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PMG Chapter 1835: Destruction

PMG Chapter 1835: Destruction
Lin Feng smiled and said, “If you think so, maybe.”
Lin Feng didn’t admit he was Lin Feng, nor did he deny it. The atmosphere became silent in the restaurant. That young man was maybe Lin Feng?
“Teacher, who’s Lin Feng?” a young man asked his teacher. Lin Feng had disappeared from the small world for many years. People who were around twenty years old didn’t know about Lin Feng. People who were thirty and older all knew him, though.
“One of the eleven disciples of Tiantai, a powerful genius. He had crushed many people during the meeting of the emperors. He had also killed the princes of Tian Long Divine Castle. He also slaughtered many people from the Qi Clan. Ten years ago, he amazed the whole region. He was also one of the ten strongest young cultivators of Ba Huang!” explained the elder to the young man staring at Lin Feng.
“Teacher, there were many geniuses in the previous generation, Lin Feng was that strong?” The young man was stupefied. He didn’t even dare look at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was wearing clean white clothes, there was no Qi around him. However, he did look enigmatic and unfathomable. They couldn’t see how strong he was.
They couldn’t see how strong the two women next to him were, either.
“If he’s really Lin Feng, he must have come back from the great world and he must be incredibly strong. No wonder he dares say he wants to make the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect come to Jiange!” mused the elder. They would know if they were right tomorrow. Would the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect come to Jiange?
In the restaurant, people kept talking about him. Lin Feng just left.
On the day after, at the same time, many people came to watch. The fact that Lin Feng wanted some people to come to Jiange had already spread everywhere.
At that moment, in the distance, a group of people arrived. They weren’t from the Xiao Yao Sect, however.
Emperor Si Kong, Emperor Wen, as well as people from their respective clans, thought the crowd. Those people all landed in front of Jiange together.
The medium-level emperor of the Wen Clan is there, too. Does it have anything to do with the beam of light we saw yesterday? Maybe Emperor Wu Tian Jian has come back!, thought the crowd.
The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect is coming too, but he’s alone, thought the crowd after they saw someone in the distance. That person seemed very agile, as he was using the Xiao Yao agility technique.
Some other people appeared in Jiange too, Jian Mu and the others. They looked at the crowd: Wen Clan, Si Kong Clan, Xiao Yao Sect, three powerful groups from the central part of Ba Huang. Because Emperor Wu Tian Jian had stopped caring about Jiange, Jiange hadn’t been able to oppress and compete with them.
“Lin Feng, my boy. We’re here, you can come out!” said the medium-level emperor of the Wen Clan firmly. Making them come to Jiange, Lin Feng was quite audacious. But he had spent time in the great world, so he probably knew that behind the Wen Clan, there was the Celestial Wen Castle. Lin Feng couldn’t compete with such people, unless Emperor Wu Tian Jian appeared.
A gigantic sword appeared, Lin Feng and Wu were standing upon it. When the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect saw Wu, his mouth twitched. That bastard was an unruly and obstinate animal. On the day before, he had been humiliated by Wu.
“Is everybody here?” Lin Feng asked calmly.
“We’re all here. Lin Feng, my boy, why did you make us come?” asked Emperor Wen’s father coldly. There were two other emperors next to him, one of them was Emperor Wen, and the other one was a stunningly beautiful woman.
Wen Ao Xue wasn’t pretending to be a man anymore. She still enjoyed wearing clean white clothes though, as she was quite seductive in a beautiful white skirt.
“When you pretended to be a man, you were already more beautiful than women. Now, you’re still more beautiful than most women!” complimented Lin Feng, smiling at Wen Ao Xue, and ignoring Emperor Wen’s father.
“You preferred me when I was wearing men’s clothes?” Wen Ao Xue asked cutely.
“I prefer you as a woman, of course!” replied Lin Feng calmly.
Wen Ao Xue giggled and said, “I’m happy if you like me this way.”
However, Lin Feng shook his head and said, “At least now, you’re showing your true colors.”
Wen Ao Xue’s smile stiffened. Lin Feng asked her, “You’re the second assassin of the Imperial Assassin Union, aren’t you?”
Wen Ao Xue was rendered speechly and looked at Lin Feng strangely. Lin Feng already knew the answer.
“Wen Ao Xue is a member of the Imperial Assassin Union?” Many people were shocked and frowned, especially people who were older.
