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PMG Chapter 1832: The Sword Emperor Rises!

PMG Chapter 1832: The Sword Emperor Rises!
Jiange’s people departed. Lin Feng turned around and looked at the sword intent he had used to seal the Sword Grave. The energies within the Grave seemed like they could explode out at anytime.
The Heavenly Grace Godly Wood’s sap is powerful, as expected. If I used it to cleanse my body, perhaps my cosmic energies and my comprehensive abilities would improve, thought Lin Feng. No wonder a Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree was so difficult to obtain, and the tree had to agree to follow a cultivator.
Unfortunately, there were only a hundred drops. Each drop was priceless, taking a century to form. If the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood had no more sap, it would turn into an ordinary tree.
However, it would take time for Emperor Wu Tian Jian to recover.
Jian Mu and the others had gathered in a courtyard. Even though they were some distance away, they continued staring at the Sword Grave nervously.
“Young Master!” Lin Feng came over to them. Jian Mu was visibly anxious about what was going on.
“Emperor Wu Tian Jian needs time, he’s meditating in seclusion. His strength and cultivation level are not only coming back to normal, he’s going to improve,” Lin Feng explained calmly. Everybody was astonished. The old man was going to become stronger?!
“Jian Mu, what’s the situation like in Ba Huang these days?” Lin Feng asked him. He had just come back to Ba Huang, and his friends were busy doing their own things. Lin Feng wanted to know more about the situation in Ba Huang.
“The Wen Clan suddenly became much stronger. The Qi Clan gradually declined. The Si Kong Clan is strong, but in comparison to the Wen Clan, they are still weak. I’ve also heard that the medium-level emperors have all left. A new group appeared in Ba Huang, the Palace of Medicinal Kings. They’re the only group who can compete with the Wen Clan,” explained Jian Mu briefly. In short, the Wen Clan and the Palace of Medicinal Kings were the strongest groups of Ba Huang those days.
As expected, thought Lin Feng. The Wen Clan and the Palace of Medicinal Kings controlled the small world, so they were the strongest in it. They could steal resources to raise their own people. They also paid attention to rising geniuses in the small world. What they couldn’t imagine was that they couldn’t do much against truly strong people. The Wen Clan and the Palace of Medicinal Kings were already doomed.
“What emperors are there in this world nowadays? And among my enemies of the same generation as me, who is left?” asked Lin Feng.
“There aren’t many emperors these days in Ba Huang. The Wen Clan and the Palace of Medicinal Kings have emperors. The Si Kong Clan probably has two emperors: Emperor Si Kong from back then, and Si Kong Xiao. The Xiao Yao Sect should have one emperor. There is also Emperor Lei and Emperor Niu Mo in the brutal part of Ba Huang. Emperor Peng left with the Great Oriental Greenfinch Roc. They probably went to the great world like you. Also, the Celestial Thunder Temple now has an emperor, too. Xue Baguio from the Celestial Place of the Alchemists has broken through to the Huang Qi layer. Feng Ling has also broken through to the Huang Qi layer. Feng Xuan will soon break through to the Huang Qi layer. Xue Baguio, Feng Xuan, Feng Ling, and Wen Ao Xue are the new four most beautiful women of Ba Huang,” continued Jian Mu slowly. Lin Feng was astonished and frowned.
“Wen Ao Xue, one of the four most beautiful women of Ba Huang?”
“Indeed, she’s a woman,” nodded Jian Mu. Lin Feng was stupefied. Wen Ao Xue, the young man who used to be as beautiful as a woman, actually was one, and she was even so beautiful that men were attracted to her. It wasn’t too surprising, though. Lin Feng was surprised because Wen Tian Ge had gone to the great world, and Wen Ao Xue had come back to the small world.
“Young Master, that’s basically all. All the others left when the passage to the great world was opened. I don’t know what the geniuses are doing in the great world,” finished Jian Mu. Lin Feng nodded. Xue Baguio had lost her memories back then, she had almost gotten married to Emperor Dong’s son. Surprisingly, Feng Ling had broken through to the Huang Qi layer before Feng Xuan. The Diviner was knowledgeable!
“Do you have news from Tiantai?” asked Lin Feng.
“A mysterious young man nobody knows wants to recreate Tiantai. He is very talented, but he is only a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer, and apart from emperors, I don’t think anyone can recreate Tiantai. You probably think the same. Some people from the Qi Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle are looking for him everywhere, they want to kill him.”
