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PMG Chapter 1861: Two Adorable Sisters

PMG Chapter 1861: Two Adorable Sisters
In Ba Huang, Jiange…
Lin Feng’s clone opened his eyes and recalled his Qi. Sharp lights glittered in his eyes.
Behind Lin Feng, an old man arrived. The old man walked slowly, but had the spirit of a dragon horse, he was old but still full of vitality, with a thick head of hair. Seeing him like that, it was difficult to imagine that a few months before, he was about to die.
“Lin Feng, you became stronger again!” said Emperor Wu Tian Jian, walking up to Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s Qi and soul were changing, and he was becoming stronger. Emperor Wu Tian Jian was surprised, because Lin Feng’s Qi wasn’t as strong as he had thought. He didn’t know why he had that impression.
Lin Feng stood up and smiled in greeting at Emperor Wu Tian Jian. “Master, you’re glowing with health and radiating vigor. Since you healed, you must have been studying a lot too!”
“Indeed. The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures hold extensive knowledge and profound scholarship, they are incredible. My understanding of the Nihility Sword Scriptures improved as well thanks to the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. Everything is going great!” Emperor Wu Tian Jian nodded. The Nihility Sword Scriptures used to be a precious treasure of Sword Mountain, and only the leaders of Sword Mountain could obtain them. His fellow disciple had chased him away and tried to kill him. Now, Emperor Wu Tian Jian had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures and he was also a great emperor. He was becoming stronger and stronger.
“It seems that you’ll be able to return to Sword Mountain soon,” Lin Feng conjectured.
Emperor Wu Tian Jian gazed into the distance and stated firmly, “I’m definitely going to Sword Mountain.”
At that moment, they heard some steps, Jian Mu was coming. He stopped two thousand meters away from them and bowed before Lin Feng and Emperor Wu Tian Jian. “Young Master, someone is here for you.”
“Who?” Lin Feng iniquired.
“Feng Ling and Feng Xuan from Qi Feng Mountain,” replied Jian Mu.
Lin Feng nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll go and see them.”
“I will prepare everything next to the lake,” Jian Mu said, bowing and walking backwards.
Emperor Wu Tian Jian laughed and said, “Jian Mu is a good man. Unfortunately, he’s not talented.”
“Master, Jiange now rules over the central part of Ba Huang. Apart from you and me, nobody has broken through to the Huang Qi layer. If you can, you could help some of them break through to the Huang Qi layer and I could give them some imperial weapons. That way, Jiange would thrive for another ten thousand years.”
“Alright. Jian Wu Bei is quite strong, and he should be able to break through to the Huang Qi layer soon. I will help him. Regarding Jian Wu Bei and the others, they could possibly become emperors if they used fate seeds. Unless strong people from the outside world come here, with your imperial weapons and Ancient scriptures, Jiange should be fine for another ten thousand years, indeed. They control their future, though,” said Emperor Wu Tian Jian. Even if Jiange didn’t thrive for another ten thousand years, what could he do about it?
Lin Feng nodded. He had recreated Tiantai in the former territory of the nine great celestial castles. Strong cultivators from the outside world wouldn’t be very numerous in the small world anymore. If Jiange didn’t manage to rise, then they couldn’t do much about it.
Lin Feng left Emperor Wu Tian Jian and went to a lake. There was a pavilion there with two beautiful women inside. Lin Feng had seen many beautiful women in his life, but those two women were indeed incredibly beautiful.
Feng Xuan was wearing a red skirt, she had a great figure and was very sexy, the whole image only helped by her powerful Qi. Feng Ling wasn’t the same cute little girl anymore, she was wearing a long and slim dress made of phoenix feathers. She looked like a phoenix queen, and her Qi was much more powerful than Feng Xuan’s.
“Lin Feng!” the two girls greeting them. They were smiling widely at him.
“Long time no see!” answered Lin Feng, looking over these two incredibly beautiful women.
“You came back to Ba Huang, and you didn’t come see us. You don’t like us anymore?” said Feng Ling. Even though she had broken through to the Huang Qi layer, she still sounded cute and pouted.
“I have so much to do. Don’t be angry at me, little girl!” Lin Feng smiling at her.
“Who’s a little girl?” asked Feng Ling angrily. Lin Feng smiled wryly and poked her. Feng Ling wanted to dodge, but she couldn’t move. She turned red and stared at Lin Feng.
“Haha, so are you a little girl or not?” challenged Lin Feng.
“Bastard, you’re bullying me!” said Feng Ling, kicking Lin Feng. Lin Feng bit his lips as he took the kick, she was strong!
