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PMG Chapter 1845: Nothing to Worry About

PMG Chapter 1845: Nothing to Worry About

In Lin Feng’s world, the deployment spell which protected the imperial city had already disappeared. He didn’t need to protect the imperial city anymore. Many trees replaced the deployment spell. Many trees also appeared in Yangzhou City, containing an incredible strength.
That strength flew throughout the entire Empire of Xue Yue. Lin Feng was convinced that his small world would turn into a continent soon. It would be filled with cosmic energies and holy cultivation places.

At the foot of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree Lin Feng, his family and friends had gathered. They could all sense the incredible cosmic energies of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. Lin Wu Shang’s eyes twinkled and he said, “Bro, that tree’s cosmic energies are much stronger than the fate seed you gave me when I was a baby.”
“Of course, that tree can make everything change in the Empire of Xue Yue!” smiled Lin Feng. “Don’t waste natural resources. Wu Shang, that’s a Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree, it can heal your arm, and it can cleanse your body. It can make you smarter and it can also help you practice cultivation even faster.”
“Understood!” said Lin Wu Shang. Lin Hai and Yue Meng He didn’t know what had happened, but they didn’t ask much. They were still in Yangzhou City in Xue Yue. Everybody else was there, too. For them, nothing had changed, and everything was perfect.
The reason why Lin Feng built a small world was that he wanted to protect his family members. If Lin Feng had just made his family members move into a small world by themselves, they would have been bored quickly. He had made the entire population of an empire move into his small world. This way was much better, there was life directly from the beginning. And his parents were able to have the same life as before.
“Dad, mom, I have things to do,” said Lin Feng nodding at everybody before leaving quickly. After a short time, he arrived at the border of the Empire of Xue Yue. He created some fences around his small world, so nobody would be able to leave that way. Even if people looked there, they wouldn’t know that another world was on the other side.
Lin Feng created a mountain range as a fence, with many trees and plants. At the same time, he also planted many Bodhi trees in the mountains. Valleys, lakes, rivers, and paths appeared.
After that, Lin Feng jumped to the top of a mountain and looked around. Everything looked real.
Then, Lin Feng flashed away again and continued creating other places. He could do what he wanted. He only stopped when he was too tired, and smiled happily. He had created his own world!
His world lacked people and history. Of course, people could also evolve with time, but Lin Feng thought that if all these people belonged to the same empire, that wasn’t enough. People would need hundreds of years to evolve that way.
Of course, Lin Feng could also establish rules. For example, he could forbid people from killing! That way, people would live in peace and stop fighting. However, if they stopped fighting, what would cultivation become? Therefore, he didn’t establish any rules.
Lin Feng sat down in the air and looked around, smiling widely. This world was his, he was a god here!
“I wonder if I can create things using strength that belongs to me only in my world, or cosmic energies!” murmured Lin Feng. For example, the planet Earth was a world of civilization, of science and technologies. The Continent of the Nine Clouds was a cultivation world. Both worlds evolved differently, and people in those worlds were different and never met.
However, was the Continent of the Nine Clouds the ultimate version of the cultivation world?
All worlds worked according to the yin and the yang, they all had the earth and the sky, as well as the strength of the five elements. Lin Feng’s small world was no exception. However, could he create new sorts of cosmic energies? And were the cosmic energies in his small world the same as in the outside world? In the outside world, could he use the same cosmic energies he could in his own small world?
After thinking for a long time, Lin Feng disappeared from there.
In the outside world, there was nobody left in the Empire of Xue Yue. It was unpopulated and looked abandoned. Human beings and animals had all disappeared in the blink of an eye.
In neighboring countries and regions, people said that they had seen Xue Yue’s people rise to the skies and disappear. When people said that, their questioners said they were either insane or drunk.
However, the rumors spread around quickly and many people said that the Empire of Xue Yue was now unpopulated. People had all disappeared between one day and the next.
They were many rumors. Some people even started wondering if those people who were considered insane weren’t right. More and more people came to Xue Yue to see if the rumors were true. Many people still didn’t believe the rumors but many people also started having doubts, especially when they witnessed reality.
The rumors were not groundless.
The gigantic territory of the Empire of Xue Yue had become desolate. There was absolutely nobody there. Nobody knew what had happened to Xue Yue, and nobody would ever know. It was a new mystery. People in the outside world started talking about Xue Yue all the time. Even many years later, people would continue wondering what had happened.
Lin Feng had already left Xue Yue. Even though he missed the actual place, he tried to forget about the past and move on. Now, he could focus solely on cultivation. He wanted to become a peerless cultivator!
In the Huang Sea, a place the strong cultivators of this small world didn’t even dare visit, someone was waiting. His hair was fluttering in the wind as a powerful desolate Qi kept attacking his body.
“According to legends, the Huang Sea was an ancient battlefield, a symbol of destruction. The Huang Sea back then was the real Huang Sea. It has changed a lot since then. Now, the destructive energies have already faded, I guess,” whispered Lin Feng. He opened his third eye and started absorbing strength like a madman.
His dragons chanted, the nine heads of his dragon spirit all opened their mouths at the same time and started absorbing desolate strength at full speed. They converted the energy into physical strength.
Lin Feng walked through the Huang Sea, cleansing his body with its strength. He was becoming stronger as he understood the desolate energy better and better. Who said that desolate strength couldn’t turn into cosmic strength?
Seven days later, in Jiu You’s forbidden area, someone who looked like a scholar appeared, wearing white clothes. However, he looked sick and his face was yellow. Even though they looked handsome, they looked really ill. However, that person still dared go into the forbidden area. That person was Lin Feng.
The young man he had killed had told him that people from Jiu You’s Government had gone to the forbidden area of Jiu You. They had looked for the forbidden area for five thousand years, and were ecstatic that they had finally found it. But very few people knew about it.
It was Lin Feng’s first time in the forbidden area of Jiu You. Nobody had dared go there in the past, as it was such a dangerous place. However, Lin Feng couldn’t control himself, he really wanted to see it.
The ground was black, the sky was black, the lakes and rivers were black. It was like Hell.
Lin Feng saw some people on the periphery of the forbidden area, all of them very strong emperors. Those people were definitely the strong cultivators the young man had told him about, and from Jiu You’s Government without a doubt.
Lin Feng didn’t disturb them. He sat down in the distance and started moving his hands as if he were drawing. He was actually carving deployment spells.
Lin Feng had to be careful and prepared when bumping into great emperors. These deployment spells would help him escape if required.

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