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PMG Chapter 1862: Xue Baguio’s Memories

PMG Chapter 1862: Xue Baguio’s Memories
After Feng Xuan and Feng Ling left, Lin Feng left Jiange and went to the southern part of Ba Huang.
Some people important to him were there. After seeing Feng Ling and Feng Xuan, Lin Feng felt nostalgic. He had the feeling he had to see someone, one of the former four most beautiful women… Xue Baguio!
There were many rumors and legends about Xue Baguio in Ba Huang. She had lost her memories, apparently, she had been attacked by someone to force her to marry Emperor Dong’s son. Her life was mysterious. And she wanted to resurrect the Celestial Place of the Alchemists.
Lin Feng wanted to see her, and after that, he wouldn’t have anything to worry about anymore in the small world.
The small world of the Celestial Place of the Alchemists was still filled with fog. There was a celestial building there, where a celestial woman was seated cross-legged. She appeared both calm and serene.
Lin Feng hadn’t thought he would find her so easily. He directly saw her when he arrived.
“What an incredible Qi. She looks like she’s a trance,” murmured Lin Feng when he saw Xue Baguio meditating there.
Xue Baguio opened her eyes. She looked surprised, “Who are you?”
Lin Feng was startled by her words. He blinked at her, she looked back at him coldly.
“Have you never seen me?” asked Lin Feng.
“You look familiar, who are you? Do we know one another?” asked Xue coldly, staring at Lin Feng.
“She doesn’t remember.” Lin Feng was very surprised. Last time he had seen her, she had already lost her memory and then they had met again at the ceremony. So she should have remembered him, unless she had become amnesic again.
“My name is Lin Feng. We met when you were a disciple of the Celestial Place of the Alchemists, I had accidentally ended up in your room. We’ve also fought, and then we became friends. Do you remember?” asked Lin Feng calmly.
Xue Baguio shook her head and said, “Lin Feng… I think I’ve seen you before but I don’t remember you.”
Lin Feng suddenly raised his hand and released a hand attack.
Xue Baguio groaned icily, she suddenly rose up in the air and countered with a hand attack which contained both pure celestial and cold Qi. The air around her began to freeze.
Their two hands collided. Lin Feng sensed an ice-cold energy surround him.
He was surprised as he flickered out of her view. Xue Baguio had become really strong. She wasn’t weaker than low-level emperors in the great world!
“Hmph!” Xue Baguio groaned icily, she waved her hand and snowflakes appeared everywhere, she wanted to freeze Lin Feng.
“That’s enough!” Lin Feng shouted extremely loudly. Xue Baguio was startled, and stared at Lin Feng’s eyes as she sensed something invade her brain.
“Xue Baguio, you have a memory problem. If you want to follow me, maybe I can find an extremely strong cultivator to help you. If you don’t want to, then I can just leave and I will never disturb you again,” Lin Feng stated. Xue Baguio shivered.
She looked at Lin Feng and found herself shaking. Lin Feng’s words had a definite impact on her.
She knew that she had a memory problem. Apart from the Celestial Place of the Alchemists, she didn’t remember much. She had forgotten everything else!
“It’s not the first time something like this has happened to you. Back then, when you wanted to get married to Emperor Dong’s son, you had already forgotten everything, otherwise you obviously wouldn’t have been willing to get married with Qi Yan, Emperor Dong’s son. Now, we haven’t seen one another in ten years, and you have forgotten everything again. I don’t know what has happened to you,” said Lin Feng slowly, staring at her. Her heart started pounding. She didn’t know why she had become amnesic either, why had she forgotten everything?
“Did I get married to Emperor Dong’s son?” she asked Lin Feng.
“You didn’t. I prevented you from getting married to him,” replied Lin Feng, “My name is Lin Feng. I made people destroy the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine. If I wanted to do anything against you, I could, you couldn’t resist me. I’m that strong. In the great world, there are many extremely strong cultivators. I can take you to the great world and we can find a solution to cure you. You should decide what you want to do.”
Xue Baguio stared at Lin Feng. Even though she had forgotten everything, she wasn’t stupid. If Lin Feng attacked her, she couldn’t do anything. She knew he was telling the truth.
