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PMG Chapter 1844: Changes in the Empire

PMG Chapter 1844: Changes in the Empire
Lin Feng appeared in a forest in Xue Yue. He inspected each of its corners with his godly awareness. He memorized everything perfectly. Then, he continued traveling using his boat.
Soon, people who had decided to stay would have to be moved. Lin Feng wanted everything to stay the same because it was his homeland. He could change anything anytime, anyway.
After a short time, Lin Feng appeared in an ancient village. The people there were ordinary people. Even those who knew about cultivation and practiced it had low cultivation levels, the majority of them were cultivators of the Qi layer.
“Sister, did anyone tell you anything about moving?” asked Lin Feng, walking up to an older woman wearing clothes made of animal skins and smiling.
“I did. Troops riding beasts came to the village and told us about it,” said the woman. She smiled and stood up, “You must come from very far away. Have a seat. I’ll get you some water.”
Lin Feng didn’t refuse. He took the glass of water, it was fresh and cool. He smiled and said, “Do you know what the people in the village intend to do?”
The woman shook her head, “We’re in the cultivation world, nobody knows us. We don’t know about anything. We don’t need to worry. Why would we waste our energy to travel over hundreds of kilometers? We don’t want to leave Xue Yue, anyway.”
The woman kept smiling. In the distance, a group of strong men with spears arrived, they looked like hunters. There were animals at the top of those spears, showing a successful hunt.
“Miss, who’s that?” asked one of the young men.
The woman looked at him and smiled, “He’s passing through our village so I gave him a glass of water.”
“Brother, stay with us tonight, let’s get drunk and have a barbecue!” proposed the young man, smiling wholeheartedly at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng didn’t refuse. In the evening, the villagers gathered, grilled some meat and stuffed themselves. Everybody danced together, and was having fun. Lin Feng was in the crowd and enjoyed himself too. He loved it.
On that day, Lin Feng even slept around a fire, everybody slept next to one another. On the second day, he left the village. He continued traveling around the country.

The day arrived. Many people in the Empire of Xue Yue were afraid. Two months had passed. Some tremendous changes were going to happen in the country, but what was going to happen?
Lin Feng, his family, many of his friends, the Chi Xie forces, and Jiange’s cultivators were all in the imperial palace of Yangzhou City in the Empire of Xue Yue.
“Are you all sure you want to stay? If you want to leave, it’s not too late. I don’t want you to feel pressured,” Lin Feng asked the crowd. He had warned everybody that some tremendous changes were going to happen in Xue Yue.
“We’re sure. We want to stay and protect Xue Yue forever!” said the Chi Xie forces. Xue Yue was their homeland. They had to protect it, they would never give up!
“Alright!” Lin Feng nodded and looked at the members of Jiange, “Jiange rules over Ba Huang now. You can leave and go back if you want.”
Jiange’s cultivators clenched their fists. What a difficult decision! Many people didn’t leave Xue Yue because they were from there, but Jiange’s people were from Jiange in Ba Huang. Something was going to happen, maybe they would be stuck in Xue Yue forever.
“Young Master, I have decided to stay!” declared someone. His voice sounded like a whistling sword. He knew that if he went back to Jiange, he would enjoy a high position and live in comfort, but it would be difficult to become stronger. If they stayed with Lin Feng, they would maybe have more opportunities, or maybe not, but they were willing to take that risk.
“Alright, I’m not asking you again then!” said Lin Feng. Suddenly, his spirit materialized in dazzling form, and a page of his spirit dashed to the sky.
“What’s that?” People raised their heads and stared at that one-paged golden scripture. There was a very detailed drawing on that page, it looked like an entire world…
Brilliant lights appeared. The book became gigantic and turned into a light curtain which blotted out the sky and the sun. People were astonished.
“Something is falling down on Yangzhou City!” shouted some people. It was an illusional world! That world was condensing, it almost looked real…
“That’s…” people in Yangzhou City were stupefied. It wasn’t a book, it was a world, but it looked like a mirage.
He’s condensing Qi into a small world! The strong cultivators of Jiange were staring at Lin Feng. They had heard that emperors could create small worlds but they had never seen it happen in front of their eyes. Qi was condensed and then turned into a solid world, the stability of the small world depended on the strength of the cultivator.
However, could Lin Feng really create a small world like those strong cultivators created? What did Lin Feng want to do?
Very quickly, people from the entire Empire of Xue Yue landed in the small world, without exception. Qi condensed and the most amazing part was that as the world expanded, they saw it for themselves.
The two worlds were converging!
Was that the tremendous change they had heard of? Who would tell them what was going on?
“Yangzhou City, Imperial Palace!” People in the imperial palace of Yangzhou City were startled as they stared at the mirage. They could see Yangzhou City, the exact same Yangzhou City!
“Stabilize!” shouted Lin Feng. The Qi condensed even more and suddenly, people from the Empire of Xue Yue found themselves shaking violently. The illusion descended from the sky even faster. Was something good happening? Or bad?
Finally, the mirage descended from the sky and landed in the Empire of Xue Yue. The worlds completely fused together as the Qi condensed. The crowd realized they were still in the same place. Nothing had happened. However, they sensed a strange Qi all around them.
What happened?, thought many people. Their hearts were pounding. Not knowing what had happened terrified them.
They didn’t know that Lin Feng was the only one left in the world they were in before, he was watching a whole world emerging. Qi continued condensing. It wasn’t Qi anymore, it was a real world.
What a strange world. It’s my own world, smiled Lin Feng. That world looked tiny to him, but for the people inside, it looked normal. They were still in Xue Yue, the country they knew. They didn’t know they were in another small world.

Lin Feng appeared in his small world.
“Bro, why did you disappear all of a sudden?” Lin Wu Shang asked Lin Feng. He was astonished and so was everybody else, they were all staring at him, waiting for him to reply.
However, Lin Feng just laughed. He didn’t say anything. A strong cultivator from Jiange looked at him, his eyes were twinkling and he asked, “Young Master, that’s… still the Empire of Xue Yue?”
Lin Feng smiled and said, “It’s still the Empire of Xue Yue and it will always be. You will also always stay in the Empire of Xue Yue, you understand?”
The strong cultivator looked at Lin Feng in a deep and meaningful way and then he nodded, “I understand. We’re in the Empire of Xue Yue and it will always be.”
At that moment, many people from Xue Yue looked at the sky and realized that the mirage had disappeared. Nothing had changed. Some people looked around and noticed that some details had changed, it was the same, but at the same time it looked different. Many people were scared, not knowing what had happened.
For example, some people were in front of a well, they were about to take out some water and suddenly, the well had disappeared. Some other people were in their houses, there was dust and spider webs in the corner of the rooms and at that moment, those things had disappeared. Things were the same, but at the same time they had changed, too.
Lin Feng’s world couldn’t be exactly the same. Many details were different because Lin Feng hadn’t noticed them. He had done his best, however.
Many people also quickly forgot about those things because it was still as if nothing had changed. They were still in the Empire of Xue Yue, their friends and family members were still at their sides.

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