Even though the Qi Clan had already fallen and Tian Long Divine Castle had been destroyed, there were still some of their former members who were still alive. It was impossible to kill every single person in such a big group.
“A young man wants to recreate Tiantai?” Lin Feng was surprised. “What’s his name?”
“He’s less than twenty years old. He appeared in Ba Huang and said he wanted to go and see Tiantai, but then he realized that Tiantai didn’t exist anymore so rumors started spreading, he apparently wanted to recreate Tiantai. His name is Ye Chen. There was a beautiful woman with him, her name was Ye Xue, but her cultivation level was mediocre.”
“Ye Chen, Ye Xue!” Lin Feng frowned. He remembered back then, he had spent some time in a small village. He hadn’t practiced cultivation, merely resting there. Ye Chen must be Xiao Chen! The baby had already grown up! Time passed so quickly…
Lin Feng wasn’t surprised that the baby had grown up, he was surprised that the young man had gone to Tiantai to find him. Unfortunately, Tiantai had disappeared, so he wanted to recreate it. He had retained the heart of a child.
At that moment, a powerful explosive energy pierced through Lin Feng’s sword energy curtain like a crack of thunder. He turned around and sensed a powerful sword energy shooting up into the sky. A powerful Qi filled the air and turned into an ocean of energies. Everybody was astonished.
“That’s…” Lin Feng frowned. The Qi kept rising to the skies. Emperor Wu Tian Jian was shouting vigorously. He was getting stronger!
“Everybody, leave the small world!” shouted Lin Feng urgently.
Jian Mu promptly rose up in the air and shouted, “Jiange’s people, leave Jiange!”
Everybody within Jiange heard him, and started running away as fast as they could. Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword energies were whistling and expanding around him.
“Did the three drops of blood help him break through to the next cultivation layer because his cultivation was restrained for such a long time?” murmured Lin Feng. In a very short time, all of Jiange’s members had left. Crackling sounds kept rising from the Grave. A gigantic sword appeared, cutting fissures in space, creating more thunderclaps. Powerful sword energies kept exploding and forcing people away.
“The small world is going to explode!” The crowd was astonished, they saw powerful sword lights dashing to the skies and disappearing.
Lin Feng frowned and looked at the light beam. It was clearly Emperor Wu Tian Jian!
At that moment, a hole appeared in the sky. It was visible from everywhere in the central part of Ba Huang. People there raised their heads and looked at the hole in the sky above Sword City.
Only people who are high-level emperors and higher can leave this small world, and Emperor Wu Tian Jian was initially a high-level emperor. He has probably exceeded his past limit, thought Lin Feng. He was stunned. Emperor Wu Tian Jian had grown, and his energies were too powerful for the small world!
People from the central part of Ba Huang were staring at the hole in the sky. What had happened? Had someone broken through to the Huang Qi layer? Was someone attacking the small world?
“Maybe that it’s the legendary Emperor Wu Tian Jian from Sword City?” whispered some people. They had heard many legends about Emperor Wu Tian Jian. Apparently, he could pierce through the sky of the small world.
“Young Master, what is that?” Jian Mu asked Lin Feng. Jian Mu and the others all had dry tongues and mouths at that moment. Why had their ancestor turned into a light beam and shot up into the sky?
“I think that Master Wu Tian Jian has broken through. He will probably come back as a Great Emperor!” Lin Feng smiled. The hearts of the people of Jiange started pounding violently. They were happy, but they couldn’t imagine what it meant at the same time. Great Emperor? What kind of cultivation level was that?
Had he broken through to a cultivation layer higher than the Huang Qi layer?
“Young Master, what is the cultivation level of a Great Emperor?” asked one of the young people of Jiange. He didn’t know what a Great Emperor was!
“A Great Emperor’s cultivation level is higher than the Huang Qi layer. In the great world, they are considered as very strong cultivators, too!” replied Lin Feng cheerfully. The young man clenched his fists, looking extremely motivated. Would he ever become a Great Emperor?
Lin Feng and the members of Jiange raised their heads and waited for the emperor to return.
After an hour, another hole appeared in the sky, and a beam of light descended. Lin Feng’s heart started racing. The light beam turned into a person: Emperor Wu Tian Jian!
Emperor Wu Tian Jian looked incredible and alive, not injured at all, and had regained his youth. He was surrounded by powerful sword energies. He had started rejuvenating! It was incredible to see.

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