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PMG Chapter 1841: Jiu You

PMG Chapter 1841: Jiu You
In the small world, everybody used to think that their world was the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Now, everybody understood that it was only a subpart of it.
At the center of the small world was Ba Huang and Jiu You. Ba Huang was a place with a sea made of desolate Qi. When thinking about Jiu You, most people thought of the twelve empires, but they rarely thought of the origins of that place…

In the central part of Jiu You, in a remote and inhabited place, everything was black. There were gigantic rivers, and the waters of those rivers were black, too.
It was a forbidden area, the forbidden area of Jiu You.
According to legends, people who went there usually died, so nobody dared go there, creating one of the forbidden areas of the small world. This place couldn’t be compared to the forbidden area of Gan Yu, the Death Valley. Even in the ancient times, emperors didn’t dare go to the forbidden area of Jiu You.
However, this time, some people had broken the rules. There was a group of people flying above the black waters of Jiu You. They looked extraordinary, and all of them were staring at the water. A gigantic whirlpool hundreds of meters wide yawned beneath them, as big as a city, and looked incredible. It was impossible to know how deep it went.
Jiu You referred to the Nine Netherworlds, as opposed to the nine clouds. According to legends, this whirlpool led to Hell and contained evil palaces.
At least, in the small world, nobody dared go there. When people went there, they could die, and in any case, they ended up in the Nine Netherworlds, which was like taking a trip to Hell.
However, on that day, these people were an exception.
Someone turned black like the water of the Nine Netherworlds, looking like a living corpse from Hell.
That person jumped into the water. A powerful strength tried to corrode his body, but it didn’t affect him. Surprisingly, he could stay in the Nine Netherworlds, in the forbidden area of Jiu You!
“Will the Nine Netherworlds explode?” asked someone at that moment.
The person in the black waters raised their head and looked up. He said, “The strength is fermenting. The eruption is imminent.”
The other person nodded, their eyes twinkled. “The Demon-Sealing Sage sealed a great world in his small world, and hid it here. We’ve been looking for five thousand years and finally, we’ve found it. We’ll obtain great things!”
“Indeed!” replied the person in the water. They looked a bit scared and asked, “Do you think he left an imprint in this small world?”
“The Nine Netherworlds are useless to him. Even if he left an imprint and knows we’re here, I don’t think he cares much,” answered the person in the air. “By the way, did you do what I asked you?”
“I asked some young people to take care of it. They went to Xue Yue to check. Since Xue Yue is the Demon-Sealing Emperor’s homeland, he sealed a world here for that reason. I’ve heard that the Netherworld Demon Emperor and Empress Xi had appeared in Xue Yue. I wonder if historical remains have appeared, too,” said the person in the black waters. The other person nodded and continued looking around.
People from the small world knew nothing about what was happening there. After coming into this world, these people had remained very discreet and had directly gone here. Apart from the Demon-Sealer’s things, they weren’t interested in anything else in this world except Xue Yue, because it was his homeland.
Lin Feng didn’t know about them either, obviously. When those people had come into the small world, the strong cultivator of the Celestial Palace of the Punishing Thunders hadn’t dared say anything. He had held his tongue, and he didn’t tell Lin Feng and the others about them, either. The Celestial Palace of the Punishing Thunders couldn’t afford offending these people, who could kill their cultivators just by glancing at them. Even Qing Di Mountain didn’t dare offend such people!
At that moment, Lin Feng was walking through Xue Yue, enjoying the landscapes. It felt good to be there, and he was smiling happily.
In the distance, he saw Yangzhou City.
Yangzhou City has become so big. It’s much bigger than before, smiled Lin Feng. Finally, he was back! He had left his family and friends for such a long time. If they wanted to, he could take all the people from Yangzhou City back with him and nothing would happen to them.
“Dad, mom, I’m back!” proclaimed Lin Feng, smiling widely. And Xiao Ya, Xin Ye, and the others, how were they doing?
Little Wu Shang, you must have grown up. What do you look like now?, thought Lin Feng happily. How was everyone after ten years?
Lin Feng’s godly awareness suddenly started shaking. He stopped smiling and frowned angrily.
The thread of godly awareness is broken!, thought Lin Feng suddenly. Back when he had left, he had given everyone a thread of godly awareness. Nothing had happened to those threads of energies in the last ten years. The only possibility was that something serious had happened!
His smile disappeared and he started moving like lightning. His boat appeared and he turned into a light beam. In the blink of an eye, people in Yangzhou City sensed a powerful strength in the sky. Many vendor’s booths were even blown away. They raised their heads and only saw a beam of light passing by.

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