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PMG Chapter 1836: Tian Long’s Tenth Prince

PMG Chapter 1836: Tian Long’s Tenth Prince
Lin Feng looked at the beautiful woman in his arms, her eyes now closed. She was dead. Lin Feng wasn’t happy at all, he felt extremely saddened by this turn of events.
They had known each other in Xue Yue. Back then, they were very young. They had chosen different paths.
He knew that Wen Ao Xue wasn’t sorry, she hadn’t helped him. She was just heartless, but sometimes heartless people also had feelings and emotions, and her final wish was to die in his arms.
At least, they didn’t crush her, her corpse was intact.
This was her fate.
The battle continued. Jun Mo Xi and Wu were astonishingly strong. They could easily kill Zun cultivators. Even Emperor Wen had died, his father was badly injured and probably wouldn’t be able to resist much longer. The powerful Wen Clan was being destroyed.
The Si Kong Clan’s strong cultivators looked furious. Si Kong Xiao among them. When he saw all this, he was astonished. He had come thinking he would show how strong he was, but Jun Mo Xi was immensely strong, and so was that young man named Wu. Wu even obeyed Lin Feng, so how strong was Lin Feng?
Very quickly, the members of the Wen Clan were all slaughtered. Jun Mo Xi’s Hell Qi was powerful. He turned around to look at Lin Feng, who was still holding Wen Ao Xue. Jun Mo Xi’s icy energies suddenly disappeared. He sighed and said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, take her body back to the Wen Clan.”
“Alright,” Lin Feng nodded. He turned around and looked at the leaders of the Si Kong Clan and the Xiao Yao Sect, saying, “The Celestial Si Kong Castle is now Tiantai’s. Even though we used to be enemies, since the Celestial Si Kong Castle is now under the jurisdiction of Tiantai, I’m not going to destroy you.”
Lin Feng looked at Wen Ao Xue in his arms while talking. He looked depressed and dispirited. He didn’t care about the Si Kong Clan.
“Kneel down and make a vow. From now on, you will obey Jiange,” said Lin Feng indifferently. The members of the Si Kong Clan frowned. Kneel down? Make a vow? Obey Jiange? Was that the price they had to pay for Lin Feng to forgive them?
“They have five seconds. Wu, if they refuse, kill them all,” said Lin Feng. Then, he turned around and looked at the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, “You don’t need to kneel down. Just make a vow.”
Lin Feng rose up into the air and said, “From now on, Jiange rules over the region. After making a vow, Wu will take the leaders of the Si Kong Clan and the Xiao Yao Sect to the Palace of Medicinal Kings. You’re going to destroy the Palace of Medicinal Kings.”
Then, Lin Feng disappeared.
In one sentence, Lin Feng changed the situation of the whole territory.
The Si Kong Clan and the Xiao Yao Sect had to obey Jiange and destroy the Palace of Medicinal Kings. Jiange now ruled over the region.

Lin Feng left, and so did Jun Mo Xi. Wu was in charge of the Si Kong Clan, they had to make a vow, and so did the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.
Finally, Jiange’s people started feeling powerful. Jiange was rising again! Even though they were now the rulers of the region, at least of the central part of Ba Huang, Lin Feng couldn’t stay there all the time.
The two emperors and the Zun cultivators of the Wen Clan were dead. That was enough. At least, Lin Feng didn’t want to kill more people. If Jun Mo Xi wanted to, he was free to kill more people, but Jun Mo Xi wasn’t a mad murderer, either. Killing the Wen Clan was enough to avenge the Celestial Palace of the Immortals. Besides, he had told Lin Feng himself to take Wen Ao Xue’s body back to the Wen Clan.

