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PMG Chapter 1848: Shrine

PMG Chapter 1848: Shrine
“Well, what would I do if I wanted to go to another world?” Lin Feng asked the waitress with a friendly smile. Many people turned around and looked at him. Was this guy insane? He was only a Zun cultivator. How could he go to another world?
“Dear guest, you’re embarrassing me. You should go and ask the Ten Yama Kings of the Ten Yama Courts, and if they can’t help you, then you should ask the Great Emperor of Hell. Why would you ask me? I have no idea,” replied the waitress, shrugging and smiling, “Do you want to eat anything, dear guest?”
Lin Feng took out a low-level imperial weapon, it was golden and dazzling. He said to the waitress, “Bring me something to eat. If you answer some more questions, I’ll give you this thing.”
“Dear guest, that weapon is very strange.” said the waitress staring at the imperial weapon.
It must be gold cosmic energy, but it’s different. Something is missing from it, thought people in the restaurant, studying Lin Feng’s imperial weapon. Someone stood up and walked over to Lin Feng. That person stretched out their hand and released gold cosmic energies. Their cosmic energies contained Hell strength!
Lin Feng was startled. Cosmic energies here were different!
In this world, cosmic energies are different from cosmic energies in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. It’s just like me, my cosmic energies are different in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. But here, the difference between their cosmic energies and those in the Continent of the Nine Clouds is clear and distinct. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, apart from me, nobody can sense that my cosmic energies are different.
Lin Feng shivered. Could this world be another great world?
If that was the case, it meant that the world in his spirit could also become a great world!
Small worlds were created by people, what about great worlds? If a great world emerged in Lin Feng’s spirit, then he would be the creator.
Lin Feng had created the world in his spirit.
He was stunned. That was another great mystery, a mystery of life!
Maybe the whole world was made of small worlds, the real worlds of cultivation.
“Where does your Hellish weapon come from?” the strong cultivator to Lin Feng. He sensed that that imperial weapon contained mysteriously different cosmic energies.
“I picked it up,” Lin Feng replied calmly. He smiled at the waitress, “Waitress, do you know who the strongest person in Hell is?”
“Dear guest, you’re joking. The strongest person in Hell is the almighty God of Hell, of course,” said the waitress naturally. The God of Hell was the god of that world. Even though nobody had ever seen him, they all believed he had created the world.
“Have you ever seen him?” asked Lin Feng naturally.
“I don’t know anyone who has ever seen him,” said the waitress, smiling and shaking her head.
“Do you know where he practices cultivation?” said Lin Feng.
“In the Hell Shrine, I guess!” smiled the waitress. Lin Feng frowned. Hell Shrine? A shrine?
The God of Hell was the creator of this world and he also had a shrine, which meant that the Hell Shrine was probably the most powerful group in this world.
“Who are you?” asked the strong cultivator, staring at Lin Feng. His eyes were pitch-black. Lin Feng’s questions were unusual. He was a Hell Zun cultivator, how could he not know about those things and why did he ask strange questions? The emperor found Lin Feng suspicious. He had a Hell weapon with different cosmic energies, and he asked strange and complex questions.
This guy was strange.
Everybody in the restaurant was staring at Lin Feng. They also thought that he was strange.
Lin Feng drank some black water and put his glass back on the table. He raised his head and looked back at the man. He suddenly said coolly, “If I told you I were from another world, would you believe me?”
The teapot the waitress was holding in her hand exploded. Everybody stopped talking and stared at him. From another world?
“What world?” asked the emperor.
“The Continent of the Nine Clouds!” replied Lin Feng. Everybody stared at him. The Continent of the Nine Clouds? Another world?
Lin Feng stretched his hand and golden lights twinkled. He released empty space cosmic energy. He raised his hand and smiled wryly. He mused, I thought I would be able to be cleansed by more Kalpa strength.
“Cosmic strength, but you’re a Zun cultivator. On top of that, surprisingly, you control cosmic energies better than ordinary Hell emperors,” noted the emperor, staring at Lin Feng. He was surprised.
“I come from another world. Maybe you don’t receive cosmic energies the same way we do,” smiled Lin Feng. People slowly started to believe him. He really came from another world!
“Everybody, do you know how I could go back to my own world?” asked Lin Feng. After all, he was from another world. People in there had no reason to attack him.
“We’re in one of the ten main cities of Hell, the Great Imperial Song City. Even though I don’t know how you came here, if you want to go back, I’ll think you’ll need to find the leader of the city, Great Emperor Song. He’s one of the city leaders. Maybe he knows about the mysteries of this world. But you’re just a small Hell Zun cultivator or small Hell Emperor, you will never be able to meet Great Emperor Song,” spoke up an emperor next to Lin Feng.
Apart from the leaders of the ten main cities of Hell, they knew that there were the Ten Yama Kings’ courts which ruled over Hell. They had also guessed that there were other worlds, but now Lin Feng was confirming it!
“The Great Imperial Song City!” repeated Lin Feng. One of the ten main cities of Hell, how strong was Great Emperor Song? With his cultivation level, he wouldn’t be able to meet such a cultivator.
“My name is Zhang Heng, and yours?” asked the emperor sitting down at Lin Feng’s table. Lin Feng didn’t mind. The cultivator was curious about him. He wanted to know what the Continent of the Nine Clouds looked like.
“Lin Feng.”
“Lin Feng, Great Emperor Song has a great army. If you want to meet Great Emperor Song, you might consider becoming one of his soldiers,” Zhang Heng said to Lin Feng, “But those troops are powerfully strong, almost invincible. If you want to become one of their members, it will be very difficult. I want to go to the Great Imperial Song City to try and become one. I don’t have much hope, though,” Zhang Heng said to him. Lin Feng actually needed people’s help, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to do anything in Hell.
“What do you mean by invincible?” Lin Feng asked him.
“Great Emperor Song’s army is composed of the most heroic fighters. Everyday there are battles, and to become a member of Great Emperor Song’s troops, you must win a hundred times without losing!” Zhang Heng explained to Lin Feng.
“People who can win a hundred times without losing must be incredible warriors, are they willing to become soldiers?” asked Lin Feng. Many people looked at him strangely, so Lin Feng understood that he had said something wrong.
“Lin Feng, you’re from another world, you don’t understand how powerful the armies of the main cities are. Hell only has ten main cities, and their ten leaders are powerful cultivators, they control all the resources of Hell. You have to become a member of the army if you want to have access to those resources. That’s also the only way for you to become truly strong,” Zhang Heng explained to him.
Lin Feng nodded. Hell was another world, it was different from the Continent of the Nine Clouds.
“But there are only ten cities in Hell and there are battles everyday, where do all those fighters come from?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious.
Zhang Heng smiled wryly, “If you knew how many people there are in the ten main cities, you wouldn’t ask. Besides, new strong cultivators appear every day in Hell. Strong cultivators aren’t lacking.”
“Maybe Hell and the world I come from are really completely different,” smiled Lin Feng.
At that moment, in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, outside of the forbidden area of Jiu You, someone wearing white clothes opened their eyes. Their gaze was filled with sharp lights. That person stared at the forbidden area. If the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights had been there, he would have been astonished, because that person was Lin Feng, who had gone into Hell!
“My real body went to Hell, I don’t know when I’ll be able to come out. It seems that everything is strange in the greater world. I need to control my real body now though,” murmured Lin Feng. His eyes were twinkling. “The problem is now that I have left my body, I only have one third of my strength, and there are many kinds of strength I can’t use. I have to be very careful or my physical body will get injured.”
Then, Lin Feng’s clone’s silhouette flickered. He left that place and headed to Ba Huang!

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