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PMG Chapter 1843: Lin Feng’s Wildness

PMG Chapter 1843: Lin Feng’s Wildness
I wonder when the Demon-Sealing Sage sealed a part of the great world into his own small world. The members of Jiu You’s Government even have someone called Jiu You’s Sage. They must be incredibly strong. The one who created this small world was powerful. Unfortunately, the Demon-Sealing Sage stopped taking care of this small world. Otherwise, this small world would have been incredibly powerful, thought Lin Feng. Perhaps the Demon-Sealer initially wanted to use this small world to relax and enjoy himself. Maybe he was happy as long as nobody destroyed it.
And there was Jiu You’s Government’s Jiu You’s Sage. He was probably a peerless cultivator. It was going to be difficult to remain in Yangzhou City.
“Bro!” Lin Wu Shang walked over to Lin Feng and smiled.
Lin Feng was saddened to see that Wu Shang had lost an arm, and he was only fifteen years old. He was completely different from Xiao Chen in the small village, he had an indomitable will.
Lin Feng had always been worried about Wu Shang because he had had a great life, and was born in great circumstances with everything he needed. But in the end, he was still motivated and worked hard.
Lin Feng released life cosmic energies, which started flowing throughout Wu Shang’s body. Lin Feng clapped Wu Shang’s shoulders and said, “You’re only fifteen and you’re already so tough! Just be careful next time.”
“Hehe!” Wu Shang just laughed. Lin Feng tousled his hair. Wu Shang laughed again and said, “Dad and mom said that when you were fifteen, you had started rising in the region and that you were traveling alone. They said you were fearless and had an indomitable will. People also admired you. I’m fifteen, I can’t be much weaker than you!”
“But you should stay safe,” said Lin Feng. He wanted nobody to have the same life he did back when he was fifteen. Back then, he had no background, he was just traveling around alone. Wu Shang had a different life. He could stay safe. He had a choice!
Lin Feng and Wu Shang landed on the ground. Lin Feng looked around and warmth filled his heart.
“Dad, mom!” Lin Feng greeted his parents. Yue Meng He’s eyes were still filled with tears.
Lin Hai just nodded, “Little Lin Feng, what about Wu Shang’s arm?”
“I will heal him,” said Lin Feng, releasing both of them. Lin Feng also noticed Liu Fei, Yun Xi, Yi Xue and the others, but someone was missing… He inquired, “Where’s Xin Ye?”
When everybody heard him, they looked a bit strange. Lin Feng suddenly had a bad premonition, but he also understood what had happened after they told him. He had wondered about this a long time ago. She was already being controlled…
“I’m going to look for her!” said Lin Feng, smiling grimly. Then he added, “Dad, mom, I don’t have much time. I need to sort out some things.”
“Alright, you can go,” nodded Yue Meng He.
Lin Feng slowly rose up in the air and said, “Jiange’s people, attend me.”
There was a sound of swords cutting the air. The strong cultivators from Jiange appeared, their faces looked as sharp as swords.
“Young Master!” greeted the strong cultivators, bowing before him. Lin Feng made a cutting motion, and dazzling lights appeared, materializing many imperial weapons, all containing a powerful strength.
Jiange’s cultivators were stupefied, and their hearts also started pounding.
“Imperial weapons, all these are imperial weapons.” They had never seen so many imperial weapons!
To Lin Feng, these weren’t important. He had killed so many strong people who came from powerful groups. They all had great items with them, and Lin Feng had taken them all after killing them.
“All of you, choose a weapon,” said Lin Feng calmly. Jiange’s people were overjoyed. Their silhouettes flickered and they all chose weapons they liked.
They had been protecting Xue Yue for ten years and as time passed, they had been complaining more and more. However, at that moment, they all had the feeling that it had been worth it. Their Young Master had come back, and Jiange had probably started rising in Ba Huang Province.
“Tell everyone what I’m going to tell you now. In around two months, there might be tremendous changes in Xue Yue. Maybe Xue Yue will have to stop communicating with the outside world, but your lives won’t be in peril. People who want to stay can stay, those who want to leave can leave. However, those who want to leave will have to leave within two months!” said Lin Feng extremely loudly. Many people started shaking. Xue Yue was going to change?
What was going to happen in Xue Yue?
“Yes, Young Master!” said the two leaders of the group from Jiange. Then, the strong cultivators’ silhouettes flickered. They went out in Xue Yue to inform the populace.
Lin Feng looked at the imperial palace. The Chi Xie soldiers were the guards of the imperial palace. Lin Feng had made them rise, they were legendary in Xue Yue.
“Chi Xie forces, listen to my orders!” shouted Lin Feng.
“Chi Xie Troops, present!” shouted the troops rising in the air.
“Same for you, go and inform the population that Xue Yue will change!” said Lin Feng.
“Chi Xie forces, yes, sir!” The soldiers also headed out.
On that day, they traveled all around the country with their beasts, from one city to another.
Of course, ordinary people couldn’t leave Xue Yue within two months, maybe they wouldn’t be able to leave Xue Yue in their entire life. Lin Feng mainly meant to inform cultivators.
The Empire of Xue Yue stirred. Lin Feng had come back and had told his people that some great changes were going to happen, that maybe they were going to be isolated from the outside world. How astonishing! Many people were startled, and had to choose; did they want to stay or did they want to leave?
They wanted to know what kind of changes Lin Feng was talking about. Did he mean good or bad changes?
Nobody told them anything, though. Lin Feng was giving them a simple decision: Xue Yue was going to change, did they want to leave or stay? That was their choice.
As the news spread, people from the imperial palace in Yangzhou City also had to come up with a decision. The majority of them decided to stay. Many people in the imperial palace were closely related to Lin Feng, and they trusted him. No matter what happened, Lin Feng was like a god to them, he cared about them and wouldn’t let anything happen to them.
Of course, most people were determined, but still a minority of them decided to leave. Lin Feng didn’t force them to stay. They were all free.

