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PMG Chapter 1842: Jiu You’s Government

PMG Chapter 1842: Jiu You’s Government
The two young men from the Lovesickness Forest Restaurant were already in the imperial palace of Yangzhou City. People around them were terrified. For them, this was a holy place, a symbol of the prosperity of Yangzhou City. There were many Zun cultivators in the imperial palace. Now, they were in danger.
An arrogant-looking young man was holding a gigantic golden blade. His blade contained a powerful strength which terrified people.
It seems to be an imperial weapon! Back then, when the Netherworld Demon Emperor’s small world appeared, many strong cultivators there had imperial weapons. Thanks to their imperial weapons, they were extremely strong. With those people and their imperial weapons, Yangzhou City’s imperial palace is in danger!, thought the crowd, shaking and staring at the guards of the imperial city. The strong cultivators from Jiange were all injured now.
“Come here and die! Maybe I will spare their lives if you do!” sneered the young man, smiling icily. He was looking for Lin Wu Shang.
“Young Master, go and hide in the deployment spell,” said the strong cultivators of Jiange. Even though the opponent’s cultivation level wasn’t high, their imperial weapons were high-level ones. They were much more powerful than the imperial weapons the Qi Clan had used back then, and contained very hard gold cosmic energies. They had to be much stronger to fight against people who had such weapons.
“A man has to bear the consequences for his actions. Therefore, I have to bear the consequences of my actions!” said Lin Wu Shang, grinding his teeth.
“Wu Shang!” shouted Xiao Ya. “What could we tell your parents if something happened, and your brother?”
Lin Wu Shang’s eyes were bloodshot. He looked at Lin Hai and Yue Meng He, and said, “Dad, mom, I’m sorry. I won’t regret anything if something happens. If something happens to me, it means I’m weak. Don’t avenge me if I die. Let Lin Feng do it.”
“Wu Shang, you’re not allowed to go!” cried Yue Meng He. She had only one son by her side. How could she let him die?
“This bunch of insects is really noisy!” said the young man, cutting the air. In a flash, fissures appeared in the sky. The small world couldn’t handle such a powerful attack, as spatial tears appeared everywhere.
“Move away!” said Xiao Ya, throwing herself at the blade energies.
Thunder clapped, and Lin Wu Shang’s face changed drastically as he shouted, “Sister Xiao Ya!”
There was another crack of thunder, and a bright light appeared. A curtain of lights surrounded Xiao Ya. The attack didn’t kill her, but she had landed in a fissure.
“Xiao Ya!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He had arrived, and charged towards the fissure. Lin Feng landed in the fissure, his face like a madman. The fissures didn’t affect him at all. He immediately jumped into the lights.
“Xiao Ya!” shouted Lin Feng. Lights appeared and surrounded her body, preventing her from dying. He drew a deep breath of relief. Mister Xiao had given her something to protect her. She hadn’t died.
“Brother Lin Feng!” shouted Xiao Ya happily when she saw Lin Feng. Lin Feng took her in his arms and came out of the fissure. They appeared in another place in Yangzhou City. The two then went straight back to the imperial palace.
“Lin Feng!”
“Young Master!”
The people in the imperial palace were stupefied, Lin Feng was back!
Yue Meng He wiped off her tears. Lin Feng was back! In her eyes, Lin Feng was a god. Nothing was impossible for him!
“He’s Lin Feng!?” The distant crowd watched him. Was that Lin Feng, the legendary cultivator they had heard of? Surprisingly, he looked so young!
Lin Wu Shang stared at Lin Feng. The last time he had seen him, he was only two years old! He didn’t remember his older brother that well, he had only heard the adults talk about him.
“Is that my brother?!” Lin Wu Shang smiled happily. Surprisingly, in such circumstances, he managed to smile.
“Bro!” shouted Lin Wu Shang. Lin Feng looked at Lin Wu Shang. That was his biological brother, Wu Shang?
When he saw Lin Wu Shang smile even though one of his arms was missing, he was furious.
“Who are you?” he asked the two cultivators icily. How come people with such powerful imperial weapons had appeared in Xue Yue? This was strange.
“Those people look like their savior has come back, but to me, it’s just one more person who’s going to die!” sneered the young man, smiling icily. Lin Feng waved his hands and sword lights rose to the skies. A horrible shriek spread in the air. The young man’s arm fell down from the sky.
“No…” the young man’s face changed drastically, desperate and ferocious. He looked at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes, and pointed at Lin Feng with his golden blade.
However, suddenly, some death strength penetrated into his eyes, and had the sensation that he was going to die. He looked even more furious.
“Bro, help me steal his imperial weapon, I will kill him myself!” said Lin Wu Shang. He looked insane as he rose up into the air. When Lin Feng heard his brother, he didn’t kill the man, instead landing next to Wu Shang. There was a glitter of light, and a powerful and heavy blade appeared in Lin Feng’s hands. That blade was a level-eight imperial weapon, and contained incredible earth cosmic energies. Lin Feng had found it in the ring of a strong cultivator he had killed in the Celestial Evolution Palace.
“Help yourself!” said Lin Feng, giving the blade to Lin Wu Shang. Wu Shang nodded and threw himself at the other cultivator with the blade. Those young men relied on their imperial weapons to be dangerous. Now, the tables were turned!
The young man’s face changed again. He could sense that the weapon Lin Feng had given to his brother was even scarier than their own. He realized that he had made a grave mistake.
“Die!” shouted Lin Wu Shang, furiously throwing himself at the young man. Lin Feng threw himself at the older one. That one was stupefied, he also took out an imperial weapon as he stared at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng charged him fearlessly. That person sensed oppressive energies surround him and shouted, “Stop!”
