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PMG Chapter 184: The Yue Clan

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Lin Feng only glanced at the young man and then ignored him. He then continued walking towards the pavilion.

“I told you to get lost. Didn’t you hear me?”

When the young man noticed that Lin Feng was ignoring him, his tone became colder. The young men of the Imperial City would never dare to make him lose face, even the second prince respected him to a certain extent. He had been personally invited by Duan Wu Ya to come to the banquet. He hadn’t thought that, on that covered pathway made of red wood, he would meet an arrogant young man wearing tattered clothes, who would ignore him.

Lin Feng continued to walk as if the other young man didn’t exist.

When he saw Lin Feng act that way, the young man put on a serious expression. Immediately after, a wild energy emerged from his fist which immediately unleashed a strong cold wind.


At that moment, a strong battle energy emerged from Lin Feng’s body and rose into the air. This energy was strange and it looked like it was on fire. It seemed unstoppable as if it would smash anything in its path.

The battle energy had surprised the young man whose heart started to race. That battle energy was causing fear to well up in his heart.

Lin Feng turned around and launched his fist forward with sharp energy around it. The two fists brutally collided.


The covered pathway made of red wood shook insanely, but it didn’t break. It was extremely solid.

The young man’s eyes revealed fear and his body shot backwards from the impact. A strong battle energy was still emerging from Lin Feng’s body, he looked like a terrifying warlord.

“Next time, think before you act.” said Lin Feng indifferently. He then turned around and continued walking towards the pavilion, leaving the young man alone on the pathway in a gloomy mood.

He had been taught a lesson by someone who was about the same age as him. Besides, Lin Feng had told him to think before acting with a mocking tone. These words resonated in his brain and made a distorted and ugly expression appear on his face.

“Stop.” shouted the young man coldly. He had just been careless a moment before. He wanted to show to Lin Feng what it meant to think before acting.

But Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to his words, he continued to walk down the covered pathway and quickly arrived at the pavilion.

That pavilion was very spacious. People were sitting on the floor in two lines. In front of them, there was a table made of sandalwood, on which had sculptures carved into it which looked incredibly lifelike. That table was extremely precious and valuable, but there they were using it to hold food and drinks.

In the middle of the pavilion, there was a group of lithe and graceful women wearing alluring cheongsam. They were dancing lightly and gracefully while smiling. If they drew the attention of a young man in that place, in the future, they wouldn’t need to come and dance there anymore. All the people who entered the Lovesick Forest had a very high social status.

All the young people who were sitting there had an extremely high social status, even inside the Lovesick Forest.

But the two rows of people weren’t looking at the dancing women. Instead, they looked at Lin Feng. A moment before, the battle in the covered pathway had already attracted their attention.

When they saw Lin Feng, these people all had different expressions on their face. Some of them looked calm, some looked at him with disdain, some looked stupefied, some looked cold. Surprisingly, that was Lin Feng.

“How pleasant and elegant.”

On the lake, beautiful girls were serving drinks while smiling. What a beautiful sight.

Lin Feng, at that moment, also looked at the crowd. There were about twenty to thirty people. Lin Feng recognized some of them.

There was the young man, whose family name was Yu, whom Lin Feng had humiliated.

There was also the called Meng Chong, whom Lin Feng had provoked at the auction sales market.

There was also Duan Tian Lang’s son, Duan Han.

There was Duan Lie’s daughter, Duan Yu.

Lin Feng also noticed Wen Ao Xue. He was surprisingly there as well.

All these people had something in common. They were all noble people of high status. They were influential and their clans all had a strong influence.

Lin Feng hadn’t thought that he would come across so many people he knew there. He was a bit surprised. Besides, some of them had ice-cold expressions on their face while looking at him. Lin Feng was smiling deep in his heart.

Apart from his own strength and that of Wen Ao Xue, Lin Feng didn’t know how strong the others were. Many of them couldn’t compete with him. Back at the Yun Hai Sect, Duan Han was extremely arrogant. At that moment, if Lin Feng fought against him, he would easily be able to win.

“Lin Feng, come sit next to me.”

Wen Ao Xue was smiling to Lin Feng. The smile on his face was even more beautiful than that of most of the women there.

