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PMG Chapter 1849: Famous Methods

PMG Chapter 1849: Famous Methods
The Three Lives Scriptures were strange. They were similar to the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, as they weren’t used to increase one’s cultivation level. They represented a kind of cultivation unique to themselves.
The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures were used to make things change and evolve. They also allowed cultivators to imitate others.
The Three Lives Scriptures were strange, too. They allowed a cultivator to clone themselves. The number three was just an example, it could be much higher.
In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, people all knew the name of the Three Lives Scriptures. However, few people had obtained them. Most people didn’t even know what cultivators could really do with them. According to legends, a cultivator who had the Three Lives Scriptures could divide into three: his real physical body, a Buddha, and a Demon. Legends also said that those three bodies could live autonomous lives, they were three different people and not one person anymore.
Of course, nobody knew the real details. Some people said that the Three Lives Great Emperor hadn’t stopped after three bodies, maybe he had a fourth or a fifth body, too!
Even though those bodies could live independently from one another, they were also interconnected. So, if one body studied or practiced cultivation, then the other bodies also benefited from it. Of course, that was a very efficient way of becoming stronger.
Therefore, the Three Lives Great Emperor was a powerful cultivator. Everybody knew that.
Empress Xi had also studied the Three Lives Scriptures. Lin Feng had also seen her use the strange powers related to them. The Three Lives Scriptures didn’t only contain methods to divide into several bodies, they also allowed cultivators to transform.
Body transformation techniques were rare in the cultivation world, but they were usually extremely powerful. Usually, when cultivators divided into several bodies, they had less strength to fight. If a cultivator was extremely strong, they could be almost as strong as their first physical body, but there were still restrictions.
The cloning power granted by the Three Lives Scriptures worked in the same way as mitosis. Each time, a body divided into three, and then they could divide into three again.
The most rudimentary way of cloning oneself was to use the soul embryo, but that way, the bodies didn’t have much strength, and the clones’ evolution depended on their cultivation. That was what Lin Feng did. He could divide into several bodies and his strength was also divided. However, his clones were also interdependent, they couldn’t live entirely on their own.
Only those who understood the technique at a high level could practice cultivation on their own and evolve in the form of several clones. When cultivators were extremely strong, if one of their clones died, it was a big loss, but didn’t influence their original body. Lin Feng hadn’t reached that level though. If one of his clones died, his physical body would be badly injured.
Lin Feng perfectly understood that. He was now going back to Ba Huang to see Xiao Chen. Then, he would also need to find Hu Yue and Mu Lin Xue, they were were waiting for him in Jiange. At the same time, he needed to tell Jiange’s people to officially take control over the small world. The passage between Ba Huang and the small world was already open, and anyone could go in and out. Additionally, the passage between the great world and the small world was already under Tiantai’s control.
When the news spread throughout Ba Huang, people were stupefied. Tiantai had already started rising in the great world, and some people even realized that the legendary passage between the small world and the great world was open. They were free to enter and exit the small world as they wished. Many people even started heading to the great world to travel.
In Hell, in the Great Imperial Song City, in the battlefield outside of the city…
There were many people gathered here, some arriving and some leaving constantly.
In the northern part of the battlefield, there were bleachers and in the middle of the bleachers, there was a gate, the first city gate of the Great Imperial Song City.
Among the Ten Yama Courts’ kings, everybody knew that Great Emperor Song was the one who loved fighting the most. Battles were incredible in the Great Imperial Song City, and those who stood out quickly drew his attention.
Hell and the Continent of the Nine Clouds were different. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there were all sorts of powerful groups. In Hell, the Ten Yama Courts were symbols, and the strongest groups of Hell. The strongest cultivators were also in the ten main cities.
At that moment, in the bleachers, many people were watching the battles. All the fighters were incredible.
“That guy is one of the leaders of Hell, he controls Kalasutra strength. The girl next to him is his daughter, the Kalasutra Princess. And the young man there is one of Great Emperor Song’s descendants,” someone pointed out. Many people were startled. One of the leaders of Hell had come to watch battles? Maybe some incredible fighters were going to appear!
No wonder he’s one of the leaders, he looks incredible. His daughter or even Great Emperor Song’s descendants all look extraordinary and extremely strong, thought the crowd. Having the opportunity to be selected as one of the leaders of Hell was incredible, one had to be extremely strong, able to oppress everyone in Hell. They could be chosen from anywhere in Hell, but they had to be Celestial Emperors at the least.
Zhang Heng and Lin Feng were also in the bleachers watching the battles. Zhang Heng looked at the man who controlled Kalasutra strength and said, “That guy wields Kalasutra strength, and he controls one territory of Hell as a Minister. He’s very powerful. Great Emperor Song grants people such privileges in the Great Imperial Song City. Most people who become Ministers come from those battle stages.”
Lin Feng nodded. In the jargon of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, those parts of Hell controlled by people were maybe like small worlds, so if one could control a small world in Hell, then one had lots of advantages and access to many different resources.
People in Hell seemed more straightforward than back home, too.
“Zhang Heng, there are so many battle stages and I’m only a low-level Hell emperor, but even if a low-level Hell emperor wins a hundred battles without losing, can they really draw Great Emperor Song’s attention? I think that it must be difficult to draw his attention,” mused Lin Feng. There were many people fighting everywhere, on different battle stages for different levels. For each cultivation level, there were eighty battle stages, which meant that there were eighty battle stages for low-level emperors.
“Of course, Great Emperor Song is only one of the Ten Yama Courts’ kings. To draw his attention, you must be extremely strong. Even though it’s difficult to win a hundred battles without losing, it’s also only to become a member of the army. If you want to draw his attention, you must also be a heroic member of the army!” Zhang Heng told Lin Feng, “Of course, there’s a shortcut which can help you stand out on the battle stage.”
“What shortcut?” asked Lin Feng.
“If you do all your battles one after the other quickly, or if you challenge someone who already has lots of victories, then it can help,” said Zhang Heng. “Each time you complete ten battles, you can choose to have a rest, or you can choose to continue fighting on the second day. Your opponents have to be stronger and stronger. If you can complete all your battles one after the other quickly, very strong people will come and fight against you. If you can really complete a hundred battles without losing, then you’ll amaze everyone!” laughed Zhang Heng. “But a hundred battles without losing and without resting is something difficult to achieve. Don’t try that, you will have many chances to lose if you do. After all, the chances to win are smaller as you progress in the battles, especially since your opponents become stronger and stronger.”
“Your solution is not bad,” said Lin Feng calmly.
Zhang Heng looked at Lin Feng strangely and smiled, “Do you want to try that?”
“I’m thinking about it!” nodded Lin Feng.
Zhang Heng laughed and said, “Alright, I can’t wait to see how strong you are. I will fight on a different battle stage and we will see who’s stronger!”
While talking, they also looked for a battle stage which corresponded to their level. Lin Feng didn’t go up on one immediately, he first watched some battles. Many people in Hell controlled death cosmic energy. After all, they drank black water everyday, the circumstances were perfect. However, controlling death cosmic energy wasn’t very useful for them since they were all resistant to it, as well.
However, if an army from Hell went to the Continent of the Nine Clouds, they would be able to annihilate many people.
No wonder this place was called Hell. Even if they controlled other types of cosmic energies, their cosmic energies always contained death cosmic energy. It was a natural talent they had.

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