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PMG Chapter 1864: Different Paths

PMG Chapter 1864: Different Paths
Suddenly, some people appeared, illusions floating in the sky. Minister Uptala and the others raised their heads.
“Minister Uptala, Minister Kalasutra!” one of them called out, smiling indifferently, “People from Great Imperial Song City are here already. Should we determine some rules?”
“Since the Ministers are here, what rules do you suggest?” asked Minister Kalasutra.
“First, Hell great emperors can’t attack Hell emperors. It shouldn’t be an issue, I guess,” proposed one of them. Minister Kalasutra and Minister Uptala nodded agreement. Of course there was no problem. Even though battles were powerful and cruel, it was also a good way for armies to practice. Some people were going to get killed, some others were going to become even stronger.
Therefore, there were rules. Hell great emperors couldn’t attack Hell emperors, otherwise, nobody would benefit from the battle as low-level people wouldn’t have the opportunity to practice.
Of course, they were going to kill one another. Many people would die.
“Of course, no problem, what else?” asked Minister Kalasutra.
“We can set up different fighting areas,” suggested one of the illusions.
The strong cultivators of Great Imperial Song City understood that the four other groups had already agreed on rules. Wang Zhen asked, “How to divide them up?”
“Three areas, one for low-level Hell emperors, one for medium-level Hell emperors, one for high-level Hell emperors! We are five groups, we will see who can take over this place, those who can’t will be eliminated directly. And then we can take the Hell great emperors of the remaining groups and compare them. What do you think?”
First, Hell emperors would battle, and among the five groups, at least two had to be eliminated.
“How is a group to be considered as a loser? When their people are all dead? What is the time limit, as well? And also, can we use weapons?” asked Wang Zhen.
“We have to seal the five entrances. We can’t use weapons. Three months. The remaining people are the winners. If a group doesn’t agree, battles to death will make them come to an agreement. I’m sure weak people will quickly give up. Of course, there’s something else, great emperors can watch, but they can’t get involved, no exception. And weapons are forbidden, if anyone violates this rule, everybody must help to kill them,” said a fourth person. Nobody wanted to risk their life for nothing. There had to be rules for great emperors, they could monitor but they couldn’t get involved.
Minister Uptala and Minister Kalasutra glanced at one another and then looked at Wang Zhen.
“Wang Zhen, what do you think?” asked Minister Kalasutra. Wang Zhen was the protagonist. They had to listen to him.
“No problem!” agreed Wang Zhen.
The other five people nodded and said, “Alright, we can start sealing the place. The areas are already divided,”said one of them. He released a thread of godly awareness which moved towards Wang Zhen’s third eye. A gigantic map appeared in Wang Zhen’s brain.
“That’s the map of this place. We divided it into three areas. Can you see everything?” said that person, “Great Imperial Song City, you can send five people or more to the exits.”
“Alright,” nodded Wang Zhen. The four other people rose up into the air, the five groups were going to compete to become the leaders of the territory.
Wang Zhen released his godly awareness and transmitted pieces of information to Minister Uptala and Minister Kalasutra. He said, “Ministers, let’s divide our forces. Bring some people with you to the different areas.”
“The area of the high-level Hell emperors is in the middle, farther away is the area for the medium-level Hell emperors, and the border area with Great Imperial Song City is for the low-level emperors. The battlefield for medium-level Hell emperors is near Chu Jiang City. People from Chu Jiang City found the place first. They don’t have many people, but they are all heroes,” explained Minister Kalasutra.
“Indeed, we can’t fight against people from Chu Jiang City,” agreed Minister Uptala. Chu Jiang City’s people had the advantage.
“How could we give up? Since you thought about it, why didn’t you mention it before?” asked Wang Zhen. He was speechless and sounded unhappy.
“We were the last ones to arrive. That’s not good. Those four people had already agreed on the rules, we couldn’t change anything about them,” Minister Kalasutra said coldly.
Wang Zhen was surprised and looked unhappy, “You’re right. We hadn’t thought about everything. However, which battle can we win, and can we bring in more troops?”