“Where are you from?” asked Lin Feng icily.
That person was stupefied and couldn’t stop shaking. He closed his eyes and shouted, “Listen to me!”
“Speak!” said Lin Feng icily.
“I know that I can’t compete with you but you can’t kill me. If you kill me, it will activate the imprint I have. You can’t offend my group. Let’s forget about this!” said the young man hastily to Lin Feng.
He opened his eyes again and looked at Wu Shang, “Hurry up and stop fighting! Otherwise, your entire clan will be destroyed!”
Lin Feng looked at him straight in the eyes. Nine Netherworlds water appeared and pierced though his eyes, corroding his will. Demonic will started flowing throughout his body.
“Where do you come from?” repeated Lin Feng icily. Lin Feng could sense something strange in that cultivator’s will. He released his godly awareness and attacked the man’s will further. His godly awareness shook violently. The older brother’s body became dazzling and suddenly a silhouette appeared.
It’s a godly awareness imprint, thought Lin Feng, shocked at the sight. He looked at the stronger cultivator’s shadow in the air. That person was wearing a dark robe and his eyes were dark. Dark lights twinkled in that person’s eyes, they looked like the six great divisions in the wheel of karma. They were powerful and could kill people easily.
A great emperor’s godly awareness strength, thought Lin Feng, stunned. How come there were such strong people in Xue Yue?
The great emperor looked at Lin Wu Shang and said icily, “Make him stop.”
Lin Wu Shang looked insane, he cut one of his opponent’s legs off with his blade before turning to look at Lin Feng.
“Kill him!” said Lin Feng to Wu Shang. Cultivators never flinched. Lin Wu Shang had lost an arm, he had to get his revenge and act with an indomitable will.
“Alright!” said Lin Wu Shang excitedly.
He threw himself at his opponent, as the young man shouted, “Ancestor, save me!”
“You want to kill him?!” shouted the silhouette furiously. However, at that moment, a powerful great imperial energy invaded the atmosphere. His eyes moved to Lin Feng. Lin Feng had a great sun disc which contained powerful energies.
“A thread of godly awareness dares act this arrogantly!” spat Lin Feng, constricting the godly awareness with his dazzling sun disc. The silhouette shouted furiously, but the atmosphere around it kept breaking apart.
“You’re insane!” shouted the thread, retreating quickly. However, the sun disc was a Great Imperial Weapon and constricted that thread of will. It surrounded him and he disappeared inside.
The crowd was trembling. A black hole appeared. The young man underneath it hadn’t died, surprisingly. Lin Feng had used his full strength to attack the silhouette instead.
At that moment, the young man’s face turned deathly pale as he trembled all over. Lin Feng and his brother were insane. They even dared destroy a great emperor’s godly awareness, and they had a Great Imperial Weapon!
“Don’t kill me!” pleaded that person, retreating as fast as he could.
Lin Feng just looked him straight in the eyes and said icily, “Tell me where you are from and why you came to this small world. Are there other strong cultivators in this small world?”
“We’re from Jiu You’s Government. We came to the small world because of the Demon-Sealing Sage’s forbidden area. Many people came, there are emperors and great emperors here!” said that person. He had no choice but to talk.
“Jiu You’s Government? Demon-Sealing Sage?” Lin Feng frowned. The Demon-Sealing Sage had to be the demon sealing great emperor, but few people knew about him. They didn’t know he was called the Demon-Sealing Sage.
It was like the Three Lives Great Emperor; people who didn’t know about him called him that. People who knew about him knew that he wasn’t a mere great emperor.
“Where in the Continent of the Nine Clouds is the Jiu You’s Government? How strong is the strongest cultivator who came with you?” asked Lin Feng.
“Jiu You’s Government is the main group in Long Night City in Purple Clouds. We’re looking for the forbidden area in Jiu You. It’s an order we received from the Nine Netherworlds’ Sage. We finally found it. The strongest cultivators with us are great emperors, we didn’t have time to call any stronger cultivators,” answered the young man.
Lin Feng was astonished. People from Purple Clouds had found a small world in the Dark Night region. That was incredible!
“Why are you looking for Jiu You’s forbidden area?” asked Lin Feng.
“According to legends, there is a secret palace in Jiu You’s forbidden area, but for us, people from Jiu You’s Government, practicing cultivation there is very useful. Back then, the Demon-Sealing Sage went crazy and sealed a gigantic area of the great world in his small world, including Jiu You’s forbidden area,”
the young man answered.
Lin Feng was shocked once again. The Demon-Sealing Sage was incredibly strong. He could seal entire areas of the great world inside his own small world!
“I’ve heard that the Demon-Sealer’s homeland was Xue Yue, but there are no historical remains here, what do you think?” asked Lin Feng. He thought of the Huang Sea and the small world which looked like Xue Yue within it.
“I noticed as well. The Demon-Sealing Sage may have sealed the historical remains somewhere else. Maybe he put them in the same small world as the one where he sealed the part of the great world,” answered the young man. Lin Feng understood that there were even more mysterious things about the small world he came from!
The Xue Yue which was accessible by going through the coffin in the Huang Sea was the ancient country of Xue Yue. It was a place created by the Demon-Sealing Sage!
That small world really was the Demon-Sealer’s small world. However, why didn’t the demonic side of the Three Lives Great Emperor show up there? Why had it been sealed in the Death Valley?
“You can die now!” The darkness in Lin Feng’s eyes slowly disappeared, and he stopped controlling the young man, who limply collapsed and died.
Wu Shang also killed the other young man. Surprisingly, these things were related to the Demon-Sealing Sage and Jiu You’s Government.

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