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PMG Chapter 1852: Blade Technique et Sword Technique

PMG Chapter 1852: Blade Technique et Sword Technique
Minister Uptala controlled Uptala Hell. Blue Uptala lotuses represented his strength and were at the origin of the ten thousand things of creation. Hellfire represented Minister Kalasutra’s strength. That fire was destructive and powerful. The two things were precious items for Hell emperors. If they didn’t take them out even though they had said so, it would be a humiliation.
“How great! I will pay attention to the battles even more then!” exclaimed Wang Zhuo when he heard the two Ministers make a bet. He was surprised, but he was Great Emperor Song’s direct descendant and he had seen many things in his life. He said that to make the two Ministers calm down in a friendly manner.
When people around the pavilions heard them, they were startled, too. There were tensions between the two Ministers, they were arguing indirectly. Of course, they were Ministers under Great Emperor Song. At their cultivation levels they couldn’t fight for real, so they bet on Lin Feng’s results. Both Minister Uptala’s blue Uptala lotus and Minister Kalasutra’s Hellfire were precious items. For Hell emperors, those things were priceless and very useful. For the two Ministers, they weren’t as priceless, and they didn’t need them.
“Minister Uptala, you have faith in that young man,” smiled Minister Kalasutra.
Minister Uptala stretched out his slender white hand and smiled. “Minister Kalasutra, if you didn’t think he could get a hundred victories, you wouldn’t have asked me anything.” He perfectly understood that when Minister Kalasutra had asked him that question, he already had an answer himself. Minister Kalasutra also thought Lin Feng could win, but now the circumstances were different.
“That was a moment before, now, I don’t think he can win anymore,” Minister Kalasutra smiled. He looked at Wang Zhuo. “Wang Zhuo, what do you think of that lad?”
Wang Zhuo looked at Minister Kalasutra, his expression didn’t change as he replied calmly. “We’ll see who gets onto the battle stage.”
Wang Zhuo glanced at Qin Yao. Minister Kalasutra understood what Wang Zhuo meant.
When Minister Kalasutra heard Wang Zhuo, he smiled. This young man didn’t want to offend anyone, so he answered politely.
Lin Feng didn’t know that the people in the bleachers were looking at him. He didn’t know about the Ministers’ bet, either. He had already won seventy-two battles. For him, fighting at the level of low-level Hell emperors, winning a hundred times wasn’t difficult. Even in the Great Imperial Song City, it wasn’t easy to find a low-level Hell emperor who was as strong as Ji Wuyou.
Ji Wuyou’s fighting abilities had been powerful. It was rare for low-level emperors to be that strong. Usually people who were that strong had a special body. Lin Feng was convinced that there were powerful and strong cultivators in this place, but they weren’t seen every day. Even if there were some, they also had to get onto the battle stage. Besides, even if some people stronger than Ji Wuyou wanted to battle against him, so what?
He had won more than seventy battles and he wasn’t tired. He had just imitated Hei Lao’s attack so he could practice. Everything was going perfect.

