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PMG Chapter 1851: Blue Uptala Lotus and Hellfire

PMG Chapter 1851: Blue Uptala Lotus and Hellfire
Wang Zhuo wasn’t the only one who was stunned, as everybody else around was astonished too. Lin Feng looked ordinary, but he had managed to defeat Hei Lao, that definitely wasn’t normal! He had even used the same method as Hei Lao!
Hei Lao was extremely strong, and an expert at using earth energies. It even seemed that his body was made of cosmic energies. On the battle stage, nobody had been able to withstand a single attack from him. However, Lin Feng had attacked him and pushed him to the edge of the battle stage.
Hei Lao raised his head and stared at Lin Feng. He didn’t understand, how had Lin Feng used the same strength as he had? Hei Lao had created his own attack using some kind of evolution spell as well, so how could Lin Feng imitate him and carry out a more powerful attack than his own? Only Lin Feng knew that he had used pure strength.
“You also control death, earth, and empty space cosmic energies?” Hei Lao asked Lin Feng, narrowing his eyes.
“Indeed,” answered Lin Feng, nodding and releasing the three sorts of cosmic energies.
“What spell did you use just now?” Hei Lao pressed.
“I don’t know,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. “I learned the spell from you.”
When Hei Lao heard Lin Feng, he was dumbfounded. He turned around and left the battle stage. Someone had learned his spell that quickly, and that guy’s physical strength was greater than his own. Hei Lao looked stupid, but he was a fast learner, not stupid. He knew that Lin Feng was stronger than him, so he simply left.
“You’re not always right,” said Qin Yao, smiling at Wang Zhuo.
Wang Zhuo just smiled wryly. “I often make mistakes. There are many strong cultivators in the Great Imperial Song City. I hadn’t thought that someone stronger than Hei Lao would show up today. This guy is a real genius if he defeated Hei Lao. He must have the strength of a medium-level Hell emperor already.”
“How curious. Did he learn that spell from Hei Lao?” asked Minister Kalasutra. If Lin Feng hadn’t lied, he had incredible comprehensive ability. He had just watched Hei Lao for a little while, and had learned his spell? That was incredible!
In the bleachers, there was someone with a white fan, and each time he shook it, snowflakes appeared. He watched Lin Feng with a smile. “Do you think this guy can get a hundred victories?”
“He imitated Hei Lao’s spell and overpowered him with strength. Maybe he can get a hundred victories,” said someone else in a pavilion.
Someone else wearing linen clothes smiled. That person looked like a poor and pedantic scholar, however, nobody underestimated him. His name was Prince Mayi. Everybody knew about him. His inescapable net spell was enigmatic, and could kill people quickly.
(Translator’s Note: Mayi also refers to a mourning garment made of hemp).
“Not necessarily. He will also have to face some very strong opponents. I’ve heard that the Prince of the Six Abysses has come to participate to the battles. If that’s the case, I’m sure he’ll get a hundred victories. So we’ll see if he manages to win a hundred times,” said the smiling young man with the fan.
“Prince of the Six Abysses?” The people in the pavilion were shocked. One of them said, “If he comes, it’s going to get interesting. He’s maybe as strong as us!”
People who managed to get a hundred victories were all extraordinary.
“They’re all very self-confident,” observed Minister Kalasutra approvingly, looking at the young people in the pavilions.
“If someone manages to win a hundred times in a streak, they are qualified enough to be self-confident,” replied Wang Zhuo earnestly. He sounded as self-confident as before. Even if he had made a mistake about Hei Lao, each time he talked, it was as if fate depended on his beliefs.
Minister Kalasutra understood that Wang Zhuo was self-confident, but he was also right, a hundred victories in a row was really incredible, and people who managed to do that were qualified to be self-confident, indeed. Besides, Wang Zhuo himself had defeated a hundred people in a row without having a rest. He had even defeated famous people. Therefore, he had the right to be self-confident, too! Especially with Great Emperor Song’s blood flowing in his veins…
Hei Lao and Lin Feng had battled, so he had seen how strong Lin Feng was. However, there would probably be other people who wouldn’t believe that Lin Feng was stronger. Therefore, more people stepped onto Lin Feng’s battle stage.
