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PMG Chapter 1839: Small King of the Underworld

PMG Chapter 1839: Small King of the Underworld
Xue Yue had changed a lot. After all the emperors had come to Xue Yue, the Netherworld Demon Emperor and Empress Xi’s small worlds had appeared, and their Qi covered the whole country. Xue Yue had become a paradise for cultivators, and many people came to Xue Yue to practice cultivation. The country had been developing for ten years already, and it wasn’t a country anymore, it was now an empire, the Empire of Xue Yue. It had also become much bigger. Some neighboring countries had been absorbed by the Empire of Xue Yue.
Xue Yue now ruled over the whole Xue Yu Region. Dragon Mountain, Black Feather, and so on were low-level empires. the Empire of Xue Yue had already surpassed them. There were many geniuses in the Empire of Xue Yue. There were millions and millions of Tian level cultivators there and sometimes, one could see Zun cultivators too. In a place like Xue Yue, Tian and Zun level cultivators were considered extremely strong.
Yangzhou City was the capital of the empire, and was developing very quickly. Living conditions were better there than anywhere else in the country. Everybody wanted to move to Yangzhou City, where there were many strong cultivators and many cultivation resources. People were rich there!
Lin Feng would find it difficult to recognize Yangzhou City this time. Everything had changed. There were lofty buildings and skyscrapers everywhere. There were also gigantic parks, luxury restaurants, and hotels.
The Lovesickness Forest Restaurant was a famous restaurant there, and was known for having the best alcohol in the country. It was said that the Lovesickness Forest was a place in the former capital where the first lady of the empire had lived for a long time. Back then, the imperial city of Xue Yue wasn’t Yangzhou City.
No other restaurant had liquors quite as good as theirs.
In the Lovesickness Forest Restaurant, there were the most beautiful women and the best liquors.
Everybody said that when traveling to Yangzhou City, you had to go to the Lovesickness Forest Restaurant and drink their strongest liquor. That way, you could see the most beautiful women.
The Lovesickness Forest Restaurant was an open-air restaurant. It was neither luxuriant nor extravagant, but the decorations were tasteful and the place was quite spacious. There were many pavilions of people who were drinking all sorts of strong alcohol. Beautiful women were dancing here and there. There were many young men who had the strength of the Zun Qi layer, but when they drank the specialty of the restaurant, their cheeks still turned red.
The woman who were dancing were half naked and looked extremely beautiful. Men loved that kind of place, even fifteen-year old teenage boys loved the place. Besides, not only did those women look seductive, they also knew how to dance properly.
“Brilliant!” shouted a teenaged boy, drinking a sip of alcohol and watching the beautiful women. He didn’t hide the fact that he was aroused. It wasn’t his first time there. Besides, he was sitting at the best table of the restaurant. His social status was probably very high. He also looked strong.
A loud sound spread in the air as someone slapped the young man. The young man’s guard didn’t even dare say anything. He just lowered his head, and continued looking at the beautiful women. They were all pretty and charming.
The young man’s social status was extraordinary and someone dared slap him, that person had a high social status too. The young man smiled and said, “Sister, please sit.”
“You little bastard. You want to die!” said the beautiful woman. She looked young, but nobody really knew how old she was.
The young man smiled and giggled helplessly. He was afraid of that woman.
They were hardly alone in the Lovesickness Forest Restaurant, as there were many other people around. There were two young men as well, looking perverted and staring at the women. They hoped the women would strip.
“Brother, I’ve heard that the wildest women of Yangzhou City were in the Lovesickness Forest Restaurant. It’s not a false rumor it seems,” said one of the young men, smiling evilly.
The one he called brother down his glass and smiled, “Well, I’ve heard the exact opposite. I’ve heard that they never sleep with men.”
“I’ve heard that as well, but I don’t believe it,” said the other one, smiling indifferently.
“Why don’t you believe it?” asked his big brother.
“Because after I sleep with them, then the rumor will just be a rumor!” said the young man, smiling even more.
His brother laughed, “Give it a try then.”
The young man stood up and walked up to the dancing stage.
“Young Master, please stop,” said a beautiful woman who was performing a sword dance. She pointed at the young man with her sword.
“I don’t want to stop, what if I continue?” said the smiling young man. At that moment, dazzling lights appeared and all the other women looked at him furiously.
“You can watch from ten meters away, not closer,” said one of the women calmly. However, the young man didn’t listened and continued walking.
Ice-cold lights appeared, one of the woman released sword Qi to surround him.
Many people gasped with amazement when they saw that incredible sword attack. Few people knew that the dancers of the Lovesickness Forest Restaurant were sword cultivators.
But when the sword moved towards the young man, it didn’t pierce through his skin, he just grabbed it with his hands.
The sword broke and the young man forced the woman into his arms. The other women surrounded them and released powerful energies. The atmosphere became oppressive.
His big brother was still sitting there, drinking alcohol and smiling. It was a small place, his little brother was safe.
As expected, the sword lights around him broke apart and the women’s expressions changed drastically. That young man was strong, and could easily defeat them. He had broken through to the Zun Qi layer.
“Hmph!” The teenager stood up, looking furious as he said, “Stop!”
When the young man saw the speaker who was even younger than him, he smiled coldly and put his hand on the woman’s face. He smiled and said, “Who are you?”
The furious young man was even more furious, some people surprisingly didn’t recognize him? In Yangzhou City, everybody knew him because he was famous.
“Lin Wu Shang!” said the young man icily and walking forwards.
“Small King of the Underworld, Lin Wu Shang!” Even though the young man had never seen Wu Shang, he had heard about him. In Yangzhou City, everybody knew about Small King of the Underworld Wu Shang. He was very famous. He had broken through to the Xuan Qi layer when he was nine years old, and through to the Tian Qi layer when he was twelve and now, he was fifteen and had broken through to the Zun Qi layer.
He was strong, but he also had an incredible social status because of his brother: Lin Feng.
Of course, the only woman who dared tease him was Xiao Ya, nicknamed the Evil Queen.
The Evil Queen had raised him with punches. She was very strict. Words were useless on him.
Lin Wu Shang already controlled earth abstruse energies. He started by throwing a fist out.
However, his punch ended up moving towards the woman, so he had no choice but to recall his energies. The young man had put the woman in front of him. At that moment, that young man punched out, using a golden punch which immediately crashed onto Wu Shang’s body.
The young man’s big brother was confident. The Small King of the Underworld? They were in a tiny little empire!
Xiao Ya didn’t move either. She was also confident that the Small King of the Underworld would solve the problem. She would just watch, even if Lin Wu Shang got injured!

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