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PMG Chapter 1838: Worried About Them

PMG Chapter 1838: Worried About Them
Ba Huang Province, which had been quiet for a long time after the Wen Clan and the Palace of Medicinal Kings had taken control over the region, suddenly stirred up.
Those two groups, the Wen Clan and the Palace of Medicinal Kings, had been wiped off the map of the region, and all their strong cultivators had been killed. It was said that it was because they had joined hands to destroy the Celestial Palace of the Immortals, Jun Mo Xi had come back and avenged them. The strong cultivators of the Wen Clan and the Palace of Medicinal Kings had been killed outside of Jiange.
The Wen Clan and the Palace of Medicinal Kings had been destroyed by two young people who weren’t even famous in the small world.
At the same time, the news spread that the reason why the Wen Clan had been destroyed outside of Jiange was that someone had ordered them, as well as the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, to go there. Many people were wondering who that could be, but at the same time, they already knew it was: Jiange’s Young Master, Lin Feng!
Jun Mo Xi and Lin Feng were good friends, and now they had come back together. Nobody could compete with them.
Very quickly, more news spread in the northern part of Ba Huang. Some people saw two of Tiantai’s former direct disciples at the former site of Tiantai: Hou Qing Lin who controlled reincarnation energy, and Tian Chi the Sadhu. They had become extremely strong. Some people pretended that they had seen how strong Hou Qing Lin had become, that one glance at him and he gave you the impression that you could fall in the abysses of reincarnation.
The crowd understood that Tiantai’s disciples had gone to the great world, and now they had come back.
However, Lin Feng had suddenly left Ba Huang. He was in his boat and flying at full speed. He had never traveled that fast in the small world, so he had the impression that it had become a lot smaller.
The small world was the same though, it hadn’t become smaller. Lin Feng was just too fast now, and his cultivation level was powerful.
Things appeared and disappeared from his field of vision in the blink of an eye.
Tian Chi hadn’t changed. Back then, their two teachers hadn’t followed them when they had decided to go to the great world, they had decided to stay in the small world and practice there. Lin Feng didn’t know where they were, but Tian Chi Empire hadn’t changed and they still ruled over Gan Yu.
Lin Feng slowed down when he arrived there, landing on the ground and walking in the snow, leaving footprints behind him. Some of Tian Chi’s disciples glanced at him. Lin Feng was wearing white clothes, he looked calm, serene, and friendly, but at the same time he looked extraordinary even though one couldn’t see how strong he was.
“I don’t know where he’s from, but he looks really strong,” said some people after passing next to Lin Feng. They didn’t stop, however.
Lin Feng continued walking. Sometimes, he saw people practicing cultivation in the mountains. Other times, he saw people sparring. He was just passing through.
Lin Feng soon arrived at the top of the mountain. He saw a beautiful woman there, snowflakes kept falling all around her. She was smiling and looked graceful, as if she had been dancing.
A beautiful woman dancing alone in snowy mountains…
At that moment, a young man was slowly walking towards her, he looked handsome and quite strong. He sat down cross-legged in the snow and watched her dancing.
The beautiful woman stopped and looked at the young man. The young man stood up, smiled and said, “Shi Yun, you’re really beautiful.”
“Thank you,” Huo Shi Yun smiled and nodded at him. “I’m going back.”
The young man looked at her and called out, “Shi Yun!…”
Huo Shi Yun looked back at him and smiled, “What’s wrong?”
“Shi Yun, why don’t you like me? Why am I not good enough for you?” asked that young man, his face sad. Huo Shi Yun was polite… too polite. She kept some distance.
“It’s not that, you’re a good person, but we’re not a good match,” Huo Shi Yun answered calmly. She gazed into the distance, looking sad.
At that moment, she saw another beautiful woman, looking pure and noble.
“Master!” greeted a young man, bowing before the woman. Tian Chi Xue nodded at the young man and looked at Huo Shi Yun. “Shi Yun, why do you do that? Why did you go to Ba Huang? You knew that he had already left. He went to that mysterious world. He’s extraordinary and talented. He will maybe become our leader someday. And he’s just making you wait, why can’t you forget about him?”
Huo Shi Yun smiled, but didn’t reply. Some things couldn’t be explained.
“Shi Yun, you must understand something, maybe he will never come back,” Tian Chi Xue said when she saw that Huo Shi Yun remained silent.
“Even if he doesn’t come back, I will always miss him, forever. And I will always hope,” smiled Huo Shi Yun.
Tian Chi Xue smiled wryly and shook her head, “Poor you.”
She couldn’t understand why Huo Shi Yun kept waiting for someone who would probably never come back, and who wasn’t even interested in her. Was he that outstanding?
“I’m going back.” said Huo Shi Yun, nodding to Tian Chi Xue.
“Tiantai has been reconstructed in the boundless world.” At that moment, Huo Shi Yun heard a voice, and her heart started pounding. She glanced around, but saw nothing.
A brilliant light appeared with a hum, and some scriptures appeared in front of Huo Shi Yun. The scriptures floated in the air in front of her. They were dazzling to behold.
Tian Chi Xue was astonished too. Ancient scriptures!
She looked around, but saw nothing.
At that moment, another brilliant light appeared in front of Huo Shi Yun. Some cosmic energies condensed in front of her.
Huo Shi Yun couldn’t see anyone. She looked at the two things, then she raised her head and cried out, “Lin Feng, I know it’s you! Why don’t you want to see me?”
Nobody replied to her. Huo Shi Yun shouted for a long time, but nobody appeared. She started crying, hot tears spilling down her cheeks. Finally, she gave up, taking the scriptures and the seven-colored Taoist robe made of feathers and whispered, “Lin Feng, I know you’re here.”
“Is it him?” shouted Tian Chi extremely loudly, her voice spreading everywhere. Indeed, Ancient scriptures and imperial weapons, that could only be Lin Feng, otherwise he wouldn’t have offered them to Huo Shi Yun. However, he hadn’t even showed himself, it seemed that he had left.
Tiantai has been reborn in the boundless world. Huo Shi Yun could almost hear that voice in her brain. She put the scriptures and the imperial weapon away and left. She didn’t continue looking for Lin Feng. She knew that if Lin Feng had wanted to see her, he would have come. If he didn’t want to see her, she couldn’t force him. She was stunned, but elated: Tiantai had been reborn in the great world!
Tian Chi Xue looked around, but also saw nothing. Lin Feng simply flew away. He had come back to the small world, he wanted to see the people who really mattered to him; his family, his close friends. He hoped they were all fine. If Huo Shi Yun wanted to find Tiantai, she could try and find Tiantai. With the ancient scriptures and the imperial weapon, she could protect herself.
After leaving the snowy mountains, Lin Feng crossed Dragon Mountain. He went to the Tang Clan, but Tang Yi Yi and Tang Rui had already left. The elders were still there, however. The tree was still there in the garden, where Lin Feng remembered You You. He didn’t know where she was.
Mister Tang told Lin Feng that You You had never come back since the last time. Lin Feng was very worried, maybe she hadn’t come back because she had gone to the great world. It had been ten years, she would have had no reason not to come back.
Lin Feng didn’t spend too much time at the Tang’s. He gave some presents to her parents and left. He didn’t go to the imperial palace this time. He didn’t need to go, Jun Mo Xi had come back to the small world and would be able to go himself. He had to get back to Xue Yue. He hadn’t been back for ten years. Wu Shang had probably grown up!

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