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PMG Chapter 1859: City Government

PMG Chapter 1859: City Government
The other people on the battle stage left as well when they heard Prince Mayi. They were all determined and passionate people.
They were all geniuses who had won a hundred battles on the battle stage. They couldn’t fight against a strong medium-level Hell emperor. Six of them had fought against Lin Feng at the same time, and he had easily defeated them, even injuring some of them. Lin Feng had used Deva-Mara Kalpa and broken through, it was all too incredible!
Other people rose into the air and left. Those who had fought against Lin Feng decided not to stay on the battle stage and left. Very quickly, Lin Feng was alone on the battle stage.
When the crowd saw Lin Feng alone on the battle stage, they sighed. Fighting against someone like that was monstrous.
At that moment, the city official landed on the battle stage and smiled at Lin Feng. “Lin Feng, we know you’re very strong. The Great Emperor of Hell loves battles, and you are a heroic fighter. From now on, you can access all the external governmental buildings of the city. You can also go to all the pavilions and governmental halls, you just can’t go to people’s residences, obviously…
“The city army is composed of 108 armies. Among them, there are 72 Hell imperial armies and 36 Great imperial armies. There are all kinds of armies among the 72 imperial armies. After you understand the different troops, you can choose one and join them. You don’t need to take any more tests.”
When the crowd heard that, they were amazed. People who managed to win a hundred battles were already monstrously strong. Those who could win nine battles against the other champions were even more powerful, and the city wanted to support such talents. They all had a bright future ahead of them. Many Ministers had risen that way, and when they saw Lin Feng, a handsome and strong young man, they could easily imagine what his future would be like.
As expected, these are the kinds of privileges you get. I can freely travel within the governmental buildings now!, thought Lin Feng. He could also go to all the pavilions and governmental halls, which probably contained incredible treasures, such as ancient and mysterious scriptures. Great Emperor Song really attached great importance to such geniuses.
Unfortunately, Lin Feng’s cultivation level was still too low. Great Emperor Song couldn’t personally attach any importance to him. After all, he was just a medium-level emperor. For Great Emperor Song, one of the Ten Yama Courts’ kings, that was low. However, Great Emperor Song had set up procedures and rules, so his assistants took care of such people. If Lin Feng kept up the good work, he’d be able to meet Great Emperor Song sooner or later!
There were many strong cultivators in the Great Imperial Song City, Great Emperor Song couldn’t help all of them individually!
“Thank you very much, sir!” Lin Feng bowed politely.
Minister Uptala smiled and said, “I wouldn’t have thought that I’d see such a great cultivator today. Wang Zhuo, my boy, it seems like you made another mistake today. He fought against six people, and even if he hadn’t broken through, he would have won. He can be proud and he can definitely be a bit arrogant. You would be the same.”
“Minister Uptala, you’re right. I was wrong, I hadn’t thought he’d be so strong. Now, he’s a medium-level Hell emperor, in the future, he’ll become like Jian Mang,” agreed Wang Zhuo easily. He wasn’t offended by what the Minister had said, and he even compared Jian Mang to Lin Feng. He looked at the other battle stage.
“Jian Mang has already won seven battles, that’s the eighth one!” said Wang Zhuo.
“Jian Mang is extremely strong, but Lin Feng was much more amazing. He fought against all those low-level Hell emperors at the same time. Jian Mang also just blinded one of the people among those champions. The others are all injured. Jian Mang is still just as cruel,” said Qin Yao calmly.
Minister Kalasutra agreed. “I wish everybody could be like Lin Feng.”
Even though Minister Uptala and Minister Kalasutra didn’t agree on everything, they both acknowledged Lin Feng. Even if Minister Kalasutra had lost the Hellfire because of Lin Feng, he didn’t mind because he hadn’t seen such a strong cultivator in many years.
“He won the eighth battle!” The crowd was watching Jian Mang. He had cruelly blinded his opponent again. If Jian Mang did the same to the last one, it would be difficult for them to fight against one another as well, there wouldn’t be enough of them able to fight.
Lin Feng went back to the pavilion and watched Jian Mang as well. He had the sensation that Jian Mang was doing something mysterious because each time, he saw some sword force which moved really slow. However, his attacks were still surprising and fast.
Jian Mang will win the ninth battle, thought Lin Feng, and as expected, Jian Mang did so. On that day, on both the battle stages for low-level Hell emperors and medium-level Hell emperors, two cultivators had managed to win against nine other champions, a rare and difficult feat!
“Someone didn’t want to let Lin Feng be the only one!” said Wang Zhuo, smiling thinly. After Jian Mang won nine battles, the others didn’t continue battling, and simply left.
The crowd was amazed and pleased. Two incredible cultivators had appeared today, both winning a hundred battles without resting and defeating nine champions!
But Lin Feng’s performance had been even more amazing. He had defeated Qin Yao the Princess, and he had also defeated six people at the same time. However, Jian Mang had fought on the medium-level Hell emperors’ battle stage, and Lin Feng with the low-level Hell emperors, so Jian Mang was stronger than Lin Feng.
Jian Mang would obtain privileges like Lin Feng. He could also choose to join one of the 72 imperial military factions.