“You deceived me a few times back then.” said Lin Feng, closing his eyes and sighing. They had studied together. Wen Ao Xue hadn’t helped when Duan Wu Ya and the others had attacked him and his friends, but it didn’t matter, as, after all, Wen Ao Xue and Lin Feng weren’t related by blood. However, Yan Yu Ping Sheng was her teacher, and even though Wen Ao Xue regretted it, she was a member of the Wen Clan. Everything about the Wen Clan seemed fake now.
Wen Ao Xue looked petrified, Lin Feng sighed again. She could sense that Lin Feng was sad and said, “Lin Feng, even now, I am still your friend. Nothing can ruin our friendship.”
“Impossible!” shouted someone icily at that moment. An ice-cold energy rose as someone in a golden robe appeared. That person’s voice sounded like the voice of a demon.
“Jun Mo Xi!” Wen Ao Xue was stupefied, Jun Mo Xi had come back to Ba Huang too!?
“Mo Xi, what’s wrong?” Lin Feng asked Jun Mo Xi. There was a beautiful woman next to Jun Mo Xi: Xiao Die! She looked wan and sallow, even as she stared at the members of the Wen Clan icily.
“The Wen Clan and the Palace of Medicinal Kings destroyed the Celestial Palace of the Immortals!” said Jun Mo Xi icily.
Lin Feng shivered and closed his eyes, “The Wen Clan is going to disappear from Ba Huang!”
Wen Ao Xue started shaking, Emperor Wen’s father looked at Lin Feng icily, “Ridiculous, Lin Feng. Even if you were strong enough to destroy the Wen Clan, you probably understand that you can’t offend the Celestial Wen Castle.”
“The Celestial Wen Castle ceased existing a while ago now,” spat Wu icily.
Emperor Wen’s father was stupefied, he could only look back at Wu and say, “Who do you think you are? Empty words! You’re ridiculous!”
Wu raised his hands and threw himself at Emperor Wen’s father as blinding suns burned into existence!
Emperor Wen’s father frowned and released empty space cosmic energies, his robe fluttering in the wind, throwing himself at Wu.
Their energies collided with a crash, sun cosmic energies penetrated into Emperor Wen’s father’s hands and corroded his body, driving him backwards. His expression had changed completely. Wu’s physical strength and cosmic energies were powerful!
“He can resist a medium-level emperor!” The crowd was stunned.
Jun Mo Xi released powerful Hell strength which descended from the sky. Then, he jumped forwards looking like a demon.
He punched out, and the air started shaking. The members of the Wen Clan were all surrounded by ice-cold strength, and started freezing.
“Die!” said Jun Mo Xi icily. All the members of the Wen Clan started dying one after another. People’s expressions changed drastically. How come these people were so strong?
Wen Ao Xue was astonished, she looked at Lin Feng and asked, “Has the Celestial Wen Castle really been destroyed?”
“I rebuilt Tiantai in the nine great celestial castles, the Celestial Wen Castle was the first group who tried to fight against us. I took some people there and killed the rest. The Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of Medicinal Kings don’t exist anymore, either,” Lin Feng replied calmly. Wen Ao Xue’s face turned deathly pale. Wu and Jun Mo Xi dared kill people from the Wen Clan, they didn’t fear them at all. They could even defeat medium-level emperors!
Wen Ao Xue looked desperate. She had never thought that Lin Feng and his friends would rise so quickly.
The crowd didn’t understand what was happening, it was like a dream. The Wen Clan was a powerful group in the central part of Ba Huang and now, those young people were crushing them?
A powerful strength bombarded Wen Ao Xue. She coughed up blood, and was driven backwards in Lin Feng’s direction. Lin Feng was startled, as Wen Ao Xue didn’t try to fight back.
“Since you’re telling me that the Celestial Wen Castle has been destroyed, I believe you. I just have one last request, I want you to kill me!” said Wen Ao Xue, smiling desperately.
Lin Feng glanced at Jun Mo Xi, who lowered his hands and released a destructive strength which corroded Wen Ao Xue’s body. She was still smiling as she softly collapsed into Lin Feng’s arms.
Lin Feng caught her. Wen Ao Xue smiled and said, “My life was miserable, but the most beautiful thing that could ever happen was to die in your arms,” as she closed her eyes.

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