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PMG Chapter 1855: A Good Harvest

PMG Chapter 1855: A Good Harvest
The destructive strength hadn’t dispersed yet. The crowd was staring at the battle stage in astonishment.
Qin Yao’s strength was incredible, she had used amazing strength to fight against Lin Feng. The very sky had turned into Hell. At the same time, she had used three Hellfires to surrounded Lin Feng.
Lin Feng was too strong, though. They didn’t really understand how Lin Feng had attacked, but it had worked!
Lin Feng had sealed the atmosphere with deployment strength, and at the same time, he had released immortal energies and will to punch her. He had also attacked the first Hellfire with immortal, death, lightning, and earth cosmic energies, four kinds of cosmic energies!
The second fire was destroyed by his Setting Sun Meteorite, which contained fire, earth, wind, and death cosmic energies as well as sword strength coupled with fire and wind cosmic energies, that was a total of six!
The third fire was destroyed by a gigantic purple tank with an incredible destructive strength, which also contained many sorts of cosmic energies.
In the end, Qin Yao and Lin Feng’s fists had collided, but his punch was far more powerful and he blew her away. She even coughed up blood.
Lin Feng was truly strong. His Deva-Mara Kalpa strength and his powerful physical strength were amazing!
When the Qi dispersed, the crowd saw Lin Feng still standing there, his black hair fluttering in the wind. He was motionless.
Nobody can prevent me from winning a hundred times. The crowd still remembered Lin Feng’s statement as he stood there proudly. Even Princess Qin Yao, the daughter of a Minister, hadn’t managed to defeat him!
At that moment, Qin Yao was still in the air, staring unhappily at Lin Feng with her beautiful eyes. She had lost, and felt a bit humiliated.
She didn’t feel as confident as before!
“You lost,” said Lin Feng helpfully. “You lost, so please go back.”
“The battle is not over!” said Qin Yao. She didn’t smile anymore. She released even more flames.
“The battle is already over. If you insist and want to continue fighting, I can’t guarantee it’ll be safe for you,” said Lin Feng calmly. The crowd was astonished. Was Lin Feng threatening her?
Lin Feng actually meant that he had been merciful, he had controlled himself. Otherwise, Qin Yao wouldn’t have looked like a human being anymore.
“The young will be redoubtable in the years to come!” said Minister Uptala, smiling broadly. Lin Feng was a passionate cultivator and he could see that. If someone raised that young boy correctly, he’d become a great emperor someday. He was very talented, he would definitely be able to become a Minister someday and be at the head of an army.
When Qin Yao heard Lin Feng, she stared at him icily. Lin Feng surprisingly dared say he had been merciful? She had used her full strength, Lin Feng hadn’t?
She continued releasing more and more energies, but at that moment, someone intervened. “Qin Yao, that’s enough.”
It was her father, Minister Kalasutra. Qin Yao slowly turned around and looked back at him.
“Alright, come back,” said Minister Kalasutra with a nod. Qin Yao remained silent for a few seconds, but when she saw her father’s expression, she recalled her Qi and nodded obediently before heading back to him.
Her arm still felt extremely sore…
“There are many extremely strong cultivators here on the battle stages. Someday, when you join the government, you’ll be a dazzling cultivator,” smiled Minister Kalasutra. Even though Lin Feng had defeated his daughter, he wasn’t angry. After all, Lin Feng and Qin Yao had battled according to the rules on the official battle stage of the city. Qin Yao had even provoked Lin Feng. Even though he had a high social status, he had no reason to be angry at Lin Feng. Besides, he was a Minister, and he was a Celestial Emperor in Hell. He had to control himself.
Even though Lin Feng had injured Qin Yao, the injuries weren’t too bad. Lin Feng had taught her a good lesson. Surprisingly, an unknown young man was so strong!
Of course, Minister Kalasutra was still a bit annoyed because he lost face to Minister Uptala.
“Qing Qing, this Hellfire is a gift to you from Uncle Kalasutra,” said Minister Kalasutra to Qing Qing while transmitting Hellfire to her with a gesture. However, it didn’t explode, it just moved slowly towards her.
The Ministers had made a bet, so Qing Qing didn’t refuse the Hellfire. She smiled thinly and nodded to accept it.
Qing Qing looked at the fire in her hand and smiled at her father. “Unfortunately, I am not a fire cultivator. Otherwise, that Hellfire would make me much stronger.”
“Even if you’re not a fire cultivator, you can transform it and use it for your own interest!” smiled Minister Uptala. He stretched his hand out, and the strength of the ten thousand things of creation appeared as a Blue Uptala Lotus manifested.
Minister Uptala looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “Young man, this for you. I promised it, you won a hundred battles, please take it.”
The Blue Uptala Lotus floated towards Lin Feng.
Lin Feng stretched his hand out and grabbed the lotus, feeling its mysterious strength. It contained the strength of the ten thousand things of creation!
“Thank you very much for your great gift, Minister!” smiled Lin Feng, bowing deeply. Lin Feng was very grateful. This Blue Uptala Lotus might be very useful for him!
“I see that you controlled fire cosmic energies, and your death cosmic energies are powerful. This Hellfire can be very useful for you too, so I’m giving it to you!” Qing Qing smiled softly, sounding very sweet. She threw Hellfire at Lin Feng.
The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng was really lucky! He had obtained the Blue Uptala Lotus and the Hellfire!
However, he deserved it too! If he hadn’t been strong, he wouldn’t have won a hundred times, and he wouldn’t have obtained anything.
“Princess, it’s a gift you received, I feel like I’m stealing something from you,” replied Lin Feng. Qing Qing had obtained the Hellfire from Minister Kalasutra, and now she was giving it to him. He was touched.
“I don’t need that fire. You will become much stronger quickly with it. Uncle Kalasutra won’t be mad at me,” said Qing Qing smiled back at him.
As expected, Minister Kalasutra said, “Lin Feng, Qing Qing is willing to give it to you, just take it.”
“Thank you, my lady!” said Lin Feng happily and politely. He had received the Blue Uptala Lotus and Hellfire!
At that moment, a silhouette rose up into the air and landed on the battle stage. The official was bearing medal, it had Song written on it. He presented it to Lin Feng and said solemnly, “You won a hundred times, this is your medal. You can join the government and become a member of the army now.”
“Thank you, sir!” answered Lin Feng, accepting the medal of the Great Imperial Song City.
“Put your godly awareness into it,” said the official. The owners of the medals put their godly awareness into them so that after their death, people couldn’t counterfeit them or use them. If Lin Feng died, the medal would just break apart.
Lin Feng did what he was told, and the person said, “Lin Feng, you have won a hundred battles. Now, you can also join those who have accomplished the same as you. If you defeat nine other winners, you will gain privileges. Would you like to benefit from that program?”
“I do want to participate!” agreed Lin Feng, nodding without hesitation. This was another opportunity, he couldn’t let it slip past him.
“Alright, since you do, please join them in the pavilions and take a rest. When all the battles are over, you can start fighting again,” smiled the official. Lin Feng looked at the cultivators in the pavilions, understanding that those people had also won a hundred battles. He hadn’t known that before. He headed over to a pavilion.

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