After winning, Jian Mang didn’t say anything and left in the direction of the city. He wanted to benefit from the privileges as soon as possible. The crowd found him amusing and unconventional.
Lin Feng also stood up. Minister Uptala looked at him and asked. “Are you going to the city, too?”
“Indeed!” nodded Lin Feng. He had obtained privileges, and he wanted to see the city, learn more about Hell, the Great Imperial Song City, etc.
“Let’s go together. I’m also going back to the office. You can come to my area and have a look,” Minister Uptala offered.
“Minister, your offices are in the city center too?” asked Lin Feng. Minister Uptala was surprised, Lin Feng didn’t know about him?
“Lin Feng, Ministers in this city are under the orders of Great Emperor Song. The same applies to every city. Each city is divided into private districts and external districts. The private district is where Great Emperor Song lives and where we, his Ministers, have our offices. The external district is for ordinary activities,” explained Minister Kalasutra politely. “Lin Feng, my office is also in the private district. I can help you modify your Hellfire.”
Lin Feng was very happy to be invited by the two Ministers. It seemed that the city was as big as a country!
“Ministers, I would like to get familiar with the city first,” said Lin Feng, smiling at the two of them.
Minister Kalasutra nodded at his words. “Very good. You don’t know the city, so get familiar with it.”
“Lin Feng, I’ll show you around if you want!” offered Wang Zhuo pleasantly.
Lin Feng glanced at Wang Zhuo; he looked like a prince, or other extraordinary person, but he was smiling in a humble way. He could sit with two Ministers, which meant he had a high position.
“Alright, thank you!” agreed Lin Feng with a quick smile and nod, not refusing Wang Zhuo’s invitation. He wanted to get familiar with the city so having a guide was good.
“Alright, you’re all geniuses, make friends and learn from each others. Qin Yao, let’s go,” said Minister Kalasutra.
Qin Yao shook her head and said, “Dad, I have nothing to do. I’m going with Wang Zhuo,” as she looked at Lin Feng coolly.
Minister Kalasutra was surprised, but simply smiled and nodded. “Alright, as you wish!” before he left.
“Lin Feng, if you have any problems, come to Uptala Office to find me!” directed Minister Uptala. Then, he glanced at Qing Qing. “Let’s go.” She nodded and followed after her father.
“Brother Lin Feng, please!” said Wang Zhuo, showing the way, and the three of them left.

When they arrived in the city, Lin Feng had the impression he was in another world, the city was gigantic and very crowded. There were amazing cultivators everywhere, and their Qi rose to the skies.
“The city has existed for a very long time. There are some very powerful clans here. Some of their districts are as big as cities,” Wang Zhuo told him. Lin Feng understood that. In the city, just the private district alone was where Great Emperor Song lived!

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