“We don’t have any more time. They’re already ready. They will probably find our exit and seal it. If we force the way in, then we’ll be violating the rules, but since Qing Qing and Qin Yao are here, our low-level emperors should have the advantage.” said Minister Kalasutra, “Unfortunately, Lin Feng has already become a medium-level Hell emperor, otherwise, our low-level emperors would have won.”
Lin Feng’s fighting abilities were incredible. However, he had already become a medium-level Hell emperor.
“Lin Feng, your ability to hide your cultivation level is incredible, if you pretend you’re a low-level Hell emperor, nobody will know,” Wang Zhuo proposed.
Lin Feng shook his head and said, “I’m going to the medium-level Hell emperor’s battlefield.”
“Let’s divide as agreed now, then,” said Wang Zhen, he didn’t want to waste time arguing.
“I will lead the high-level Hell emperors. Wang Zhuo, you lead the medium-level Hell emperors, Qing Qing and Qin Yao, you lead the low-level Hell emperors,” Minister Kalasutra proposed, and everyone nodded.
The three groups then divided. Minister Uptala took people to the medium-level Hell emperors’ battlefield. Minister Kalasutra took people to the high-level Hell emperors’ battlefield. Wang Zhen took people to the low-level emperors’ battlefield.
This small world was really well made, much better than Ba Huang and Jiu You. The people in this place were extremely strong, and the area was gigantic.
Minister Uptala was a Hell great emperor. He was extremely fast, but still, it took him a full day to take the group of medium-level Hell emperors to their battlefield.
“Minister Uptala, we are already at the heart of the battlefield, leave it to me now, go and take some people to the exits,” said Wang Zhuo to Minister Uptala.
“Alright, Wang Zhuo, if you can’t grasp how strong the enemy really is, then don’t disperse. If you can’t win this battle, then give up and leave. And help me take care of Lin Feng,” said Minister Uptala.
“I understand,” Wang Zhuo nodded. “Lin Feng is an amazing fighter, he’s very smart. I will try to prevent him from fighting too much. Don’t worry, Minister.”
“Alright,” Minister Uptala said, before taking some people away. Wang Zhuo and the others landed on the ground
“Shouldn’t we take off our armor?” Lin Feng asked Wang Zhuo.
Wang Zhuo smiled and asked, “Why?”
“It’s obvious. We don’t know who the enemy is yet. We might not even recognize them when they’re next to us,” said Lin Feng.
“Next to us? I won’t let them pose a threat to us,” Wang Zhuo smiled. There was a palace in the distance, Wang Zhuo looked at it coldly and said, “Kill all the people inside and let’s use it as our base.”
Lin Feng was surprised and said to Wang Zhuo, “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I don’t want the enemy to pose a threat to us. Those people could have all of us in their field of vision and kill us,” said Wang Zhuo coldly, “Kill them!”
“Yes, sir!” Silhouettes flickered away. They all went to the palace and killed everyone inside. Lin Feng was astonished. Even though the world of cultivation was cruel indeed, why kill innocent people? Wang Zhuo was really cruel, he could kill so many people with a big smile on his face. Lin Feng was shocked inside.
“Lin Feng, you think I’m wrong?” asked Wang Zhuo when he saw Lin Feng’s strange expression.
Lin Feng remained silent. Wang Zhuo said, “You are very talented. But you’re a bit too nice and gentle. The cultivation world is cruel. The lives of people from small worlds don’t matter. Killing them doesn’t matter.”
“There is no point in people taking counsel together who follow different ways,” said Lin Feng coldly after remaining silent for a few seconds. Then, he turned around, his silhouette flickered and he drew back.
Wang Zhuo was stupefied and stared after Lin Feng. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I’ll stay on the battlefield, but I’ll fight alone.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Wang Zhuo groaned coldly and said, “I promised the Minister I’d protect you. If you leave, don’t blame me.”
“Even if I die it, it has nothing to do with you,” replied Lin Feng coldly, before heading away. Wang Zhuo was furious.

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