and the sky. He was a great emperor, he didn’t need to do anything to condense cosmic energies.
“You’re here? Well, piss off!” said Wu when he saw that Great Emperor Qing was attacking Lin Feng, “If Qing Di Mountain dares get involved, they will be annihilated.”
“Are you threatening me?” Great Emperor Qing asked Wu icily.
“Indeed. I am threatening you!” retorted Wu aggressively. Then, he took out a talisman and broke it. In a flash, an explosion rang out as a bestial Qi rose to the skies, the atmosphere turning into an ocean of flames. A gigantic supernatural bird appeared, its burning eyes massive.
“Wu, who’s bullying you?” asked the older Golden Crow. Flames were still burning, and the shaken crowd couldn’t see clearly. What or who was that supernatural bird?
Great Emperor Qing’s contemptuous expression changed drastically. What a pressure! His eyes were nearly popping out He looked at Wu and the others with new eyes. Who were these people?
“Qing Di Mountain, Great Emperor Qing, nice to meet you, Master,” said Great Emperor Qing, bowing before the gigantic bird. He was afraid, he didn’t want to offend someone like that.
The bird looked at Great Emperor Qing emotionlessly, but at that moment, more overwhelming energies swept past them, and another cloud appeared.
The crowd was shaken even more. Another terrifying cultivator was coming?
Ni Chen was stupefied, but there was hope. This time, Great Emperor Qing Senior was there!
Ni Chen hadn’t thought that Wu had such an incredible background. But Great Emperor Qing Senior could probably do something.
“Celestial Emperor.” Great Emperor Qing bowed before Celestial Emperor Qing Senior. A Celestial Emperor was there, even Great Emperor Qing had to bow before him. The crowd couldn’t imagine how strong a Celestial Emperor was. Was a great war going to start?
The leader of Celestial Wen Castle was astonished. The situation kept evolving. Who was going to win?
“I finally arrived.” The newcomer smiled at the silhouette, he knew how strong the supernatural bird was. “Master, children are just fighting, we are sorry for the inconvenience.”
When the crowd heard that, they were completely astonished. How strong was that bird?
“Little Qing, apologize! That’s an incredible cultivator from the Animal World in Vast Celestial Ancient City,” shouted Great Emperor Qing Senior to Great Emperor Qing furiously. Great Emperor Qing was petrified. The Animal World in Vast Celestial Ancient City, he had obviously heard about them before. His expression twisted in shock before recovering.
“I am sorry, Great Master!” apologized Great Emperor Qing, bowing deeply.
Ni Chen’s face turned deathly pale. He looked hopeless. The two great emperors were bowing before these people. Who were these people?
The Celestial Emperor looked at Great Emperor Qing and said, “Why didn’t you call me first?”
“Celestial Emperor, this is the territory of the nine great celestial castles, I didn’t want to disturb you,” admitted Great Emperor Qing. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t understand either. The nine great celestial castles were a trivial and insignificant territory, what was going on? Why had strong people from the Animal World come there?
“Hmph!” The Celestial Emperor groaned icily. He looked at Lin Feng and his friends and smiled wryly, “I’ve heard about what happened. I knew it was you. Luckily, I didn’t waste time and hurried over.”
“Little Qing, come here,” ordered Celestial Emperor tightly. He pointed at Lin Feng and the others and said, “These are incredible students from Champion University in the Holy City. The Golden Crow is from the Animal World, there’s also the heir of the King of Hell Palace! After what happened, I think you should apologize!”
Great Emperor Qing’s heart was pounding. He hoped that damn Ni Chen would die! What a bastard!

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