Lin Feng didn’t continue asking her questions or explaining anything. He just stared at her. After a short time, Xue Baguio nodded and said decisively, “Alright, I’m coming with you!”
“From now on, when you meet important friends or enemies, use your godly awareness to remember. That way, if you forget, you will still be able to inspect your godly awareness to access memories. You will still know who your friends and enemies are,” he told her. She nodded. In the past, she didn’t know she was going to become amnesic, so she had never done that. She didn’t even know she kept losing memories. According to Lin Feng, she kept forgetting everything.
Both of their silhouettes flickered as they left the Celestial Place of the Alchemists. Xue Baguio followed Lin Feng silently, thinking about many things.
In Hell, Lin Feng was studying the Blue Uptala Lotus Minister Uptala had given to him. He used his soul strength and blood to study the flower. He had already established a connection to it already. He just had to think about it and he could make the flower become gigantic and open. Above Lin Feng’s head, a mysterious Qi was swirling.
“Lin Feng, how many sorts of cosmic energies can you control?” asked Minister Uptala to Lin Feng.
“My body type allows me to use more than a dozen sorts of cosmic energies!” replied Lin Feng with a smile. Minister Uptala’s eyes shone. He could control over a dozen different cosmic energies? At a certain level, the Blue Uptala Lotus would grant Lin Feng with incredible powers. The way of Uptala transformation would be an incredible path for him.
“Blue Uptala Lotus Way of Transformation?” repeated Lin Feng.
Minister Uptala said, “I’ve told you, the path of the Blue Uptala Lotus can help you create the ten thousand things of creation. If you understand it, you can be like me.”
Minister Uptala punched out, some Uptala intent appeared. It was ice-cold, and the air froze. However, after that, the cold Qi turned into death Qi.
Lin Feng was astonished at the sight and grew very serious. There weren’t several sorts of cosmic energies there, there was one cosmic energy which transformed.
“You understand?” asked Minister Uptala.
“Master, you’ve told me that the Blue Uptala Lotus could contain all cosmic energies, so you just used it for one attack and it did that, right?” asked Lin Feng.
“That’s only Blue Uptala Lotus intent,” explained Qing Qing, smiling thinly. She continued, “The Blue Uptala Lotus contains every cosmic energy in the world. When you achieve the ultimate, your cosmic energies seem to be one only. It’s one cosmic energy, but at the same time, it’s every cosmic energy in the world!”
“One sort of cosmic energy which is every cosmic energy!” Lin Feng frowned, “Qing Qing, what you mean is that I need to study one sort of cosmic energy and make it level up, and my other cosmic energies will level up too? When I use it to attack, how many cosmic energies might it include then?…”
“Indeed!” said Qing Qing, nodding and smiling. Lin Feng shivered in anticipation. The boundless world was full of mysterious things. Minister Uptala in Hell had such a mysterious power: the Blue Uptala Lotus, the Way of Transformation!
“I know ten sorts of cosmic energies, if I want to study all of them and make them rise to the same level, it’s impossible. If I controlled the Blue Uptala Lotus, then I would need to study one kind of cosmic energy to make all my cosmic energies level up!” murmured Lin Feng excitedly. That wasn’t the only advantage, another was that he could make the energies fuse together much better!
“The more cosmic energies you know, the more beneficial the lotus is,” Minister Uptala nodded. “You probably understand why I like you. On the battle stage, you used many sorts of cosmic energies. I chose the Path of the Blue Uptala Lotus because it’s my fate, but you’re different, you can understand Blue Uptala Lotus intent. That’s priceless!”
“Thank you, Master! I am very grateful!” bowed Lin Feng. He was moved and happy that a Hell Minister would support him.
“You made it happen!” smiled Minister Uptala. “Lin Feng, are you interested in joining an army? If not, you can follow me temporarily.”
“Well then, I prefer staying with you!” said Lin Feng smiled happily.
Minister Uptala was pleased, and Lin Feng was even happier, as staying with Minister Uptala was better than joining an army. In the future, it would also be more convenient for meeting Great Emperor Song!

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