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PMG Chapter 1847: Hell

PMG Chapter 1847: Hell
How powerful. The Nine Netherworlds were created that way? Is it the real Hell?, thought Lin Feng, studying the darkness. The fearsome darkness kept spreading through the air, and blotted out the sky. Lin Feng gazed into the distance as everything was covered by the darkness.
The waters moved faster and faster, and kept bombarding him.
Lin Feng finally rose up into the air. He could die under such powerful energies. At that moment, the black waters turned into a black ocean.
The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights was at the top of the inverted waterfall. His eyes were gleaming as he watched the Nine Netherworlds black water.
He waved his hand, and his Nine Netherworlds gourd became gigantic before it started absorbing the strength at full speed. The inverted waterfall flew straight into the gourd.
“Essence of the Nine Netherworlds!” The strong cultivator of Jiu You’s Government were astonished. The gourd was absorbing the essence of the Nine Netherworlds!
The Nine Netherworlds gourd blotted out the sky. It contained a special kind of strength, as if it had were absorbing the earth and the sky.
Jiu You’s Government came here to steal the Nine Netherworlds’ black water!, thought Lin Feng, shivering. The water which flowed out of the whirlpool was powerful, raw essence strength. The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights was absorbing all its essence. The gourd he had was a Great Imperial Weapon. There was enough essence in the gourd to form a lake.
The source of the Nine Netherworlds continued being sucked into the gourd.
After a long time, the gourd had absorbed an incalculable amount of the Nine Netherworlds water. There were rumbles as the flow of water began to slow. Almost all of it was now inside the gourd.
The ground was shaking, the sky was rumbling. Lin Feng sensed that something was happening below him.
What’s that?, thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng was shocked to see a building appear in the middle of the lake of the Nine Netherworlds. In front of him, a gigantic palace was rising. The black palace was dreadful and imposing, it looked like a palace from Hell!
The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights was startled too, and stared at it thoughtfully. The main gate of the palace opened itself. It was as if something or someone was waiting for them to go in.
“The entrance to Hell!” The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights was astonished. The legends were true. This was the entrance to Hell.
The entrance to Hell! Lin Feng was astonished, his heart started pounding. He blurted out, “Does Hell really exist?”
“Why wouldn’t Hell exist?” said the Celestial Master of the Seven Night,s smiling at Lin Feng, “You want to go inside and see?”
Lin Feng’s mouth twitched. What would Hell look like?
Lin Feng was very curious. However, what would happen if he went inside? Only dead people went to Hell, that’s he had always heard in his previous life. Was it true, though? Maybe it was different. The cultivation world was strange. Cultivators could create worlds, so why couldn’t they create Hell?
Lin Feng was still afraid to go to Hell. But he really wanted to see what was inside.
“You, go in,” said the Celestial Emperor to Lin Feng. Lin Feng frowned and stared at the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights. Jiu You’s Sage controlled Jiu You’s Government. He was a Celestial Emperor, he could easily kill Lin Feng. Even with a Great Imperial Weapon, he couldn’t do much against such a cultivator. He had no way to protect himself.
“Master, what does Hell look like?” asked Lin Feng, smiling at the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights.
“I’ve never been there,” said the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights, shaking his head.
“Master, you want me to go in, but you will help me inside, right?” said Lin Feng.
However, the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights just shook his head and said, “I want to see if you can come back out alive.”
“That’s all? You want to use me to try?” smiled Lin Feng. The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights nodded. In his eyes, Lin Feng’s life had no value at all. He was just curious and wanted to have some fun.
“I have no choice then,” said Lin Feng, shrugging. The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights was watching him closely.
“Hell, I’m coming in. We’ll see what ‘Hell’ can be!” shouted Lin Feng, crossing the main gate.
Instantly, Lin Feng appeared in another place. Outside, everything was darkness. However, in front of Lin Feng, surprisingly, there was a long corridor with guards wearing armor and holding weapons. When they saw Lin Feng, they glanced at him, and then turned around as if they hadn’t seen him.
Lin Feng turned around and noticed that the door was closed. Couldn’t he get out anymore?
If he couldn’t go out, he had to continue. Lin Feng walked through the corridor. Very quickly, he arrived at a broken bridge. The bridge wasn’t long and was surrounded by fog. There was a woman in front of the bridge. She was holding a bowl with a brew inside and smiled at Lin Feng.
“Meng Po’s brew?” Lin Feng was stupefied. He walked up to the broken bridge and looked at the old lady.
(Translator’s Note: check this article for more information on Meng Po and Hell in Chinese mythology: )
At that moment, the old lady gave the bowl to Lin Feng. Of course, the bowl didn’t contain the waters of oblivion, it contained black water.
“Should I drink it?” asked Lin Feng. The old woman nodded. Lin Feng took the bowl and downed the black water before he gave her back the bowl.
“Welcome to Hell!” smiled the old lady. She took the bowl and indicated the way to Lin Feng.
“Ghost World!” Lin Feng frowned and continued walking on the broken bridge. He looked around at the fog, then back at the old woman. She nodded at him. Lin Feng continued walking and arrived at the end of the bridge. Since it was broken, the path stopped in the air. Lin Feng continued walking past the edge and didn’t walk on the air, he let himself fall down.
Lin Feng did a freefall for a short time, and landed roughly on the ground. He had the feeling that his bones were broken, but he scratched his head and stood up. He glanced around and smiled.
“Hell? Ghost World?” Lin Feng laughed. He knew where he was.
He had arrived in another world.
Hell, or the Ghost World, was just like the Continent of the Nine Clouds. It was just a name. Someday, Lin Feng’s small world would become extremely powerful and at that time, if he wanted, he would be able to call it Hell or Ghost World, or whatever.
However, was this place in the great world or a small world?
People’s cultivation levels here are extremely high. They’re not weaker than people in the Holy City, thought Lin Feng glancing at the crowd. People’s Qi was different and the buildings around had a different architecture. But people in here were cultivators, too.
But how can I go back?, thought Lin Feng scratching his head. He had a headache. The Nine Netherworlds were the entrance to another world. Since he could come in, it meant he could also leave. The problem was how?
Lin Feng walked forwards and glanced around. He needed to find a place where he would be able to get some pieces of information regarding this place.
Everywhere, the best places to find pieces of information were restaurants and hotels. Lin Feng quickly found a restaurant which was also a tea house. However, the water they used to make tea was black.
Lin Feng drank a cup of tea and sensed the death energy flow throughout his body. He knew that taste. He was drinking more black water!
Of course, the death Qi of this black water wasn’t intense. The other people in the restaurant also drank black water, but they looked normal, it was a normal thing to do for them. It was just like tea in other worlds.
“Why do I have the feeling that this place is not connected to any other world?” muttered Lin Feng. This place was very strange. People here had their own drink, black water. Did it mean that they practiced death cultivation, and that they didn’t die easily?
“Waitress!” shouted Lin Feng, calling the her over.
She ran towards him and smiled, “How may I help you?”
“I’d like to ask you something. Have you ever heard of the Continent of the Nine Clouds?” asked Lin Feng.
The waitress smiled, “I don’t know if the Continent of the Nine Clouds exist or not. But I know that many years ago, I heard some people talk about strange things. They said that this world wasn’t the only world, that there were other worlds. I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

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