However, they quickly realized that Lin Feng hadn’t won against Hei Lao accidentally, he really was astonishingly strong. Each time someone stepped onto his battle stage, Lin Feng punched them and defeated them. Most of them were hurled off the battle stage. Lin Feng got his first ten victories very easily and seemed relaxed.
Ten victories. He’s strong, but does he know how to do anything else? Besides, is he that familiar with the spell cage spell he imitated from Hei Lao?, thought the observers. At that moment, someone who looked like a gigantic goose flapped his wings and remained suspended above the battle stage, releasing cosmic energies. He had golden eyes that were staring at Lin Feng.
Suddenly, he disappeared. Lin Feng sensed a powerful and sharp Qi moving towards him. The gigantic and powerful goose charged towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng raised his fist as he vanished into the wind. It was the same old punch. However, his speed was even greater, as he used wind cosmic energies. Everybody saw how strong the goose was. That guy wasn’t going to use cosmic energies against Lin Feng.
“Imprison!” said Lin Feng. A cage appeared, but Lin Feng’s cage wasn’t as perfect as Hei Lao’s. That cage immediately broke when the goose attacked it. But Lin Feng could see the goose moving clearly, and his fist homed in on it as he stared at the goose’s golden eyes. The goose suddenly couldn’t move anymore, and had the sensation that his spirit was going to be destroyed.
“Even though he’s not as familiar with the cage as Hei Lao, he is strong enough to use it in a battle against his opponents,” observed Wang Zhuo calmly. He sounded trustworthy and credible.
Everybody realized that Lin Feng was different and abnormally strong. He had defeated Hei Lao, and now he had also defeated the goose. When Lin Feng won sixty times, fewer and fewer people seemed willing to go up onto the battle stage. Lin Feng was calmly standing there, he didn’t look tired at all.
He had easily won sixty matches!
Zhang Heng was on another battle stage and the battles weren’t so easy for him. He had just won forty times in a row, and he looked exhausted.
In the bleachers, four people appeared, two in front, two behind them.
In the front were a middle-aged man and a young woman. Minister Kalasutra’s skin was extremely white, but that middle-aged man was even whiter, like snow. He looked like he was sick. However, considering where he was standing, he couldn’t possibly be ill.
The young woman was even whiter, but still extremely beautiful. She was much better looking than the man.
“Minister Uptala!” Wang Zhuo stood up and greeted the newcomers politely. He nodded and smiled at Minister Uptala and the young woman next to him, and then quickly looked away. Wang Zhuo knew that with women, if you didn’t look at them, they thought you were impolite, and if you looked at them a bit too long, then they thought you wanted to sleep with them.  Therefore, the best way was to try and not overdo things.
“Uptala, you’re here too!” Minister Kalasutra replied with a smile. They were both leaders in Hell, Minister Uptala controlled Uptala Hell. They were both high officials of the Ten Yama Courts.
“I’ve heard that many things were going to happen,” said Minister Uptala smiling and sitting down next to them. “Qin Yao, my girl, you’re here. I came at the right time!”
“Let’s watch together!” proposed Minister Kalasutra smiling and pointing at one of the battle stages. It was Lin Feng’s battle stage. “That little boy is quite strong. Nobody can defeat him. He’s won sixty-two battles already and he hasn’t rested at all. Uptala, you think he will make a hundred times?”
“Let’s watch and see!” replied Minister Uptala. He continued watching as Lin Feng continued winning.

“A hundred victories won’t be a problem for him,” Uptala said to Minister Kalasutra.
“What if he doesn’t?” replied Minister Kalasutra sharply.
Minister Uptala glanced at Qin Yao. He perfectly understood what Minister Kalasutra meant. The other also thought Lin Feng could win a hundred times, but he wouldn’t let him.
“If he doesn’t, I’ll offer Qin Yao a blue Uptala lotus!” replied Minister Uptala with a smile. “But what if he does win a hundred times?”
“Uptala!” protested Minister Kalasutra. Since Minister Uptala said he’d offer a blue Uptala lotus to Qin Yao, he couldn’t miss this opportunity. “If he does win, I’ll offer some Hellfire to your daughter!” countered Minister Kalasutra swiftly.

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