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PMG Chapter 1854: Powerful Battle

PMG Chapter 1854: Powerful Battle
Qin Yao’s Hellfire is powerful and destructive, thought the crowd. The Prince of the Six Abysses tried to force Qin Yao into the six abysses. She shouted furiously and condensed her energies. Flames sealed the area around the Prince of the Six Abysses.
The Prince of the Six Abysses’ six Hells are going to burn and break apart!, thought the astonished crowd. The Prince of the Six Abysses waved his hands and purple lights surrounded Qin Yao.
“Destroy!” shouted Qin Yao. She condensed flames and a powerful Hellfire appeared in her hand. The Prince of the Six Abysses frowned and looked nervous. He struck out with both fists to counterattack.
However, at that moment, Qin Yao disappeared and turned into a raging fireball. Fire exploded in every direction, and flames filled the stage. It looked like Hell.
The crowd heard someone groan and then they saw the Prince of the Six Abysses moving back out of the flames. He was all burnt.
How strong. No wonder she’s Minister Kalasutra’s daughter! They had only fought for a few seconds, but it was incredible nonetheless. The Prince of the Six Abysses’ strength was astonishing, but he had still lost against Qin Yao.
“Get down now!” ordered Qin Yao, smiling indifferently. Her smile was the picture of self-confidence. She had the right to fight against Lin Feng!
“We’ll exchange views on cultivation again if we have the opportunity, Princess Qin Yao!” replied the Prince of the Six Abysses, before turning around and leaving the battle stage. The Princess would fight against Lin Feng!
In the ancient pavilion, the geniuses there had all won a hundred battles. However, when they saw how strong Qin Yao was, they were also surprised. She was a Minister’s daughter, and had inherited great powers. A cultivator’s bloodline obviously had a great influence on their cultivation!
In the bleachers, Minister Kalasutra smiled indifferently. When he saw how strong his daughter was, he felt relieved. The Prince of the Six Abysses was a public figure, but his daughter Qin Yao had still defeated him quickly. Qin Yao was exceptionally strong. Among the low-level emperors, there weren’t many people who could defeat her. Probably the only ones who could compete with her were the other Ministers’ children. Ministers usually were doting parents.
“Princess Qin Yao is incredibly strong. Getting a hundred victories won’t be easy for that guy,” observed Wang Zhuo, smiling politely. He meant something implicitly. Minister Kalasutra just smiled. A hundred victories would be really difficult for Lin Feng now!
Minister Kalasutra looked at Minister Uptala and said. “Brother Uptala, get ready to offer my daughter Qin Yao your lotus.”
“I hope the little one will be able to get it!” answered Minister Uptala indifferently. He had promised Lin Feng that if he won, he’d obtain a Blue Uptala Lotus. If Lin Feng lost, Minister Uptala would have to give Qing Yao a Blue Uptala Lotus, and his own daughter Qing Qing wouldn’t be able to obtain the Hellfire.
Everybody was watching Lin Feng at that moment.
Lin Feng’s strength was extraordinary. Amongst low-level Hell emperors, he was indeed extremely strong. He had won ninety-nine battles and hadn’t had a rest at all. However, he didn’t look like he needed one. How different would the hundredth battle be? Especially now that he was going to fight against Qin Yao after she had defeated the Prince of the Six Abysses?
The crowd didn’t dare predict the result of the fight.
After all, the Prince of the Six Abysses was a powerful cultivator and Qin Yao had defeated him, which meant she was even stronger. The Prince of the Six Abysses had looked so weak when facing her. Therefore, Lin Feng would probably struggle to win a hundredth time.
People were used to seeing incredible battles with extremely strong geniuses. Many incredible cultivators liked fighting against someone once they had reached ninety-nine victories, it was a dazzling way to win. If she managed to defeat Lin Feng, whom nobody else managed to defeat, then everybody would admire her.
This guy has won ninety-nine battles, but now he’s probably going to lose since Qin Yao is much stronger and has Hellfire!, thought some people.
Qin Yao turned around and looked at Lin Feng. She smiled thinly and sat down in the flames. She looked very beautiful in the flames, but scary too.
