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PMG Chapter 1853: Last Battle

PMG Chapter 1853: Last Battle
The Nihility Sword Scriptures allowed a cultivator to learn more about sword intent, the sword meaning could advance to void: nihilism. Lin Feng hadn’t studied the Nihility Sword Scriptures for very long, so he didn’t control the sword techniques of the scriptures that well. With his Nihility Sword, he couldn’t kill Han Feng. However, Han Feng was smart and understood that Lin Feng’s Nihility Sword was more powerful than his Seven Blades Laceration technique.
His attack was perfect, but it wasn’t enough against Lin Feng.
Everybody was staring at Lin Feng. They knew Lin Feng could win before the battle had started, but they hadn’t though Han Feng would surrender. They didn’t even know what had happened. Lin Feng hadn’t even moved. Han Feng had just retreated and surrendered outright!
They knew that Han Feng couldn’t possibly have let Lin Feng win on purpose. At their cultivation level, nobody did that, only children or puerile people did such things. Lin Feng had probably used a secret technique, and Han Feng had given up…
Eighty-two victories. He’s getting closer and closer to a hundred victories!, thought the crowd, watching Lin Feng.
Minister Uptala smiled gently and said, “I sensed some sword energy. That boy hasn’t shown us all he can do. No matter who gets on the battle stage, I don’t think anyone can win.”
Of course, Minister Uptala was talking loudly enough for Minister Kalasutra to hear. Minister Kalasutra smiled back. “What if Qing Qing fought against him?”
“I don’t know,” replied Minister Uptala cheerfully. “She could win, or lose.”
He smiled at Qin Yao and asked. “Qin Yao, you think you can definitely defeat him?”
“Of course!” Qin Yao replied confidently. Minister Uptala just looked away. Qin Yao was definitely going to fight. Minister Kalasutra had bet with him, so Qin Yao had to use her full strength against Lin Feng.
Minister Uptala looked at Lin Feng and smiled. Even fewer people wanted to fight against him.
At that moment, Minister Kalasutra openly said, “Eighty-two victories! Isn’t there any low-level Hell emperor in the Great Imperial Song City who can defeat this young man?”
Many people’s eyes twinkled. Lin Feng was incredibly strong. Defeating Lin Feng wasn’t about the hundred victories anymore. It was even more meaningful.
When Minister Uptala heard Minister Kalasutra, he looked at Lin Feng and said, “Young man, if you get a hundred victories, I’ll give you a blue Uptala lotus!”
“Blue Uptala Lotus!” The crowd all turned to look in astonishment.
“If Lin Feng wins a hundred times, Minister Uptala will give him a Blue Uptala Lotus!”
“What’s wrong with the Ministers? Why are they competing like that? The Blue Uptala Lotus contains the strength of the ten thousand things of creation, and now he’s saying he’s willing to give one to that guy?”
The audience was amazed. Lin Feng naturally heard everything, he raised his head and looked at Minister Uptala in surprise. Minister Kalasutra wanted people to defeat him, and Minister Uptala wanted him to win. They didn’t seem to be friends.
“Thank you very much, Minister!” Lin Feng smiled. He didn’t understand these people’s goals, but for him, there were only advantages. A Minister was paying attention to him, that was a good thing. He was getting closer to his goal, he wanted to attract the attention of high officials, and those Ministers were definitely high officials, they were just under Great Emperor Song in the hierarchy.
“No need. If you win, I will obtain Minister Kalasutra’s Hellfire. It’s a great thing for me, too!” laughed Minister Uptala. When the crowd heard that, they understood. Minister Uptala and Minister Kalasutra had bet on Lin Feng’s battles, and Minister Uptala thought Lin Feng was going to get a hundred victories, while Minister Kalasutra thought Lin Feng wasn’t.
The other people in the bleachers already knew that the Ministers had bet. Many of them wished they were Lin Feng at that moment!

