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PMG Chapter 1831: Godly Wood’s Sap

PMG Chapter 1831: Godly Wood’s Sap
“Jiange is a powerful group in the central part of Ba Huang!”
The Wen Clan ruled over the central part of Ba Huang. Even though Jiange had Emperor Wu Tian Jian, they didn’t rule over the region because the old emperor was detached from worldly affairs. Jiange thus preferred staying in the shadows. Besides, Jiange probably couldn’t rule over the region anymore, as Wen Ao Xue had already become a low-level emperor. She was a genius.
Many people in Ba Huang thought that the geniuses of the previous generations were amazing, especially those who had disappeared. Those who had risen a bit later, such as Xue Baguio, Feng Ling, Wen Ao Xue, and so on, had already broken through to the Huang Qi layer, but those. The geniuses who had disappeared were even more powerful. Tiantai’s disciples had amazed the whole region during the meeting of the emperors. Wen Ao Xue, Xue Baguio, and the others couldn’t compete with them back then. Even fools could imagine that those people had probably become powerful emperors already.
Unfortunately, people had been able to leave the small world for a while before the passage had been closed again. The geniuses who had disappeared hadn’t come back for quite some time.
However, at this moment, Lin Feng was right there, outside of Jiange!
“Young Master!” The crowd remained silent for a time, staring at Lin Feng, before bowing before him. Even if Lin Feng hadn’t become an emperor yet, he had probably become even more powerful than before. Unfortunately, Wen Ao Xue and all the others had already broken through to the Huang Qi layer. Why hadn’t Lin Feng broken through to the Huang Qi layer? Did he have a problem?
“Jian Mu, is the emperor here?” Lin Feng asked Jian Mu.
Jian Mu nodded, “Young Master, the emperor is in the sword grave. After you left, nobody dared go inside anymore, we don’t want to disturb him. I think he should still be in there, but I’m not sure.”
“Alright.” said Lin Feng with a nod, before starting to walk through Jiange.
“Young Master!” shouted Jian Mu. Lin Feng stopped, turned around, and looked at Jian Mu.
“I hope you can cheer him up,” said Jian Mu, bowing before Lin Feng. The ancestor was here and he didn’t do anything for Jiange, that made Jian Mu feel very sad. Lin Feng had come back, but he hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer, so their last hope was their ancestor. Jian Wu Bei was now a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer, so hopefully the old man would help him a little.
Lin Feng understood what Jian Mu meant, his eyes twinkling and he said, “From now on, Jiange will rule over Ba Huang.”
Then, he continued on. Jian Mu and the others were surprised. Jiange was going to rule over Ba Huang? Was that possible?
Did Lin Feng have a solution?
Lin Feng walked straight to the Sword Grave. It was currently sealed by sword energies. Lin Feng looked at that curtain made of sword lights. Even sounds couldn’t get through. How was Emperor Wu Tian Jian doing?
Lin Feng punched the curtain of sword Qi, which instantly broke apart and dispersed, allowing him to enter.
In the Sword Grave, the old man was seated cross-legged. He looked extremely old and had many wrinkles, his hair had become completely white. Lin Feng was stupefied, what was going on? What had happened?
The old man slowly opened his eyes. He looked very sick. It was hard to imagine that that old man was Emperor Wu Tian Jian, the one who had forced the medium-level emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Punishing Thunders to open the passage to the great world.
“You’re here!” exclaimed the old man, smiling at Lin Feng. He looked so sick though…
“Master, what’s wrong?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t understand why the old man looked so bad. Had his injury worsened?
“I will die soon,” said the old man calmly. “Long ago, I was injured, so I hid in here. I went out a few times because of you. To be honest, I also hoped you would be able to help me someday. However, while I was waiting, a few years ago, the enemy came here and I had to use all my strength to scare him away. It worked, but now I’m going to die.”
The old man looked extremely sad, “I’m going to die soon, and you haven’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer yet. The gods hate me. Lin Feng, have a seat. I will transmit everything I have learned in this life to you.”
Lin Feng sighed. Emperor Wu Tian Jian didn’t care about Jiange?