“I’m sorry. You won ninety-nine battles and that’s a great achievement, but now it’s going to be difficult to win the last one,” smiled Qin Yao. However, she didn’t sound like she was really sorry. She just sounded polite. Even Ministers’ daughters didn’t rely on their parents, they relied on themselves. Great Emperor Song loved fighting, so young people also started from there.
In the past, Qin Yao was only famous in Kalasutra Hell. The first time she had fought in the Great Imperial Song City, it hadn’t been to draw people’s attention, but she had anyway.
Her purpose was to become strong. Fighting was inevitable and pleasant, so even without the Ministers there, people fought anyway.
Lin Feng looked back at Qin Yao calmly. He knew she was self-confident, but she had what it took to be confident. She was Minister Kalasutra’s daughter, she had inherited his powerful blood. Such people were rare.
Of course, what Qin Yao didn’t know was that Lin Feng was also self-confident, even more than she!
“Princess, you’re quite strong. However, nobody can prevent me from winning a hundred times!” replied Lin Feng calmly, yet aggressively. Nobody could prevent him from winning a hundred times, including Minister Kalasutra’s daughter!
“Alright! We’ll see something now.” When Minister Uptala heard Lin Feng, he laughed wholeheartedly. This battle was going to be interesting. Even if Lin Feng lost, he’d be happy to give him a Blue Uptala Lotus.
“I respect you and truly believe you’re extremely strong, so I will be merciless. Be careful. It could be dangerous!” smiled Qin Yao, nodding at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng replied, “Princess, you’re too polite. Please attack.”
Flames suddenly emerged from Qin Yao’s body. It looked like Hell had come to the battle stage covering it in black flames. The temperature shot up, and the crackling and snapping of flames filled the air.
The powerful fire surrounded Qin Yao’s body and she disappeared within it.
At that moment, some flames started moving and raced towards Lin Feng. He was startled, as these flames could easily destroy a medium-level emperor. His physical body had the strength of a medium-level emperor, but still, that fire was dangerous!
After that, a third Hellfire appeared and rose to the skies. The whole battle stage was surrounded by Hellfire. The crowd was certain Lin Feng was going to lose.
A vortex of Hellfire surrounded Lin Feng and spun around.
Qin Yao’s powers are similar to Hou Qing Lin’s reincarnation strength. If he came here to practice cultivation for a while, he’d definitely benefit from it, thought Lin Feng. The temperature continued increasing, and Lin Feng began to feel hot.
The three flames became gigantic and descended from the sky towards Lin Feng. Hell was falling on him!
Qin Yao’s silhouette appeared again and she struck out in Lin Feng’s direction. Lin Feng couldn’t escape, and the fires could destroy him.
How powerful!, thought Lin Feng. His heart started racing, and he finally moved.
He flashed away, dazzling lights appeared all around as he sealed the atmosphere around him. The fire couldn’t affect him anymore.
He then released immortal strength, looking like a god. His eyes turned pitch-black as he struck out using earth punches, trying to destroy one of the flames. The ground was shaking violently.
Lin Feng then used his Setting Sun Meteorite to attack the second fire. Sword lights cut the air and sliced it apart.
He waved his hand and a destructive deployment strength manifested as his Purple Tank reappeared. It was like an ocean and moved towards the third flame.
Lin Feng released Deva-Mara Kalpa strength and physical strength to protect himself as he struck out towards Qin Yao. The whole atmosphere was filled with destructive energies.
Black flames appeared in Qin Yao’s eyes. She wanted to destroy Lin Feng’s will, but Lin Feng’s demonic will was too powerful, he was absolutely unaffected. She sensed an endless amount of invisible sharp sword energies surround her, and immediately after, a wall of Deva-Mara Kalpa punches moved towards her and collided with her fist. Black lights exploded and obscured everything!
Qin Yao used Hell strength, a destructive kind of power. However, at that moment, she sensed an even more destructive strength. Something blackish-red splashed, it was her blood. Her mouth was bleeding, and she had the sensation that all the bones of her arm were broken!

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