Everybody was astonished, Wen Ao Xue and Lin Feng were friends? Considering the smile on Wen Ao Xue’s face, his friendship with Lin Feng wasn’t superficial.

But at that moment, the one who had just been blown away by Lin Feng also arrived. A cold energy was surrounding his body. He walked towards Lin Feng releasing oppressive energy. Surprisingly, he had no scruples with fighting in front of the entire crowd.

The crowd couldn’t help but get excited when they saw that. Lin Feng and Wen Ao Xue were good friends, which had surprised them, but it seemed like Lin Feng had offended that young man. How audacious!

In the Imperial City, there were very few people who dared offend him.

“Brother Yue, Brother Lin. You are my guests today. I invited you all to come here. However, I don’t intend to clean up after you. Therefore, please sit down.”

The second prince was sitting on the main seat, he said that to Lin Feng and the young man in a soft and gentle voice which gave everybody the feeling that a soft breeze was blowing through their hair.

When the young man, whose family name was Yue, thought of the banquet again, the cold energy around his body disappeared. He slightly nodded to Duan Wu Ya and immediately moved aside.

“Your Highness.” said Lin Feng to the second prince. Immediately after, he went towards Wen Ao Xue and sat down next to him. He looked expressionless and indifferent.

“Let me introduce him, this is Lin Feng, he’s a student of the Celestial Academy. Two months ago, he fought against Nie Yan to a draw.”

The second prince was smiling. Many people were astonished. Nie Yan was Hei Mo. Many people had heard about that battle. Actually, Hei Mo had miserably lost the battle, but Yu Qiu had intervened. Hei Mo had been lucky to survive with his life. However, many people didn’t know who Hei Mo fought against. They hadn’t thought that it was against the young man in front of them. Many of them quickly retracted their looks of disdain.

The one who had nearly killed Hei Mo was so young. No wonder he had been invited by the second prince to come there.

“A country boy, a tramp.” said a voice coldly. The one who had said these words was Meng Chong. He was staring at Lin Feng revealing that they were on bad terms. In the past, Lin Feng had made him endlessly lose face. At that moment, he wasn’t going to make it easy for Lin Feng.

“A draw against Hei Mo, nothing more… and he surprisingly dares act that arrogantly. That’s not even worth mentioning.” said the young man, whose family name is Yue. “If Hei Mo had used all his strength, he could have won.”

“Brother Yue is only saying what he thinks, Brother Lin shouldn’t pay attention to him.” said the second prince warmly. He only mentioned the young man from the Yue Family but ignored Meng Chong. As expected, Meng Chong wasn’t important enough. That made Lin Feng laugh on the inside. Meng Chong was just a moron, nothing more.

If a person’s status was high but not high enough and they dared to call into question what the second prince said, if they weren’t complete morons then what were they? That was exactly what had just happened. There were social distinctions between noble cultivators.

“Come, Brother Lin, I will introduce you to a young man. You should keep in touch in the future. Brother Yue is a member of the Yue Clan. The Lovesick Forest was built by the Yue Clan.”

When Lin Feng heard the second prince, he was surprised. The Yue Clan, the Duan Clan and the Yu Clan were the three biggest clans of the Imperial City. No wonder that young man was so arrogant. His social status was high and besides, the Lovesick Forest belonged to his clan.

But Lin Feng was only surprised for a few seconds. Lin Feng had already met people from all the spheres of influence within the Xue Yue Country, except people from the Luo Xia Sect which was situated in a distant corner of the country.

After that, the second prince introduced other people to Lin Feng, including Meng Chong. Surprisingly, Meng Chong’s father was the commander of the Imperial City guards, a group of elite troops. It seemed like the Qi Lin Feng had sensed the other day was indeed that of soldiers.

As far as the young man, whose family name was Yu was concerned; his name was Yu Tian Xing. He was the fifth son of the head of the Yu Clan. His status was exceptional.

Lin Feng had fought with him and after that Yu Qiu had been offended and had wanted to kill Lin Feng.

As far as Wen Ao Xue was concerned, the second prince didn’t introduce him at all.

But when Lin Feng finished listening to the second prince, his heart was pounding out of amazement. These people had the biggest influence in the entire country and could, if they wished, change its entire destiny. They were all people that gravitated around commanders and leaders. They were all at the top of the social pyramid.

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