A few days later, people who passed through Yangzhou City’s imperial palace realized that it was empty. Nobody was there anymore! Where were the members of the imperial palace of Xue Yue? Were they all in the mysterious deployment spell?
Everything was so mysterious. But like everyone else in Xue Yue, they had to decide what they wanted to do, did they want to stay or leave?
Lin Feng had given them two months. If they wanted to leave, they had to leave within two months. For them, the easiest choice was to move to countries and empires which weren’t far from Xue Yue.
During those days, a powerful cultivator landed in Yangzhou City, and inspected Yangzhou City with his godly awareness. Many people sensed a powerful pressure. However, the strong cultivator didn’t find anything. The young man who had killed his descendants was already gone. His family, his friends, and all the members of the imperial palace were gone.
The man was furious, but impotent. A gigantic hand descended from the sky and destroyed the imperial palace, which turned into a field of ruins.
Actually, he didn’t know that Lin Feng was in Yangzhou City and was watching him. Lin Feng understood that the Demon-Sealer’s seal restrictions didn’t exist anymore. Maybe back then, his purpose was just to threaten all the emperors of Ba Huang.
After the strong cultivator left, Lin Feng also left Yangzhou City. He started inspecting all the areas of Xue Yue. At the same time, he started creating his own small world based on Xue Yue’s shape.
At the top of a mountain, there was a young man seated cross-legged with his eyes closed. It was Lin Feng.
In Lin Feng’s spirit small world, there was a group of people who were watching everything. They were stunned.
“Bro, are we really going to stay in your small world?” asked Lin Wu Shang, staring at Lin Feng. This place was just like Xue Yue. For Wu Shang, there was no difference between Yangzhou City and the place where he was at that moment, it’s just that they were in another world!
Wu Shang, Yue Meng He, and the others were all astonished. This was the small world of a strong cultivator? Lin Feng had become so strong that he could already create a world which looked just like Xue Yue!
“Wu Shang, this is my small world, but it’s also Xue Yue. In the future, this world will become very big,” said Lin Feng, smiling.
Lin Hai frowned and walked over to Lin Feng, “Little Lin Feng, you really want to imitate Xue Yue in this world?”
“Dad, I gave everyone the option to stay or leave. Those who choose to stay want to stay in Xue Yue. I can’t change their world, their everything. They want to keep their houses and everything,” said Lin Feng. “I will constantly make this world better. I will make it become powerful. In a hundred years, you will maybe see the whole world, not just Xue Yue!”

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