“Alright, that’s enough, Ling.” said Feng Xuan, rolling her eyes, “You’re an emperor and you’re acting like a kid.”
“Indeed. I’m the empress of Qi Feng!” stated Feng Ling.
Lin Feng smiled and conceded, “Alright, you’re an empress, not a little girl.”
“Lin Feng, how was the great world?” asked Feng Xuan, ignoring Feng Ling.
“Right, how is the great world, does the Holy City exist?” asked Feng Ling, abruptly brimming with eager curiosity.
“The great world.” Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds before saying, “I’ll try to sum it up a little.”
Then, he explained to Feng Ling and Feng Xuan some things about the great world. They understood that Ba Huang and Jiu You were the exits to the great world, that people from the nine great celestial castles used to control it, and also that the nine great celestial castles were under the orders of Qing Di Mountain.
in the great world, there were many powerful groups like Qing Di. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there were several regions. In the Dark Night Region, there were eighteen main cities, and the Holy City was one of them. There were many powerful Holy Clans there. There were also many geniuses and universities which had incredible Ancient scriptures.
“Are people extremely strong in Champion University?” asked Feng Ling. Her eyes were shining with curiosity.
“They are. Low-level emperors there are much more powerful than people like, let’s say, Emperor Dong, for example. They are real geniuses,” admitted Lin Feng. Feng Ling was amazed. She had broken through to the Huang Qi layer, but she didn’t realize how strong those emperors were.
“Lin Feng, everybody in Ba Huang now knows that you’re extremely strong. Show me how strong you are” giggled Feng Ling.
Lin Feng looked at her and released cosmic energies, “Imprison!”
In just a flash, a cage appeared around Feng Ling.
Feng Ling attacked the cage, but it didn’t yield at all.
Lin Feng laughed, waved his hand and the cage disappeared. Feng Ling looked him and declared, “You’re bullying me.”
“You wanted to try,” said Lin Feng speechlessly.
“Alright, Ling. Lin Feng didn’t do much. He recreated Tiantai in the great world and Tiantai rules over the territory of the nine great celestial castles. The Wen Clan and the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine have already disappeared thanks to him. You can’t compete with him,” laughed Feng Xuan.
Feng Ling’s eyes twinkled. She wanted to learn more about the great world.
“Ling,” said Feng Xuan to Feng Ling solemnly. “I can stay in Qi Feng alone. You can go to the great world with Lin Feng,” said Feng Xuan. She had come to see Lin Feng because she hoped Lin Feng could take care of her little sister. After all, Feng Ling couldn’t go to the great world alone, she was still young.
Feng Ling was startled, but she smiled and said, “To the great world? I don’t want to go. I want to stay in Qi Feng and be the great empress. In Ba Huang, I feel good!”
Lin Feng looked at them, he found them cute. They took care of one another.
“You’re so talented, it would be a waste if you stayed here,” replied Feng Xuan, shaking her head.
“A waste? I am already quite strong. I will have a very long life. I can become stronger and then I can go to the great world. It’s all the same,” said Feng Ling. Then, she smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Alright, Lin Feng, we saw you now so we can leave. Do you have gifts for my sister?”
“Alright…” Lin Feng nodded. Feng Ling was so cute, how could he refuse? He released his godly awareness which moved straight to Feng Ling’s third eye. She knew what he wanted to do. She closed her beautiful eyes and accepted the memories.
After a short time, Feng Ling opened her eyes and Lin Feng said, “You can transmit the presents to your sister.”
“You’re lucky you’re a nice guy,” said Feng Ling with a laugh. Then, she took a step forwards and hugged Lin Feng. At the same time, she moved her mouth to Lin Feng’s ear and said, “Lin Feng, I need to tell you a secret, I think my sister is in love with you.”
Then, she moved back, grabbed Feng Xuan’s hand and said, “Sister, hug him too and let’s go. He will go back to the great world, you will maybe never see him again in this life.”
Feng Xuan felt extremely sad. One of the four most beautiful women in Ba Huang back then, she belonged to a powerful imperial clan, and now everything had changed. She felt dispirited.
She was standing there, her hair was fluttering in the wind. Her legs felt stiff. Lin Feng smiled, took a step forwards and embraced Feng Xuan. Feng Xuan shivered.
“Take care!” said Lin Feng. As Feng Ling had said, maybe they would never meet again. Lin Feng had already met many people in life. Among them, who would he keep in touch with forever?
Feng Ling and Feng Xuan had mixed feelings as they left. Lin Feng sighed, feeling sad too. He sat on the lakeside and lost himself in nostalgia for a time…

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