After bringing her body back to the Wen Clan, Lin Feng didn’t head back to Jiange. He took out his boat and headed to the northern part of Ba Huang.
He didn’t need to worry about Jiange anymore. The Sword Emperor had recovered. Wu was going to take care of the Palace of Medicinal Kings. Lin Feng didn’t have many things to sort out anymore in Ba Huang Province. That little boy had left his village and wanted to recreate Tiantai, so Lin Feng had to do something . He was going to find him.
In the northern part of Ba Huang, in Tianjing City, the city where Tiantai used to be, Lin Feng went to a restaurant. That restaurant was called Tianjing Restaurant, it had existed for a long time. It was one of the most famous restaurants in town. Lin Feng hoped to find some pieces of information there.
Lin Feng couldn’t find Xiao Chen in the northern part of Ba Huang. Therefore, he could only try to find some information about him in this restaurant.
At that moment, he had already been sitting in that restaurant for four hours and finally, he heard some people talk about Ye Chen.
“Tian Long’s tenth prince is really strong indeed. I heard that when he was a cultivator of the very top of the Zun Qi layer, at the Zun level, nobody could compete with him anymore. Now, Tian Long Divine Castle’s people are looking for Ye Chen, he’s going to die.”
“Indeed. The tenth prince is really strong. He will soon break through to the Huang Qi layer. Maybe then he will manage to make Tian Long Divine Castle come back to life. And since Ye Chen wants to rebuild Tiantai, the tenth prince can’t possibly forgive him.”
The people in the bar were talking. Lin Feng looked at them and asked, “Everybody, back then, didn’t Lin Feng kill all the princes of Tian Long Divine Castle? Where does that tenth prince come from?”
“Are you a foreigner?” asked those people.
Lin Feng smiled and nodded back, “Indeed, I just arrived in the northern part of Ba Huang.”
“Nobody knows who the tenth prince is, but he’s always had a high social status in Tian Long Divine Castle. People just call him the tenth prince. Now he wants to resurrect Tian Long Divine Castle, so some former members of Tian Long Divine Castle gathered to recreate their group. Even though they’re not emperors, they’re really strong, especially the tenth prince who acts as their leader!” smiled the speaker.
Lin Feng nodded and said, “I see. And how strong is Ye Chen?”
“Ye Chen is young. He’s a sword cultivator. He’s quite strong and is already a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer. However, he probably can’t compete with the tenth prince. If he encounters Tian Long’s tenth prince, he’s definitely going to die,” replied the speaker.
Lin Feng frowned and said, “Your Excellency, you said they were going to kill him, do you know where they all are?”
“I’ve heard that Tian Long Divine Castle had investigated and had found his village. Now, they’re in his village, it seems. Apparently, if Ye Chen doesn’t show up, they’ll destroy the village.”
Lin Feng looked furious. He stood up and left. The one who had just spoken gulped down his beer and watched him go.
“Who is he?” The people in the restaurant were surprised at his reaction and stared after Lin Feng.
Lin Feng had known Ye Chen when he was a baby. He had grown up and still remembered Lin Feng. He had even gone to Tiantai to find him. Now, he wanted to rebuild Tiantai! And now Tian Long Divine Castle’s people had surrounded his village and were threatening the people there.
At the border between the western part of Ba Huang and the northern part of Ba Huang…
In the village, people had stopped what they were doing, as many strong cultivators had appeared in the small village and made everyone gather by the waterfall.
At the waterfall, there was a gigantic stone. Tian Long’s tenth prince stood atop it wearing a dragon robe, looking majestic and dignified as he gazed into the distance. Two people had appeared at that moment, and one of them was Ye Chen.
“You silly little boy, why did you come back! Leave now!” said someone on the ground.
Ye Chen shouted, “Master!”
“Go away, you don’t belong here anymore!” said his Master at that moment. However, someone punched him violently and he coughed up blood.
“Stop shouting, moron,” swore the member of Tian Long Divine Castle icily.
“Stop!” shouted Ye Chen furiously. The Master had a very important position in the village. He was everybody’s teacher in the village.
“You should worry about your own life!” sneered the tenth prince, as dragon energies invaded the atmosphere. “You’re so weak, and you think you can make Tiantai come back to life? Now, Tian Long Divine Castle rules over the western part of Ba Huang, and the northern part of Ba Huang!”
“Ridiculous, Tiantai destroyed Tian Long Divine Castle a long time ago. If Uncle Lin Feng were here, he would crush you, you wouldn’t even dare stay here,” retorted Ye Chen icily.
“Uncle Lin Feng? Ridiculous. Since when do you know Lin Feng? Unfortunately, I was born too late, if I had been born a few years before, Lin Feng would have never dared act that arrogantly in Ba Huang!” retorted the tenth prince, releasing a powerful bestial Qi. Dragon scales appeared around his body. He had the dragon transformation ability of Tian Long Divine Castle!
“Uncle Lin Feng killed the nine other princes. If he were here, you wouldn’t dare act that arrogantly,” laughed Ye Chen, smiling coldly.
“Even if he were here now, I’d kill him!” swore the tenth prince furiously and loudly. His bestial Qi had surrounded Ye Chen.
“Is that so?” said another voice at that moment.
The tenth prince frowned and glanced around. Who was talking to him?

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