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PMG Chapter 1846: Jiu You – Nine Netherworlds

PMG Chapter 1846: Jiu You – Nine Netherworlds
When Lin Feng finished carving enough deployment spells, he walked over to a river. An emperor guarded the area and looked at Lin Feng. He said indifferently, “That black water is dangerous. Go away, you can die if you come to close.”
“The black water is the water of the Nine Netherworlds.” replied Lin Feng, raising his head and smiling.
“Indeed,” nodded the strong cultivator.
“So it’s the right place. I came here precisely because I wanted to see the water of the Nine Netherworlds. Can you really die if you get too close?” Lin Feng walked up to the edge of the river. The emperor groaned when he saw that Lin Feng refused to listen to him. If Lin Feng wanted to die, he couldn’t help it. Lin Feng was just a Zun cultivator, he would definitely die if he touched the water.
Lin Feng crouched and looked at the water. He slowly stretched out his hand. This place was the most famous forbidden area of Ba Huang and Jiu You, it was much more dangerous than the Huang Sea.
When Lin Feng put his hand in the water, he sensed some death Qi penetrate into his arm and flow throughout his entire body. He turned black as if he had been turned into a part of the water.
When the emperor saw that Lin Feng was becoming black, a contemptuous smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Lin Feng hadn’t listened to him, and now he was going to die. It was a dangerous place!
At that moment, Lin Feng released some life energy and gradually became yellow again. He absorbed the death energy and became completely normal again.
“Life cosmic energy!” The emperor looked at Lin Feng strangely. This young man could touch the black water!
“What a powerful black water,” muttered Lin Feng. He had just put his hand inside it, and death energy had invaded his body. No wonder it was the most famous forbidden area of the region. In the small world, nobody was strong enough to go here!
Lin Feng put his hand away and smiled, “Master, that black water looks like the water from Hell. Are the Nine Netherworlds under the water? Is it really Hell?”
“You can go inside and you’ll see!” replied the emperor, smiling icily.
“You’re funny, Master!” smiled Lin Feng widely. The emperor smiled indifferently too. However, at that moment, his smile suddenly disappeared. Lin Feng, who was smiling so widely, surprisingly… jumped into the black water!
Lin Feng sensed the death Qi invade his body, and turned completely black. The emperor was astonished, his mouth twitched. How was that possible? Lin Feng jumped into the water, wasn’t he going to die?
Lin Feng obviously didn’t die. He controlled death and life cosmic energies, how could he die in the black water? However, he couldn’t sense the powerful death Qi, it was as if the water was trying to make him turn into a corpse.
“Master, don’t you want to try? I don’t think the water is as scary as the legends say.” Lin Feng’s head popped up at the surface of the water and he looked at the emperor.
The man’s mouth twitched. Many other emperors’ silhouettes flickered as they arrive. They were stupefied when they saw him out there in the water.
“Why do I have the impression that this death strength is so special?” murmured Lin Feng. He glanced at the few emperors, the death strength in here was so pure, purer than the death strength he understood. It was like pure death, the kind of death energy you’d only find in Hell.
Even though the cosmic energies he understood weren’t those of the earth and the sky because the gods didn’t allow him, the death cosmic energy he understood was much thicker. However, at that moment, the death strength he was sensing was much purer!
Lin Feng swam about in the black water, slowly and carefully. He calmly sensed the energy here, and a vortex started rotating around his body. He started absorb the strength rapidly.
The emperors were all staring at Lin Feng. They didn’t understand, Lin Feng was a Zun cultivator, how could he be swimming around in the black water? There were two kinds of people; those who were incredibly strong and could swim in the black water, and everyone else, who died inside or even if they got close to it.
The river was quite long, and as Lin Feng swam along with the current, he could sense that the death energy was getting thicker and thicker. He had turned grey, as if his body had started decaying. He didn’t even look alive anymore.
Where is he going?, wondered the emperors staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng finally stopped. If he continued swimming along the current, he might really die.
Lin Feng closed his eyes, floated on his back and relaxed in the black water. At that moment, he really looked dead.
The emperors of Jiu You’s Government were astonished and glanced at one another.
Lin Feng floated on his back for a few days and let the current take him away.
He hasn’t died!, thought the emperors of Jiu You’s Government. They were all astonished. This guy was so strange…
At that moment, Lin Feng opened his eyes and frowned. He could sense an incredible strength in the water, it was as if it were about to burst, like the lava of a volcano.
In the distance, more people appeared in the air, all wearing black robes. They looked enigmatic and unfathomable, especially the leader of the group. He had the eyes of a demon who had come straight from Hell. He could probably kill people in the blink of an eye just by glancing at them.
They saw Lin Feng and glanced over at him. Lin Feng sensed a powerful strength come down on him.
“Celestial Master of the Seven Nights!” The crowd bowed before the leader of the group respectfully. The leader nodded at them. He looked bestial and powerfully enigmatic. One couldn’t guess how old he was.
“Who is he?” asked the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights, looking at Lin Feng indifferently.
“Celestial Master of the Seven Nights, he was just passing through. Surprisingly, he’s been swimming in the black water for three days and he hasn’t died,” replied one of the emperors. The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights frowned in surprise. A cultivator of the Zun Qi layer had spent three days in the black water and wasn’t dead? Did he have a special body, such as the Nine Netherworlds body or the King of Hell body?
Many other people appeared in the sky, all great emperors, and they bowed before the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights and greeted him, “Celestial Master of the Seven Nights!”
“Thank you for your hard work,” said the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights, “You made great efforts to find the Nine Netherworlds. Do you know when it will erupt?”
“We’ve been waiting for a few months already. Its strength is getting more and more intense. The explosion should be imminent!” reported one of the great emperors. Lin Feng recognized him. It was the ancestor of the two young men he and his brother had killed!
“Alright,” said the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights. He shook his hand and a black gourd appeared. When the great emperors saw that gourd, they were startled. The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights had brought the gourd, he was about to absorb the essence of the Nine Netherworlds.
What do the people of Jiu You’s Government want to do? What mystery does this forbidden area hide?, wondered Lin Feng. They had just said that the Nine Netherworlds were going to explode, they probably meant the area under the black water.
The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights flitted over to the gigantic whirlpool of the forbidden area. He suddenly turned black, and the strength of the Nine Netherworlds started flowing throughout his body.
The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights took a deep breath, and disappeared into the gigantic whirlpool, where he started absorbing the strength of the Nine Netherworlds. The strong cultivators around were impressed.
“The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights’ strength is powerful. He jumped right into the whirlpool!” Those watching were astonished. Lin Feng was still in the black water, but people didn’t pay attention to him. In the eyes of the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights, Lin Feng was just passing through. The goal of the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights was the Nine Netherworlds!
The strong cultivators of Jiu You’s Government waited patiently. Lin Feng was still in the black water and he was waiting as well. The death strength below was becoming more and more powerful. Lin Feng had the impression that he was dying.
Time passed and the black water whirlpool rotated faster and faster. More and more death strength emerged. Lin Feng couldn’t handle it.
At that moment, someone’s voice drew Lin Feng’s attention. The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights suddenly rose up in the air at full speed, the whirlpool boiling beneath him. The powerful strength started exploding under him!
The black water started moving at immense speed. Lin Feng was bombarded by black waves as he kept staring at the celestial master. The black water was rising to the skies, it looked like a waterfall but upside-down. It was like the atmosphere was turning into the Nine Netherworlds!

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