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PMG Chapter 1837: First Disciple

PMG Chapter 1837: First Disciple
“Who’s that arrogant?” The tenth prince glanced around, but didn’t see anyone.
There was a swirl of wind, and someone appeared in front of the tenth prince.
When Ye Chen and Ye Xue saw him, they were stupefied.
“Uncle Lin Feng!” shouted Ye Chen, smiling widely. He could remember when he was still a child and Lin Feng came to visit. He didn’t remember everything, but he remembered Lin Feng had changed his life. Uncle Lin Feng hadn’t changed at all.
“Lin Feng!” exclaimed Ye Xue. Surprisingly, he showed up at the perfect moment, just like last time.
When the Master saw Lin Feng, he was stupefied. They had hope again!
“Who are you?” asked the tenth prince, eyes narrowed. It was a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer, just like him.
“You said that if I showed up, you’d kill me,” said Lin Feng calmly. The tenth prince looked at Lin Feng strangely.
The tenth prince stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng used to be very famous in the region, and now he was here?
He’s only a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer, like me? What could he do against me?, thought the tenth prince. He looked at Lin Feng icily and shouted, “Even if you’re really Lin Feng, I’ll kill you!”
The tenth prince started running towards Lin Feng, releasing power to surround Lin Feng. Some cosmic energies appeared indistinctly. He had reached the very top of the Zun Qi layer!
“Die!” shouted the tenth prince, and punched Lin Feng with all his strength. He had a ferocious smile on his face. However, his smile disappeared when his fist crashed against Lin Feng. It was as if he had punched a stone. Lin Feng remained completely motionless.
The tenth prince used both fists and started madly punching Lin Feng over and over again. He even punched Lin Feng’s face crazily, but nothing happened. Instead, death energy emerged from Lin Feng’s eyes and the tenth prince gave out a horrible shriek. He was hurled away, shaking violently.
Lin Feng didn’t even look at the tenth prince, he looked at the remaining members of Tian Long Divine Castle and said indifferently, “You have ten seconds to leave.”
Someone rose up into the air and shouted, “Let’s go, we can’t offend Lin Feng.”
People rose up in the air one after the other. They didn’t care about the villagers anymore. Lin Feng had killed many people from Tian Long Divine Castle back then. The tenth prince’s attacks were also ineffective against Lin Feng. If they stayed there, they would just die.
Lin Feng watched them go. He could have easily killed them, but he didn’t. He hoped that the villagers would be able to continue having a peaceful life. If he killed people here, more people might come back to avenge their friends. If he let them leave safely, they would have no reason to come back.
The tenth prince looked at Lin Feng and asked shakily, “What’s your cultivation level?”
“Die!” responded Lin Feng, releasing death energy to pierce through his eyes. The tenth prince limply fell down from the sky and crashed to the ground before the eyes of the villagers. The tenth prince was so strong, and Lin Feng had killed him by simple looking at him? And the tenth prince had dared say he could easily kill Lin Feng?
To Lin Feng, the tenth prince was just a buffoon. He didn’t care about him at all. And he didn’t need to tell him about his cultivation level, they weren’t friends.
“Uncle Lin Feng!” said Ye Chen.
Lin Feng turned around and smiled at that young man, “You were just a boy and now you’re almost a grown up.”
When Ye Chen heard Lin Feng, he smiled widely and scratched his head. “Uncle Lin Feng, I’ve heard that you left the small world and that you went to the great world, is that true?”
“Indeed,” Lin Feng nodded.
“So, are you going to leave again?” asked Ye Chen. He still sounded like a child in front of Lin Feng, but not in front of his teacher.
“Of course!” Lin Feng smiled. Ye Chen wanted to say something, but the words didn’t come out. Finally, he managed to say, “Uncle Lin Feng, I want to come with you to the great world!”
“Xiao Chen, the great world is even more dangerous than the small world. There are too many strong cultivators there. There are millions, if not billions of people who are stronger than me in the great world. It’s very dangerous. And also, if you leave, what will happen to your family in the village?” said Lin Feng put his hand on Xiao Chen’s shoulders and smiled.
“I’m not afraid!” declared Ye Chen. He looked at the crowd and smiled, “Teacher, Grandpa Wang, Grandma Gao, uncles and aunties, you support me, you want me to go to the great world, right?”
“Xiao Chen, you can go. You’re the strongest cultivator of the village. We obviously don’t hope that you’ll stay in the village forever. You can come back sometimes. That’s enough. Don’t be like me, who stayed here to teach cultivation to children,” said the Master.
“You can go, kiddo!” the old people of the village all spoke up. “Go and explore the great world! When you have time, come back and tell us about it.”
“Alright!” agreed Xiao Chen, nodding happily. Then he promised, “When I become strong, I will come back and help you have long and happy lives.”
Lin Feng watched him calmly and sighed. In the cultivation world, people like Xiao Chen were rare. He was a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer and he had retained the heart of a child. That was probably why he had become so strong.
“I will take care of Xiao Chen!” Ye Xue promised the crowd. At that moment, the three of them were already in front of the villagers.
“Auntie, I should take care of you!” laughed Ye Chen.
“Alright, it’s all good!” said the Master, before turning to Lin Feng and saying, “Lin Feng, Xiao Chen knows everything about you, and has told us everything about you. Nobody is as strong as you in Ba Huang. Please take care of them in the great world.”
Then, the Master knelt down before the astonished Lin Feng, and all the villagers knelt down before Lin Feng a heartbeat later.
“Master, what are you doing? I am not a god,” declared Lin Feng, pulling on the Master’s arm to make him stand up.
The Master replied, “Lin Feng, you saved our village twice, kneeling down before you is the least we can do, and we also do it for our children.”
“I will do my best to take care of them,” promised Lin Feng. At the same time, a powerful strength made everyone stand up. Lin Feng hadn’t had such a feeling for a very long time, he felt even more motivated. Xiao Chen even had tears in his eyes. Lin Feng asked, “Xiao Chen, are you willing to have me as a teacher, though?”
When Xiao Chen heard Lin Feng, he was astonished, and felt like he was dreaming. The Master was extremely happy too, and shouted at Ye Chen, “Xiao Chen, pay respects to your teacher!”
As if Xiao Chen had realized something, he smiled, knelt down and said to Lin Feng, “Uncle Lin Feng… no… I, your new disciple, am honored to have you as a teacher.”
“Stand up, little boy!” Lin Feng smiled and pulled on Ye Chen’s arm, then tapped his shoulders. If Ye Chen hadn’t retained the heart of a child, Lin Feng wouldn’t have had this idea.
“From now on, you’re my first disciple!” smiled Lin Feng. Xiao Chen smiled in a silly way, he couldn’t believe this was happening!
“Alright, you can stay here in the village for a few days. When I come back, we’ll leave,” Lin Feng said to him. He wanted Ye Chen to spend more time with his friends and family before leaving.
“Alright!” replied Ye Chen, nodding very seriously.
Lin Feng told him, “Don’t practice cultivation too much, stay with your friends and family and enjoy your time with them.”
Lin Feng turned around and left. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared over the horizon. Ye Chen clenched his fists as he watched his teacher go. He felt extremely excited as he thought, Uncle Lin Feng, you will always be like a uncle to me, I will never disappoint you!

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    Thank you again!

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    I dont understand some times He calls Xiao Chen And some Ye Chen?

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      Xiao means little. So his name is Ye Chen, but because Lin Feng and the old man knew him as a kid, they call him Xiao Chen.

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