Lin Feng continued winning. More and more people were watching him. A few strong cultivators fought against him, they wanted to defeat him and benefit from his victories, but Lin Feng continued defeating them as quickly as he had beaten Hei Lao.
Lin Feng had now won eighty-one battles.
More and more people were watching him, including those young people in the pavilions. Some of them smiled each time Lin Feng attacked.
“That guy has won eighty-two battles, and he hasn’t rested yet. Do you know who he is?”
“Usually, people rest every ten battles, but he hasn’t. He wants to draw people’s attention and join the army in a high position.”
After all, showing how strong you were was very important in the world of cultivation.
“The most impressive thing is that he has won more than eighty battles and it seems normal for him. He looks calm and relaxed, and hasn’t used his full strength at all. He doesn’t look tired at all.”
Everybody was staring at Lin Feng and talking. Surprisingly, nobody went up onto the battle stage to fight against him for a while. Lin Feng looked too powerful, and they didn’t want to overdo it. If Lin Feng used even more brutal attacks, maybe he would be even scarier!
“Qing Qing, how strong do you think that guy is?” asked Minister Uptala to the beautiful young white woman next to him.
“I don’t know,” answered Qing Qing, shaking her head. She couldn’t see how strong Lin Feng was.
“He has won more than eighty battles, and he hasn’t used his full strength at all. He will definitely win a hundred times!” declared Minister Uptala. He sounded nice and friendly. However, he sounded firm, too, so people wouldn’t forget his words.
When Minister Kalasutra heard Minister Uptala, he looked at the battle stage. He knew that Lin Feng was extremely strong, but Lin Feng couldn’t win a hundred battles…
“There are many strong cultivators. That young man has already amazed everyone with his eighty-one victories. That’s rare. If someone manages to defeat him, they will be rewarded,” Minister Kalasutra suddenly spoke up loudly. The crowd looked at him strangely. A reward for defeating Lin Feng?
Because of that, everyone looked at Lin Feng. If they defeated him, they’d be rewarded but the government would also notice them.
At that moment, a silhouette jumped onto the battle stage. He was wearing white clothes and looked extremely aggressive. His expression was as sharp as a blade.
That’s Han Feng. His blade skills are powerful. When he uses his seven strikes attack, people always die. Finally, someone who’s strong!, thought the crowd after they recognized the cultivator, surprised he had joined in.
“Han Feng’s seven strikes blade technique always kills people. A year ago, he also came onto the battle stage, he won eighty-five times, but he was exhausted and had to rest. Prince Mayi had jumped onto the battle stage then, too. Now, a year has passed. He must have become much stronger,” everybody was commenting. Han Feng had practiced cultivation really hard during the past year.
Han Feng took out a black blade, shaped like a crescent moon. It wasn’t like a sword, that blade cut people. Han Feng’s blade technique was about killing as fast as possible.
Han Feng cut the air with his blade, not speaking any nonsense. His black blade contained powerfully aggressive energies. He charged Lin Feng with an indomitable will.
Lin Feng stared at the blade. It was a death Hell blade, and contained some wind and earth energies. Han Feng looked extremely aggressive and was also extremely fast. His seven strikes laceration technique was powerful, aggressive, fearless, and heroic. His blade could kill people in the blink of an eye. Lin Feng sensed the energies surrounding him.
“How aggressive, brutal, and violent.” Lin Feng’s eyes became pitch-black. He started using the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to imitate his opponent’s technique. He could suddenly clearly see how powerful the blade was.
Such an aggressive blade technique could possibly kill medium-level emperors. However, because he was extremely aggressive, he probably had a weakness in his defense. He didn’t seem to pay attention to defense. Few people could actually counterattack after such a powerful blade attack. Usually, the first strike was enough.
The first strike hadn’t even reached Lin Feng before the second blade had already appeared. It was as if blades were falling from the sky like shooting stars, all of them dazzling. Few people could fight against him. His blade attacks could easily cut people apart.
Even Minister Kalasutra was amazed and said, “What an incredible blade technique! If he moved a little bit faster, then his technique would be even more powerful!”
Minister Kalasutra was clearly helping out Han Feng.
As expected, Han Feng heard Minister Kalasutra and immediately released more wind cosmic energy. His attack became even sharper.
However, there were exceptions!
As Han Feng’s blade attack moved forwards, a kind of sword strength descended from the sky. It was like a million death swords were falling from the sky, he could sense the sharp energies. He looked at Lin Feng and saw two eyes, the eyes of the Nine Netherworlds. His willpower started shaking.
He had solely focused on his own attack, he hadn’t expected that Lin Feng would use such an attack against him. Now it was a bit complicated to react. Even if his attack was exceptional, if his opponents killed him before he had time to deploy them, then what was the point? Therefore, Han Feng retreated, having a bad premonition. His blade energies suddenly disappeared.
Han Feng raised his head as drops of sweat appeared on his forehead.
Everybody’s eyes were wide open, they didn’t understand why the blade couldn’t move towards Lin Feng, and why Han Feng was withdrawing!
Actually, Han Feng didn’t only move backwards, he suddenly turned around and jumped off the stage. He declared “I lost!”
He had lost, so staying on the battle stage was useless!

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