After that, someone else went up onto the battle stage. That person was extremely strong, but far from being as strong as Han Feng. That cultivator didn’t mind though, he wanted to fight against Lin Feng to practice, he knew he couldn’t win. Besides, it was worth trying, if he were lucky, he might win!
Of course, he lost, and Lin Feng now had eighty-three victories.
After that, more people fought against Lin Feng, some stronger, some weaker. If those people had chosen another battle stage, they could have won fifty battles, at least. All in all, nobody could pose a threat to Lin Feng. Lin Feng quickly reached ninety-seven victories.
Three more battles!, thought the crowd. Lin Feng was three victories away from success! If he won a hundred battles, he would be able to join the army and obtain Minister Uptala’s Blue Uptala Lotus.
Everybody watched the two Ministers. They looked indifferent, it was impossible to know what they were thinking.
“Prince of the Six Abysses?” At that moment, the crowd saw a silhouette near the battle stage. They frowned. It was the Prince of the Six Abysses! Did he want to fight against this guy?
Even though the Prince of the Six Abysses is a low-level Hell emperor, he’s very famous. He has killed many medium-level emperors. He’s very strong, and as famous as Prince Mayi. His Six Hells spell is powerful, he can make people fall into the abysses of Hell!, thought the crowd when they saw the Prince of the Six Abysses. They looked excited. Since the Prince of the Six Abysses was there, it meant he wanted to fight against Lin Feng!
“I came to exchange views on cultivation with you!” said someone at that moment. The person was wearing white clothes and moved towards Lin Feng like lightning. People couldn’t see the silhouette clearly.
What a fast sword. How powerful!, thought the crowd, staring at the battle stage.
Lin Feng sensed a powerful sword energy surround him. His eyes glittered. This person’s speed was impressive. His speed cosmic energies made his sword even faster. He wanted to kill his opponents as quickly as possible.
Lin Feng waved his hands, and an ocean of purple energies appeared, it was his Purple Lake Tank! It rose to the skies, the sword lights shot through the air. However, at that moment, Lin Feng stretched his hand out, and a cage appeared.
“Break!” shouted his opponent, releasing sword intent. Lin Feng released wind cosmic energies and Kalpa strength, which descended from the sky. Death Kalpa strength surrounded the opponent’s sword intent, destroyed it, and then surrounded him.
“Kalpa!” swore Lin Feng. His Kalpa strength rose to the skies, and the air crackled. His opponent gave out a horrible shriek as Lin Feng landed and punched him. There was a sound of shattering bones, and the man was smashed away and crashed onto the battle stage, some of his limbs bent in impossible ways.
“You’re humiliating yourself!” Lin Feng said mockingly. His opponent was stunned. But he had started the fight, he had immediately attacked Lin Feng even though he hadn’t even landed on the battle stage, so Lin Feng decided to humiliate him back.
Two more battles and Lin Feng would get a hundred victories. However, the Prince of the Six Abysses didn’t seem to be willing to fight. The crowd was surprised when they saw that.
He wants to wait to be the last one!, thought the many people watching the Prince of the Six Abysses. He had that thought, indeed!
Lin Feng easily defeated the next opponent and had ninety-nine victories. It was the battle.
A silhouette rose up in the air. It was the Prince of the Six Abysses, preparing to challenge Lin Feng for the final battle.
“There…” however, at that moment, the crowd saw a silhouette behind Lin Feng, a beautiful young woman. The crowd was stunned: it was Minister Kalasutra’s daughter, Qin Yao!
She also wants to fight against him!, thought the amazed audience. They hadn’t thought that Minister Kalasutra’s daughter would want to fight, too!
“Go down,” Qin Yao said to the Prince of the Six Abysses. The Prince of the Six Abysses frowned and looked at her icily.
“It’s my battle!” said the Prince of the Six Abysses.
“We can only have one battle at a time on the battle stage!” said Qin Yao, smiling indifferently. Then, suddenly, she turned into a light beam and moved towards the Prince of the Six Abysses. She didn’t fight against Lin Feng, she fought against him!
“Fire!” The crowd saw an ocean of black flames appear under the Prince of the Six Abysses’ feet. He looked ferocious.
“Hellfire!” The Prince of the Six Abysses’ expression changed drastically. He did some hand seals and six vortexes appeared around him, making him look like a god of Hell.
“Burn!” Under Qin Yao’s feet, another powerful flame appeared and moved towards the six vortexes.

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