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PMG Chapter 1868: The Path of Life and Death

PMG Chapter 1868: The Path of Life and Death
Lin Feng sat down at the top of the mountain. Two sorts of cosmic energies surrounded his body. When Zun cultivators broke through to the Huang Qi layer, the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky cleansed their bodies. It was a means of communication created between cultivators and the earth and the sky. They could finally understand cosmic energies properly when they became emperors, and they could also condense them.
Cultivators used the cosmic energies inside their body to attract the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, to condense them, and to attack. That way, their attacks were explosive. The cosmic energies in their bodies had limits, however. The more they could use the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, the more explosive their attacks were.
Before, when Lin Feng fought in the outside world, he couldn’t attract the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, he could only rely on his own cosmic energies. Now, he could finally use the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky. He had been cleansed by the dual life and death cosmic energy. The gods now acknowledged him, and he was allowed to borrow their cosmic energies.
“Minister Uptala considers the Blue Uptala Lotus as a path, as a way of life. That’s why he can use all sorts of cosmic energies. His body is made of almost all cosmic energies. He just has to study one sort of cosmic energy, that’s enough. I was an Imperial Kalpa, the gods had abandoned me. Now, they have no choice but to acknowledge me. This time, I started walking on the path of life and death,” whispered Lin Feng to himself. Lin Feng had heard that, he had never really understood how or why though. Then, Minister Uptala had told him about the Blue Uptala Lotus, and Lin Feng had suddenly understood. Life and death energies were mysterious and incredible.
Lin Feng was surrounded by mountains. Some people appeared in the distance and studied him.
That guy’s comprehensive abilities are really incredible. He was surprisingly cleansed by two sorts of cosmic energies. And they are much more powerful than when ordinary people get cleansed by cosmic energies, thought the people staring at Lin Feng. They would have never thought someone would be getting cleansed by cosmic energies in such a desolate place.
After a long time, the wind of empty space cosmic energies dispersed. Lin Feng raised his head and smiled.
“Congratulations for breaking through to the Huang Qi layer with dual cosmic energies, Your Excellency!” said someone at that moment. A few people landed in front of Lin Feng and smiled at him. At that moment, Lin Feng seemed to have the cultivation level of a low-level emperor.
Lin Feng’s eyes glittered, rather confused. How come he only had the level of a low-level emperor after having been cleansed by the cosmic energies?
I studied the Indestructible Deva-Mara Scriptures, my skills are demon-type skills. However, I haven’t been cleansed by demon cosmic energies yet. My demon cultivation hasn’t been acknowledged by the gods yet, so that’s maybe the reason why I seem to be a low-level emperor in the outside world, reasoned Lin Feng.
After all, cultivators had to practice cultivation according to the type of skills they studied. They had to make their skills and cultivation advance homogeneously and consistently. The three lives scriptures and the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures were mysterious and special scriptures. They helped a cultivator but they didn’t make him level up directly.
If people wanted to make their skills level up, they had to make their cosmic energies level up. For example, his Indestructible Deva-Mara Scriptures were mainly bound to his demon cosmic energies. The same applied to everything else. Heaven Scriptures were bound to Heaven cosmic energies. Sky Absorbing Scriptures were associated with Sky Absorbing cosmic energies.
As a medium-level emperor, Lin Feng’s best cosmic energies were his demon cosmic energies. He had the strength of a medium-level emperor when using them, but they hadn’t been acknowledged by the gods yet. However, Lin Feng’s life and death cosmic energies had been acknowledged by the gods, so he had broken through.
Lin Feng glanced at the crowd. These people were medium-level emperors. Lin Feng guessed that they belonged to other powerful groups.
“I’ve just broken through to the Huang Qi layer. You have all broken through to the Huang Qi layer a long time ago. I have nothing to be proud of, said Lin Feng, smiling calmly.
“Your Excellency, you are in a small part of Hell, it’s a small world which has been built by strong cultivators,” someone told him at that moment.
“I am aware,” replied Lin Feng with a nod.
“Since you know, I can tell you something. I am from one of the Ten Yama Courts, Chu Jiang City. King Chu Jiang is one of the ten kings of the Ten Yama Courts. We are members of Chu Jiang City’s army. If you wish, you can join us temporarily. With your talent, you could rise up in the hierarchy!” offered that person peacefully.