He had founded Jiange, and Jiange’s people were his people, his descendants. He had sealed the tomb and he didn’t give any news to his people. He could have died in the tomb and nobody would have known about it. That was sad, considering that he was a public figure in the small world.
“Master, how could you say such a thing?” said Lin Feng calmly. Then, he walked to the old man, and slowly crouched down. He took the old man’s hands in his hands and started releasing life cosmic energies, which raced throughout the old man’s body. Emperor Wu Tian Jian instantly started looking more alive. His eyes started twinkling. This was cosmic energy? And this cosmic energy was intense, thick, and rich! A Zun cultivator couldn’t possibly control such cosmic energies!
“You’ve already broken through to the Huang Qi layer?” Emperor Wu Tian Jian asked Lin Feng.
“Master, do you think I am that bad at cultivation?” smiled Lin Feng. He didn’t stop releasing life cosmic energy.
“I am old and tired. I just realized that if you hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer, you wouldn’t have been able to break the sword energy curtain I created to seal the grave. It seems like you studied an incredible technique to hide your cultivation level! Surprisingly, I didn’t even notice. But your life cosmic energies still can’t heal me. They can help me live a bit longer at best. All in all, my injuries are too severe, and I will die soon.” said Emperor Wu Tian Jian, sighing. His hair had started turning black again.
“Not necessarily!” replied Lin Feng. Lin Feng walked out of the grave and released immortal sword energies to seal the grave, then came back into the Sword Grave. A pitch-black tree appeared before them. The tree turned into black wood, and powerful cosmic energies invaded the atmosphere.
“An ancient tree, black wood, powerful cosmic energies, several sorts of cosmic energies.” Emperor Wu Tian Jian was staring at the wood floating in midair. He was stunned as he looked at Lin Feng. “What is this?”
“Heavenly Grace Godly Wood!” Lin Feng said calmly.
Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s heart suddenly twitched in astonishment. “The legendary wood with different sorts of strength, the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood that is alive?”
“The sap of the Godly Wood can heal your injuries,” explained Lin Feng. He waved his hand and the tree moved over to the old man and floated above his head. The old man didn’t look so sad anymore, he looked astonished, and sharp lights were glittering in his eyes. Was he going to become as strong as he used to be when he was younger? Lin Feng had surprisingly obtained Heavenly Grace Godly Wood!…
“Master, use the sap of the wood to cleanse your body, it will heal you,” instructed Lin Feng. Emperor Wu Tian Jian nodded as Lin Feng started talking to the Godly Wood. The Heavenly Grace Godly Wood started releasing powerful lights, and drops of sap started falling from it, penetrating into the old man’s body.
A powerful strength started flowing throughout the old man’s flesh and muscles, and auspicious lights started flashing around him. The whole Sword Grave started trembling. Emperor Wu Tian Jian was dumbstruck.
Another drop of sap fell onto his body, and the old man started releasing powerful energies. He shouted loudly, “Lin Feng, take the Godly Wood away, don’t waste its priceless sap!”
Emperor Wu Tian Jian wasn’t selfish. He knew that the sap of this wood was priceless. Two drops were enough for him to cleanse the toxins in his body. Lin Feng had come back from the great world with this tree, he didn’t mind the cost, he just wanted to heal the old man.
“Another drop is fine,” said Lin Feng as he sensed the powerful sword energies in the air. Lin Feng thought that that sap might make Emperor Wu Tian Jian even stronger than he used to be. The Heavenly Grace Godly Wood had a hundred drops. Each drop required hundreds of years to condense. Its sap was priceless indeed, and Lin Feng gave Emperor Wu Tian Jian three drops.
After that, Lin Feng walked away from the emperor, sealing the area away. Jiange’s people started rushing over there. They all looked at Lin Feng, sensing some powerful cosmic energies. Why had Lin Feng sealed the grave? What had happened to the old man?
“Young Master!” called out Jian Mu.
Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at Jian Mu and the others. He shouted, “Everybody leave, I know what’s good for Jiange!”
“Yes, Young Master!” replied Jian Mu. He could see Lin Feng’s sharp expression, and didn’t want to disobey. He waved at the others, and they all left.

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