However, Lin Feng shook his head and smiled, “I’m used to living alone in the wild.”
“Hehe, Your Excellency, maybe that you don’t know that we’re competing to gain control over this small world. Maybe this territory will end up under the control of Chu Jiang City soon. From that moment, we will rule over this territory. It’s a great opportunity you have before you. You are very lucky, you shouldn’t let it slip past you,” the man smiled meaningfully.
However, Lin Feng just smiled calmly, “Thank you, Your Excellency, for your kindness.”
Then, Lin Feng stopped talking to them. They were surprised. He had refused such a great opportunity!?
If they gained control over this territory, it would be theirs, and everything in it would be theirs, human and natural resources, especially talented people. They wouldn’t be able to escape anymore.
Hell has some rules, but people are much more straightforward than in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, thought Lin Feng. The Ministers in Hell wanted to keep everything under their control.
“Your Excellency, you should cherish this opportunity. Otherwise, you will regret it!” said the man coldly. He already started threatening Lin Feng.
“I’ve never regretted anything,” replied Lin Feng easily.
His questioner was furious. “You don’t know how to differentiate good from bad. Even if you understand two sorts of cosmic energies, death and life, and even if you’re talented, so what? You’re just a weakling who has just broken through to the Huang Qi layer. Maybe we could have done great things together someday, but surprisingly you don’t want to. You want to die!”
He released death cosmic energies to surround Lin Feng. He wanted to kill Lin Feng as quickly as possible.
“Even if you understand death and life cosmic energies, you will still be killed by death cosmic energies!” spat his would-be killer. Lin Feng was talented, but he was still weak. He had proposed to help Lin Feng and surprisingly, he had refused. He had to die!
If Lin Feng had been an ordinary cultivator who had just broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he could have been killed by death cosmic energies. However, what he didn’t know was that Lin Feng understood life and death cosmic energies much better than he did. Besides, from that moment on, Lin Feng’s death and life cosmic energies were going to improve very quickly.
Lin Feng had already started walking on the path of life and death. When the death cosmic energies of the other crashed into Lin Feng’s body, nothing happened. Lin Feng looked like an immortal man.
“Eh?” The man realized something was wrong. Lin Feng was just standing in his death cosmic energies and nothing had happened.
“Interesting,” commented the man, smiling coldly. He then jumped towards Lin Feng and raised his hand. A Hell hand filled with death energies raced towards him. Maybe this fool would die to this attack?
Lin Feng flickered, and disappeared. The Hell hand crashed onto the mountaintop, which exploded.
“Wind cosmic energies?” Lin Feng’s opponent was stupefied. He grunted and released another gigantic Hell hand which charged Lin Feng again.
These people are medium-level Hell emperors, their skills and speed are incredible. They are strong medium-level Hell emperors, thought Lin Feng. His punch appeared and filled the air, demolishing the Hell hand.
The emperors around stared at Lin Feng, stupefied. How come Lin Feng was so strong? He had used demon strength which had the power of a medium-level emperor. He had also used wind cosmic energies, wasn’t it the first time that cosmic energies had cleansed his body?
They couldn’t understand what was going on. They were all too astonished.
Dazzling silver wings appeared in Lin Feng’s back, he started beating them. He also released wind cosmic energies through his wings as he suddenly disappeared again.
The medium-level Hell emperor stared at Lin Feng and was infuriated when he saw Lin Feng charge at him. A vortex of death strength appeared. It was as if millions of death hands had appeared.
“Die!” The medium-level Hell emperor hurled the vortex in Lin Feng’s direction.
“Life!” countered Lin Feng furiously. In a flash, life strength crashed onto the death hands, life and death energies intertwined and dispersed. Lin Feng punched out again.
The medium-level Hell emperor’s expression changed drastically. Death and life cosmic energies surrounded him. His death Qi was slowly turning into life Qi. He had the sensation he was going to collapse. Lin Feng could corrode his life with life cosmic energy!
Lin Feng couldn’t really win using death strength, that’s why using life strength was the best thing he could do.
A dragon roared as it appeared behind Lin Feng. It had nine heads and a ferocious appearance.
“Imprison!” said Lin Feng. His opponent turned into a vortex of death energy. Lin Feng didn’t give him any opportunity to react, and immediately attacked.
The nine dragon heads roared furiously, grabbing the man’s head with their teeth before they started absorbing his strength.

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